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Aggregation and conformational changes of tilapia actomyosin as affected by calcium ion during settingYONGSAWATDIGUL, Jirawat; SINSUWAN, Sornchai.Food hydrocolloids. 2007, Vol 21, Num 3, pp 359-367, issn 0268-005X, 9 p.Article

α-lactalbumin: Ca2+ binding protein with multiple functionsPERMYAKOV, Eugene A; PERMYAKOV, Serge E; BERLINER, Lawrence J et al.Protein structures (Kaleidoscope of stuctural properties and functions 2003). 2003, pp 475-497, isbn 81-7736-177-5, 23 p.Book Chapter

A genetic toolbox for creating reversible Ca2+-sensitive materialsTOPP, Shana; PRASAD, V; CIANCI, Gianguido C et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2006, Vol 128, Num 43, pp 13994-13995, issn 0002-7863, 2 p.Article

Study of calcium ion diffusion in components of maize kernels during traditional nixtamalization processFERNANDEZ-MUNOZ, J. L; ROJAS-MOLINA, Isela; GONZALEZ-DAVALOS, M. L et al.Cereal chemistry. 2004, Vol 81, Num 1, pp 65-69, issn 0009-0352, 5 p.Article

Transformation of yeast using calcium alginate microbeads with surface-immobilized chromosomal DNAMIZUKAMI, Atsushi; NAGAMORI, Eiji; TAKAKURA, Yukiko et al.BioTechniques. 2003, Vol 35, Num 4, pp 734-740, issn 0736-6205, 5 p.Article

Cloning and characterization of human CADPS and CADPS2, new members of the Ca2+-dependent activator for secretion protein familyCISTERAS, Felipe A; VINCENT, John B; SCHERER, Stephen W et al.Genomics (San Diego, Calif.). 2003, Vol 81, Num 3, pp 279-291, issn 0888-7543, 13 p.Article

A voltage-operable current is involved in Ca2+ entry in human lymphocytes whereas ICRAC has no apparent roleDENSMORE, J. J; HAVERSTICK, D. M; SZABO, G et al.American journal of physiology. Cell physiology. 1996, Vol 40, Num 5, pp C1494-C1503, issn 0363-6143Article

Interaction forces in foam films stabilized with lysophosphatidylethanolamine in the presence of Na+ and Ca2+COHEN, R; EXEROWA, D; YAMANAKA, T et al.Langmuir. 1996, Vol 12, Num 22, pp 5419-5424, issn 0743-7463Article

Flow-induced [Ca2+]i increase depends on nucleotide release and subsequent purinergic signaling in the intact nephronJENSEN, Mikkel Erik Juul; ODGAARD, Elvin; CHRISTENSEN, Mette Høgh et al.Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. 2007, Vol 18, Num 7, pp 2062-2070, issn 1046-6673, 9 p.Article

Increased longevity and refractoriness to Ca2+-dependent neurodegeneration in Surf1 knockout miceDELL'AGNELLO, Carlotta; LEO, Sara; AGOSTINO, Alessandro et al.Human molecular genetics (Print). 2007, Vol 16, Num 4, pp 431-444, issn 0964-6906, 14 p.Article

Reconstitution of ca2+-regulated membrane fusion by synaptotagmin and SNAREsTUCKER, Ward C; WEBER, Thomas; CHAPMAN, Edwin R et al.Science (Washington, D.C.). 2004, Vol 304, Num 5669, pp 435-438, issn 0036-8075, 4 p.Article

Calcium ion fluorescence detection using liposomes containing alexa-labeled calmodulinTHUVAN NGUYEN; ROSENZWEIG, Zeev.Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry. 2002, Vol 374, Num 1, pp 69-74Article

A three-state heat-denaturation of bovine α-lactalbuminOWUSU APENTEN, R. K.Food chemistry. 1995, Vol 52, Num 2, pp 131-133, issn 0308-8146Article

Calcium and cell-type-specific gene expression in DictyosteliumPINTER, K; GROSS, J.Differentiation (London). 1995, Vol 59, Num 4, pp 201-206, issn 0301-4681Article

Mode of complement activation by acidic heteroglycans from the leaves of Artemisia princeps PAMPYAMADA, H; NAGAI, T; CYANG, J.-C et al.Chemical and pharmaceutical bulletin. 1991, Vol 39, Num 8, pp 2077-2081, issn 0009-2363Article

TRIC channels are essential for Ca2+ handling in intracellular storesYAZAWA, Masayuki; FERRANTE, Christopher; NISHI, Miyuki et al.Nature (London). 2007, Vol 448, Num 7149, pp 78-82, issn 0028-0836, 5 p.Article

The first 17 amino acids of Huntingtin modulate its sub-cellular localization, aggregation and effects on calcium homeostasisROCKABRAND, Erica; SLEPKO, Natalia; PANTALONE, Antonello et al.Human molecular genetics (Print). 2007, Vol 16, Num 1, pp 61-77, issn 0964-6906, 17 p.Article

α-Klotho as a regulator of calcium homeostasisIMURA, Akihiro; TSUJI, Yoshihito; TOMIYAMA, Ken-Ichi et al.Science (Washington, D.C.). 2007, Vol 316, Num 5831, pp 1615-1618, issn 0036-8075, 4 p.Article

C-termini of P/Q-type Ca2+ channel α1A subunits translocate to nuclei and promote polyglutamine-mediated toxicityKORDASIEWICZ, Holly B; THOMPSON, Randall M; CLARK, H. Brent et al.Human molecular genetics (Print). 2006, Vol 15, Num 10, pp 1587-1599, issn 0964-6906, 13 p.Article

The calcium-binding aspartate/glutamate carriers, citrin and aralar1, are new substrates for the DDP1/TIMM8a-TIMM13 complexROESCH, Karin; HYNDS, Peter J; VARGA, Renee et al.Human molecular genetics (Print). 2004, Vol 13, Num 18, pp 2101-2111, issn 0964-6906, 11 p.Article

The mitochondrial calcium uniporter is a highly selective ion channelKIRICHOK, Yuriy; KRAPIVINSKY, Grigory; CLAPHAM, David E et al.Nature (London). 2004, Vol 427, Num 6972, pp 360-364, issn 0028-0836, 5 p.Article

Design, synthesis, and characterization of a calcium-sensitive near infrared dyeELLIS, April L; MASON, J. Christian; LEE, Hsiau-Wei et al.Talanta (Oxford). 2002, Vol 56, Num 6, pp 1099-1107, issn 0039-9140Article

Der Transport von Calciumionen am Membranmodell = The transport of calcium ions through a membrane modelRICTHER, H.Pharmazie. 1992, Vol 47, Num 12, pp 947-948, issn 0031-7144Article

Neuronal vulnerability of CLN3 deletion to calcium-induced cytotoxicity is mediated by calsenilinCHANG, Jae-Woong; CHOI, Hyunwoo; KIM, Hyun-Ji et al.Human molecular genetics (Print). 2007, Vol 16, Num 3, pp 317-326, issn 0964-6906, 10 p.Article

Improved phosphate control following provision of phosphate binders free of charge to patients on peritoneal dialysisMULKERNS, S; MORTON, A. R.Dialysis & transplantation. 1999, Vol 28, Num 3, pp 131-133, issn 0090-2934Article

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