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Peripheral and central visual fields in 11-year-old children who had been born prematurely and at termLARSSON, Eva; MARTIN, Lene; HOLMSTRÖM, Gerd et al.Journal of pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus. 2004, Vol 41, Num 1, pp 39-45, issn 0191-3913, 7 p.Article

Characteristics of the normal central visual field measured with resolution perimetryHOUSE, P; SCHULZER, M; DRANCE, S et al.Graefe's archive for clinical and experimental ophthalmology. 1991, Vol 229, Num 1, pp 8-12, issn 0721-832X, 5 p.Article

Assess and interpret the visual fields at the bedsideCOOPER, S. A; METCALFE, R. A.Practical neurology (Print). 2009, Vol 9, Num 6, pp 324-334, issn 1474-7758, 11 p.Article

Predicting practical fitness to drive in drivers with visual field defects caused by ocular pathologyCOECKELBERGH, Tanja R. M; BROUWER, Wiebo H; CORNELISSEN, Frans W et al.Human factors. 2004, Vol 46, Num 4, pp 748-760, issn 0018-7208, 13 p.Article

Normal isopter position in the peripheral visual field in Goldmann kinetic perimetryNIEDERHAUSER, Susanne; MOJON, Daniel S.Ophthalmologica (Basel). 2002, Vol 216, Num 6, pp 406-408, issn 0030-3755, 3 p.Article

Saccade testing to distinguish between non-organic and organic visual-field restrictionZINKERNAGEL, M. S; PELLANDA, N; KUNZ, A et al.British journal of ophthalmology. 2009, Vol 93, Num 9, pp 1247-1250, issn 0007-1161, 4 p.Article

The effect of auditory and visual distracters on the useful field of view : Implications for the driving taskWOOD, Joanne; CHAPARRO, Alex; HICKSON, Louise et al.Investigative ophthalmology & visual science. 2006, Vol 47, Num 10, pp 4646-4650, issn 0146-0404, 5 p.Article

Macular sparing as a perimetric artifactBISCHOFF, P; LANG, J; HUBER, A et al.American journal of ophthalmology. 1995, Vol 119, Num 1, pp 72-80, issn 0002-9394Article

Medical mystery - : Visual-field defectMATHURA, Jeevan R; JAMPOL, Lee M.The New England journal of medicine. 2006, Vol 355, Num 15, pp 1592-1592, issn 0028-4793, 1 p.Article

Visual fields at the wheelVARGAS-MARTIN, Fernando; GARCIA-PEREZ, Miguel A.Optometry and vision science. 2005, Vol 82, Num 8, pp 675-681, issn 1040-5488, 7 p.Article

Hemianopic visual field defects elicit hemianopic scanningTANT, M. L. M; CORNELISSEN, F. W; KOOIJMAN, A. C et al.Vision research (Oxford). 2002, Vol 42, Num 10, pp 1339-1348, issn 0042-6989Article

Visual field defect associated with vigabatrin : observational cohort studyWILTON, L. V; STEPHENS, M. D. B; MANN, R. D et al.BMJ. British medical journal (International ed.). 1999, Vol 319, Num 7218, pp 1165-1166, issn 0959-8146Article

Clinical classification of glaucomatous visual field loss by frequency doubling perimetrySPONSEL, W. E; ARANGO, S; TRIGO, Y et al.American journal of ophthalmology. 1998, Vol 125, Num 6, pp 830-836, issn 0002-9394Article

Estimating progression of visual field loss in glaucomaKATZ, J; GILBERT, D; QUIGLEY, H. A et al.Ophthalmology (Rochester, MN). 1997, Vol 104, Num 6, pp 1017-1025, issn 0161-6420Article

Réflexions cliniques sur le phénomène de complétion visuelle = Visual completion : a clinical perspectiveSAFRAN, A. B; ACHARD, O; LANDIS, T et al.Ophtalmologie (Paris). 1996, Vol 10, Num 5, pp 454-456, issn 0989-3105Article

Discrimination of spatial phase in central and peripheral visionCONCETTA MORRONE, M; BURR, D. C; SPINELLI, D et al.Vision research (Oxford). 1989, Num 4, pp 433-445, issn 0042-6989Article

Quantification of congruence between the right and left visual fieldsWEBER, J.Graefe's archive for clinical and experimental ophthalmology. 1993, Vol 231, Num 12, pp 704-710, issn 0721-832XArticle

A study of the value of the central and peripheral isoptres in assessing visual field progression in the presence of paracentral scotoma measurementsSCHULZER, M; MIKELBERG, F. S; DRANCE, S. M et al.British journal of ophthalmology. 1987, Vol 71, Num 6, pp 422-427, issn 0007-1161Article

Short-wavelength acuity: optical factors affecting detection and resolution of blue-yellow sinusoidal gratings in foveal and peripheral visionANDERSON, Roger S; COULTER, Esther; ZLATKOVA, Margarita B et al.Vision research (Oxford). 2003, Vol 43, Num 1, pp 101-107, issn 0042-6989, 7 p.Article

A new optotype chart for detection of nonorganic visual lossMOJON, Daniel S; FLUECKIGER, Petra.Ophthalmology (Rochester, MN). 2002, Vol 109, Num 4, pp 810-815, issn 0161-6420Article

Age-related maculopathy. II, The nature of the central visual field lossSWANN, P. G; LOVIE-KITCHIN, J. E.Ophthalmic & physiological optics. 1991, Vol 11, Num 1, pp 59-70, issn 0275-5408, 12 p.Article

The value of indices in the central and peripheral visual fields for the detection of glaucomaSEAMONE, C; LEBLANC, R; RUBILLOWICZ, M et al.American journal of ophthalmology. 1988, Vol 106, Num 2, pp 180-185, issn 0002-9394Article

Classification of visual field abnormalities in the Ocular Hypertension Treatment StudyKELTNER, John L; JOHNSON, Chris A; CELLO, Kimberly E et al.Archives of ophthalmology (1960). 2003, Vol 121, Num 5, pp 643-650, issn 0003-9950, 8 p.Article

An unusual homonymous visual field defect. CommentariesWEIN, F; MILLER, N. R; VAPHIADES, M. S et al.Survey of ophthalmology. 2000, Vol 44, Num 4, pp 324-328, issn 0039-6257Article

Central visual field changes associated with acquired pits of the optic nerveCASHWELL, L. F; FORD, J. G.Ophthalmology (Rochester, MN). 1995, Vol 102, Num 9, pp 1270-1278, issn 0161-6420Article

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