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Protection of inner surface of a solar water heater from corrosionALIMOV, A. K; GUNER, E. A.Applied solar energy. 1991, Vol 27, Num 4, pp 71-72, issn 0003-701XArticle

Study of an efficient compact solar water heaterTAHERI, Y; ZIAPOUR, Behrooz M; ALIMARDANI, K et al.Energy conversion and management. 2013, Vol 70, pp 187-193, issn 0196-8904, 7 p.Article

Simulation of an enhanced integrated collector-storage solar water heaterZIAPOUR, Behrooz M; AGHAMIRI, Azad.Energy conversion and management. 2014, Vol 78, pp 193-203, issn 0196-8904, 11 p.Article

Solar water heater technology in GreeceKARAGIORGAS, M; BOTZIOS, A.World renewable energy congress. 2000, pp 940-945, isbn 0-080-43865-2, 4VolConference Paper

Analyse des méthodes d'essais pour la caractérisation des performances thermiques des installations solaires : rapport final = Test method analysis for the thermal performances caracterization of solar installations final reportBUSCARLET, C.1998, 62 p.Report

Comparison of experimental and simulated thermal ratings of drain-back solar water heatersDAVIDSON, J. H; CARLSON, W. T; DUFF, W. S et al.Journal of solar energy engineering. 1993, Vol 115, Num 2, pp 101-105, issn 0199-6231Article

A conceptual design for a space-based solar water heaterDAKHOUL, Y. M; SOMERS, R. E; HAYNES, R. D et al.Solar energy. 1990, Vol 44, Num 3, pp 161-171, issn 0038-092XArticle

Efficiency determination of solar installation by computer simulation of its working parametersFARA, V. L; GRIGORESCU, R; AMMOURI, H. A et al.Solar & wind technology. 1989, Vol 6, Num 2, pp 165-169, issn 0741-983XArticle

Effectiveness of solar water-heating systemsApplied energy. 1987, Vol 28, Num 2, pp 153-160, issn 0306-2619Article

Integrated collector storage solar water heater with compound parabolic concentrator - development and progressDEVANARAYANAN, K; KALIDASA MURUGAVEL, K.Renewable & sustainable energy review. 2014, Vol 39, pp 51-64, issn 1364-0321, 14 p.Article

Solar domestic water heating in TurkeyAKINOGLU, B. G; SHARIAH, A. M; ECEVIT, A et al.Energy (Oxford). 1999, Vol 24, Num 5, pp 363-374, issn 0360-5442Article

Abonnez-vous au solaire ! = Subscribe to solarGAILLARD, M.Systèmes solaires (Revue). 1999, Num 133, pp 36-37, issn 0295-5873Article

Performance rating method of thermosyphon solar water heatersHUANG, B. J.Solar energy. 1993, Vol 50, Num 5, pp 435-440, issn 0038-092XArticle

Inexpensive performance monitoring of solar domestic water heating systemsCLAUSING, A. M.Journal of solar energy engineering. 1988, Vol 110, Num 3, pp 187-191, issn 0199-6231Article

Measurement of buoyancy-induced flow using a self-heated thermistor flowmeterFANNEY, A. H; DOUGHERTY, B. P.Journal of solar energy engineering. 1987, Vol 109, Num 1, pp 34-39, issn 0199-6231Article

Résultats de l'essai d'un chauffe-eau solaire dans les conditions propres à la République populaire de MongolieBATMUNKH, S; UMAROV, S. G; EHNKHZHARGAL, KH et al.Geliotehnika (Taškent). 1987, Num 6, pp 72-73, issn 0130-0997Article

Performance prediction of a solar water heater using artificial neural networksKALOGIROU, Soteris A.World renewable energy congress. 2000, pp 2163-2166, isbn 0-080-43865-2, 4VolConference Paper

Les professionnels assurent ! = Professionals are insuringBOULANGER, O.Systèmes solaires (Revue). 1999, Num 133, pp 38-40, issn 0295-5873Article

Product development in solar water heatingDE BEIJER, H. A.Renewable energy. 1998, Vol 15, Num 1-4, pp 201-204, issn 0960-1481Conference Paper

Effectiveness fo a differential temperature controller on a solar water heating system: an experimental studyMURALIDHAR, G. K; NAGARAJU, J; MOHAN, S et al.Journal of solar energy engineering. 1989, Vol 111, Num 1, pp 97-99, issn 0199-6231Article

Le baromètre du solaire thermique = Thermal solar barometerSystèmes solaires (Revue). 2000, Num 138, pp 84-91, issn 0295-5873Article

Exergy analysis of a solar heating systemGENG LIU; CENGEL, Y. A; TURNER, R. H et al.Journal of solar energy engineering. 1995, Vol 117, Num 3, pp 249-251, issn 0199-6231Article

Experimental study of integrated collector storage solar water heatersSOULIOTIS, M; CHEMISANA, D; CAOURIS, Y. G et al.Renewable energy. 2013, Vol 50, pp 1083-1094, issn 0960-1481, 12 p.Article

Laboratory tests of small SDHW systemsFURBO, S; SHAH, L. J.International conference on solar energy at high latitudes. 1997, pp 153-160, isbn 951-22-3567-6, 2VolConference Paper

Hydrodynamic instability of solar thermosyphon water heatersDU, S. C; HUANG, B. J; YEN, R. H et al.Journal of solar energy engineering. 1994, Vol 116, Num 1, pp 53-62, issn 0199-6231Article

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