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Segregation at the surface of an Au/Pd alloy exposed to COSOTO-VERDUGO, Victor; METIU, Horia.Surface science. 2007, Vol 601, Num 23, pp 5332-5339, issn 0039-6028, 8 p.Article

A prospective: Surface science and catalysis at the nanoscaleBOWKER, Michael.Surface science. 2009, Vol 603, Num 16, pp 2359-2362, issn 0039-6028, 4 p.Article

Surface properties, textural features and catalytic performance for NO + CO abatement of spinels MAl2O4 (M = Mg, Co and Zn) developed by reverse and bicontinuous microemulsion methodGIANNAKAS, A. E; LADAVOS, A. K; ARMATAS, G. S et al.Applied surface science. 2007, Vol 253, Num 16, pp 6969-6979, issn 0169-4332, 11 p.Article

Infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy in catalysis and surface scienceRYCZKOWSKI, Janusz.Applied surface science. 2010, Vol 256, Num 17, pp 5545-5550, issn 0169-4332, 6 p.Conference Paper

Origin of the selectivity in the gold-mediated oxidation of benzyl alcoholRODRIGUEZ-REYES, Juan Carlos F; FRIEND, Cynthia M; MADIX, Robert J et al.Surface science. 2012, Vol 606, Num 15-16, pp 1129-1134, issn 0039-6028, 6 p.Article

Hydroxyl-Induced Magnetism in Ti OxidesSKOMSKI, Ralph; XIAOHUI WEI; BALAMURUGAN, B et al.IEEE transactions on magnetics. 2010, Vol 46, Num 6, pp 2427-2430, issn 0018-9464, 4 p.Conference Paper

Ag-Cu alloy surfaces in an oxidizing environment: A first-principles studyPICCININ, Simone; STAMPFL, Catherine; SCHEFFLER, Matthias et al.Surface science. 2009, Vol 603, Num 10-12, pp 1467-1475, issn 0039-6028, 9 p.Article

Revisiting the CuPt3 prototype and the L13 structureCHUMANI MSHUMI; LANG, Candace I; RICHEY, Lauren R et al.Acta materialia. 2014, Vol 73, pp 326-336, issn 1359-6454, 11 p.Article

A synergistic effect between nanoconfinement of carbon aerogels and catalysis of CoNiB nanoparticles on dehydrogenation of LiBH4YANPING ZHAO; LIFANG JIAO; YONGCHANG LIU et al.International journal of hydrogen energy. 2014, Vol 39, Num 2, pp 917-926, issn 0360-3199, 10 p.Article

Effects of acoustic wave resonance oscillation on immobilized enzymeNISHIYAMA, Hiroshi; WATANABE, Tomoya; INOUE, Yasunobu et al.Applied surface science. 2014, Vol 294, pp 66-70, issn 0169-4332, 5 p.Article

Photocatalytic activity of bismuth germanate Bi12GeO20 powdersCHIHUAN HE; MINGYUAN GU.Scripta materialia. 2006, Vol 54, Num 7, pp 1221-1225, issn 1359-6462, 5 p.Article

Hydrogen storage behavior of 2LiBH4/MgH2 composites improved by the catalysis of CoNiB nanoparticlesYANPING ZHAO; LIANGZHONG DING; TONGSHENG ZHONG et al.International journal of hydrogen energy. 2014, Vol 39, Num 21, pp 11055-11060, issn 0360-3199, 6 p.Article

Diselenides as universal oxidative folding catalysts of diverse proteinsBELD, Joris; WOYCECHOWSKY, Kenneth J; HILVERT, Donald et al.Journal of biotechnology. 2010, Vol 150, Num 4, pp 481-489, issn 0168-1656, 9 p.Article

Vibrational properties of CO on ceria surfacesNOLAN, Michael; PARKER, Stephen C; WATSON, Graeme W et al.Surface science. 2006, Vol 600, Num 14, issn 0039-6028, L175-L178Article

Investigations on enzyme catalytic promiscuity: The first attempts at a hydrolytic enzyme-promoted conjugate addition of nucleophiles to α,β-unsaturated sulfinyl acceptorsMADALINSKA, Lidia; KWIATKOWSKA, Małgorzata; CIERPIAL, Tomasz et al.Journal of molecular catalysis. B, Enzymatic. 2012, Vol 81, pp 25-30, issn 1381-1177, 6 p.Article

Glycerol acetals as anti-freezing additives for biodieselSILVA, Paulo H. R; GONCALVES, Valter L. C; MOTA, Claudio J. A et al.Bioresource technology. 2010, Vol 101, Num 15, pp 6225-6229, issn 0960-8524, 5 p.Article

CuO nanowire synthesis catalyzed by a CoWP nanofilterTSAI, Chung-Min; CHEN, Guo-Dung; TSENG, Tzu-Chun et al.Acta materialia. 2009, Vol 57, Num 5, pp 1570-1576, issn 1359-6454, 7 p.Article

Preparation of porous ceramics with controllable pore sizes in an easy and low-cost wayWEN, Zhong-He; HAN, Yong-Sheng; LONG LIANG et al.Materials characterization. 2008, Vol 59, Num 9, pp 1335-1338, issn 1044-5803, 4 p.Article

A catalytically powered electrokinetic lens: toward channelless microfluidicsJIAYUN ZHANG; CATCHMARK, Jeffrey M.Microfluidics and nanofluidics (Print). 2011, Vol 10, Num 5, pp 1147-1151, issn 1613-4982, 5 p.Article

Microkinetic modelling of the formation of C1 and C2products in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over cobalt catalystsSTORSAETER, Sølvi; DE CHEN; HOLMEN, Anders et al.Surface science. 2006, Vol 600, Num 10, pp 2051-2063, issn 0039-6028, 13 p.Article

Surface science and the advancement of direct olefin epoxidation A perspective on the article, Partial oxidation of higher olefins on Ag(1 11) and Ag(1 10): Conversion of styrene to styrene oxide, benzene, and benzoic acid, By Andreas Klust and Robert J. MadixBARTEAU, Mark A.Surface science. 2006, Vol 600, Num 23, pp 5021-5023, issn 0039-6028, 3 p.Article

The Rise and Fall of Direct Mechanisms in Methanol-to-Olefin Catalysis : An Overview of Theoretical Contributions : Clean Fuels from Biomass and WastesLESTHAEGHE, David; VAN SPEYBROECK, Veronique; MARIN, Guy B et al.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 2007, Vol 46, Num 26, pp 8832-8838, issn 0888-5885, 7 p.Conference Paper

8th canadian symposium on catalysis at the university of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1, May 26-29, 1982JAMES, B. R.Canadian journal of chemistry (Print). 1983, Vol 61, Num 6, pp 1293-1359, issn 0008-4042Conference Proceedings

Applications of functionalized chitosan in catalysisMACQUARRIE, Duncan J; HARDY, Jeff J. E.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 2005, Vol 44, Num 23, pp 8499-8520, issn 0888-5885, 22 p.Article

Solid surfaces as the scene of catalytic actHABER, J.Vacuum. 1990, Vol 41, Num 7-9, pp 1638-1639, issn 0042-207X, 2 p.Conference Paper

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