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The adaptive significance of mate guarding in the soapberry bug, Jadera haematoloma (Hemiptera: Rhopalidae)CARROLL, S. P.Journal of insect behavior. 1991, Vol 4, Num 4, pp 509-530, issn 0892-7553Article

Contrasts in reproductive ecology between temperate and tropical populations of Jadera haematoloma, a mate-guarding hemipteran (Rhopalidae)CARROLL, S. P.Annals of the Entomological Society of America. 1988, Vol 81, Num 1, pp 54-63, issn 0013-8746Article

Genetic model for color polymorphism in Jadera haematoloma (Hemiptera: Rhopalidae)MCLENNAN, L. A; LAKE, F. K; CARROLL, S. P et al.Annals of the Entomological Society of America. 1994, Vol 87, Num 6, pp 936-940, issn 0013-8746Article

A coupled biomechanical/discrete element crowd model of crowd―bridge dynamic interaction and application to the Clifton Suspension BridgeCARROLL, S. P; OWEN, J. S; HUSSEIN, M. F. M et al.Engineering structures. 2013, Vol 49, pp 58-75, issn 0141-0296, 18 p.Article

Male-biased sex ratios, female promiscuity, copulatory mate guarding in an aggregating tropical bug, Dysdercus bimaculatusCARROLL, S. P; LOYE, J. E.Journal of insect behavior. 1990, Vol 3, Num 1, pp 33-48, issn 0892-7553Article

Faecal pollution source identification in an urbanising catchment using antibiotic resistance profiling, discriminant analysis and partial least squares regressionCARROLL, S. P; DAWES, Les; HARGREAUES, Megan et al.Water research (Oxford). 2009, Vol 43, Num 5, pp 1237-1246, issn 0043-1354, 10 p.Article

Hummingbirds take their vitaminsCARROLL, S. P; MOORE, L.Animal behaviour. 1993, Vol 46, pp 817-820, issn 0003-3472, 4Article

Ectoparasite behavior and its effects on avian nest site selectionLOYE, J. E; CARROLL, S. P.Annals of the Entomological Society of America. 1998, Vol 91, Num 2, pp 159-163, issn 0013-8746Article

Variation in sexual selection on male body size within and between populations of the soapberry bugCARROLL, S. P; SALAMON, M. H.Animal behaviour. 1995, Vol 50, pp 1463-1474, issn 0003-3472, 6Article

Host race radiation in the soapberry bug : natural history with the historyCARROLL, S. P; BOYD, C.Evolution. 1992, Vol 46, Num 4, pp 1052-1069, issn 0014-3820Article

Age differences in kleptoparasitism by laughing gulls (Larus atricilla) on adult and juvenile brown pelicans (Pelecanus occidentalis)CARROLL, S. P; CRAMER, K. L.Animal behaviour. 1985, Vol 33, Num 1, pp 201-205, issn 0003-3472Article

Hybridization and adaptation to introduced balloon vines in an Australian soapberry bugANDRES, J. A; THAMPY, P. R; MATHIESON, M. T et al.Molecular ecology. 2013, Vol 22, Num 24, pp 6116-6130, issn 0962-1083, 15 p.Article

The biology of post-invasion eventsCARROLL, S. P; DINGLE, H.Biological conservation. 1996, Vol 78, Num 1-2, pp 207-214, issn 0006-3207Conference Paper

Sapindaceae, cyanolipids, and bugsALDRICH, J. R; CARROLL, S. P; LUSBY, W. R et al.Journal of chemical ecology. 1990, Vol 16, Num 1, pp 199-210, issn 0098-0331Conference Paper

Specialization of Jadera species (Hemiptera: Rhopalidae) on the seeds of Sapindaceae (Sapindales), and coevolutionary responses of defense and attackCARROLL, S. P; LOYE, J. E.Annals of the Entomological Society of America. 1987, Vol 80, Num 3, pp 373-378, issn 0013-8746Article

Reproduction of lateral ground reaction forces from visual marker data and analysis of balance response while walking on a laterally oscillating deckCARROLL, S. P; OWEN, J. S; HUSSEIN, M. F. M et al.Engineering structures. 2013, Vol 49, pp 1034-1047, issn 0141-0296, 14 p.Article

Modelling crowd-bridge dynamic interaction with a discretely defined crowdCARROLL, S. P; OWEN, J. S; HUSSEIN, M. F. M et al.Journal of sound and vibration. 2012, Vol 331, Num 11, pp 2685-2709, issn 0022-460X, 25 p.Article

Adaptive versus non-adaptive phenotypic plasticity and the potential for contemporary adaptation in new environments : Evolution on ecological time-scalesGHALAMBOR, C. K; MCKAY, J. K; CARROLL, S. P et al.Functional ecology (Print). 2007, Vol 21, Num 3, pp 394-407, issn 0269-8463, 14 p.Article

Female dimorphism in a male-monomorphic speciesCARROLL, S. P; LOYE, J. E.Evolution. 1986, Vol 40, Num 4, pp 874-876, issn 0014-3820Article

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