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Theoretical study about the variability of the genome of foot-and-mouth disease virusesFRANCO, R; CENTELLES, J. J.International journal of biochemistry. 1992, Vol 24, Num 2, pp 325-329, issn 0020-711XArticle

Slight differences between adenosine deaminases from different species an immunochemical studyCENTELLES, J. J; FRANCO, R.Archives internationales de physiologie et de biochimie. 1990, Vol 98, Num 6, pp 421-431, issn 0003-9799, 11 p.Article

Purification and partial characterization of brain adenosine deaminase: inhibition by purine compounds and by drugsCENTELLES, J. J; FRANCO, R; BOZAL, J et al.Journal of neuroscience research. 1988, Vol 19, Num 2, pp 258-267, issn 0360-4012Article

Distribution of adenosine deaminase in some rat tissues: inhibition by ethanol and dimethyl sulfoxideCENTELLES, J. J; FRANCO, R; BOZAL, J et al.Comparative biochemistry and physiology. B. Comparative biochemistry. 1987, Vol 86, Num 1, pp 95-98, issn 0305-0491Article

Graphical analysis of data from pharmacology experimentsCENTELLES, J. J; BUSQUETS, M; CANELA, E. I et al.Pharmacological research. 1992, Vol 25, Num 4, pp 325-334, issn 1043-6618Article

Effect of benzodiazepines on the epithelial and neuronal high-affinity glutamate transporter EAAC1PALMADA, M; BÖHMER, C; CENTELLES, J. J et al.Journal of neurochemistry. 1999, Vol 73, Num 6, pp 2389-2396, issn 0022-3042Article

Kinetics of the 5'-nucleotidase and the adenosine deaminase in subcellular fractions of rat brainCENTELLES, J. J; FRANCO, R; CANELA, E. I et al.Neurochemical research. 1986, Vol 11, Num 4, pp 471-479, issn 0364-3190Article

Further characterization of adenosine transport in renal brush-border membranesFRANCO, R; CENTELLES, J. J; KINNE, R. K. H et al.Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1990, Vol 1024, Num 2, pp 241-248, issn 0006-3002, 8 p.Article

Cysteinyl-flavan-3-ol conjugates from grape procyanidins. Antioxidant and antiproliferative propertiesTORRES, J. L; LOZANO, C; JULIA, L et al.Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry. 2002, Vol 10, Num 8, pp 2497-2509, issn 0968-0896Article

Role of thiamin (vitamin B-1) and transketolase in tumor cell proliferationCASCANTE, M; CENTELLES, J. J; VEECH, R. L et al.Nutrition and cancer. 2000, Vol 36, Num 2, pp 150-154, issn 0163-5581Article

Energetic coupling of Na-glucose cotransportCENTELLES, J. J; KINNE, R. K. H; HEINZ, E et al.Biochimica et biophysica acta. Biomembranes. 1991, Vol 1065, Num 2, pp 239-249, issn 0005-2736, 11 p.Article

Surface expression of adenosine deaminase in mitogen-stimulated lymphocytesMARTIN, M; CENTELLES, J. J; HUGHES, J et al.Clinical and experimental immunology (Print). 1993, Vol 93, Num 2, pp 286-291, issn 0009-9104Article

A model for adenosine transport and metabolismCENTELLES, J. J; CASCANTE, M; CANELA, E. I et al.Biochemical journal (London. 1984). 1992, Vol 287, pp 461-472, issn 0264-6021, 2Article

Adenosine (Ado) uptake in brush-border membrane vesicles from rat kidney (BBM)SAYOS, J; CENTELLES, J. J; MALLOL, J et al.Biochemical Society transactions. 1991, Vol 19, Num 3, issn 0300-5127, p. 323SConference Paper

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