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Chemical test for mammalian feces in grain products : collaborative study = Un test chimique de détection de fèces de mammifères dans les produits à base de céréales : étude interlaboratoiresGERBER, H. R.Journal - Association of official analytical chemists. 1989, Vol 72, Num 5, pp 766-769, issn 0004-5756Conference Paper

Effect of Outer Bran Layers from Germinated Wheat Grains on Breadmaking PropertiesSEGUCHI, M; UOZU, M; ONEDA, H et al.Cereal chemistry. 2010, Vol 87, Num 3, pp 231-236, issn 0009-0352, 6 p.Article

Polyphenol oxidase in wheat grain : Whole kernel and bran assays for total and soluble activityFUERST, E. Patrick; ANDERSON, James V; MORRIS, Craig F et al.Cereal chemistry. 2006, Vol 83, Num 1, pp 10-16, issn 0009-0352, 7 p.Article

Cereal pentosans : their estimation and significance. III. Pentosans in abraded grains and milling by-products = Les pentosanes des céréales : leur évaluation et leur rôle. III. Les pentosanes dans les grains polis et les sous-produits de moutureHASHIMOTO, S; SHOGREN, M. D; BOLTE, L. C et al.Cereal chemistry. 1987, Vol 64, Num 1, pp 39-41, issn 0009-0352Article

Transfer von 137Cs und 90Sr in Mehl, Kleie und Stroh von Weizen, Roggen, Gerste und Hafer in den Jahren 1982, 1986 (Reaktorunfall in Tschernobyl) und 1987 in Feldversuchen = Etude, par des essais au champ, du transfert de Cs137 et Sr90 dans la farine, le son et la paille de blé, de seigle, d'orge et d'avoine en 1982, 1986 (accident du réacteur nucléaire à Tchernobyl) et 1987 = Transfer of 137Cs and 90Sr to flour, bran and straw from wheat, rye, barley and oats during the years 1982, 1986 (reactor accident at Chernobyl) and 1987 by field measurementsBUNZL, K; KRACKE, W.Zeitschrift für Lebensmittel-Untersuchung und -Forschung. 1989, Vol 188, Num 5, pp 439-444, issn 0044-3026Article

Multiple-particle tracking study of microheterogeneity of nutrim-10 suspensionsJINGYUAN XU; TUNGSUN CHANG; INGLETT, George E et al.Cereal chemistry. 2006, Vol 83, Num 1, pp 37-41, issn 0009-0352, 5 p.Article

Reducing beta-glucan solubility in oat bran muffins by freeze-thaw treatment attenuates its hypoglycemic effectLAN-PIDHAINY, Xiaomiao; BRUMMER, Yolanda; TOSH, Susan M et al.Cereal chemistry. 2007, Vol 84, Num 5, pp 512-517, issn 0009-0352, 6 p.Article

READY-TO-EAT (RTE) WHEAT BRAN BREAKFAST CEREAL AS A HIGH-FIBER DIETKAMRAN, Muhammad; SALEEM, Nida; UMER, Zahida N et al.Journal of food processing and preservation. 2008, Vol 32, Num 5, pp 853-867, issn 0145-8892, 15 p.Article

Bran size distribution at milling and mechanical and biochemical characterization of common wheat grain outer layers : A relationship assessmentGREFFEUILLE, V; ABECASSIS, J; LAPIERRE, C et al.Cereal chemistry. 2006, Vol 83, Num 6, pp 641-646, issn 0009-0352, 6 p.Article

Extrusion of regular and waxy barley flours for production of expanded cerealsBAIK, Byung-Kee; POWERS, Joseph; NGUYEN, Linhda T et al.Cereal chemistry. 2004, Vol 81, Num 1, pp 94-99, issn 0009-0352, 6 p.Article

A model for predicting forces and work inputs in cereal flakingLEVINE, L; CAMPANELLA, O; CORVALAN, C et al.Cereal foods world. 2004, Vol 49, Num 1, pp 11-19, issn 0146-6283, 9 p.Article

Eigenschaften nachzerkleinerter und windgesicheter Weizenmehle = Properties of regrind and classified wheat floursHANDRECK, Bernd; BANAFA, Walid.Getreide, Mehl und Brot (1972). 2002, Vol 56, Num 3, pp 155-162, issn 0367-4177, 8 p.Article

Effects of natural chelating agents on the solubility of some physiologically important mineral elements in oat bran and oat flakesEKHOLM, Päivi; VIRKKI, Liisa; YLINEN, Maija et al.Cereal chemistry. 2000, Vol 77, Num 5, pp 562-566, issn 0009-0352Article

Comparison of methodology for determination of ethylene dibromide in grains and grain-based foods = Comparaison de la méthodologie du dosage du dibromure d'éthylène dans les céréales et les produits à base de céréalesCLOVER, M. JR; MCCARTHY, J. P; CARSON, L. J et al.Journal - Association of official analytical chemists. 1986, Vol 69, Num 1, pp 87-90, issn 0004-5756Article

Antioxidant activity of steryl ferulate extracts from rye and wheat branNYSTRÖM, Laura; MÄKINEN, Marjukka; LAMPI, Anna-Maija et al.Journal of agricultural and food chemistry (Print). 2005, Vol 53, Num 7, pp 2503-2510, issn 0021-8561, 8 p.Article

Malgré un marché imprévisible. Issues de céréales: le son utilisé en France reste français = Despite an unpredictable market. Cereals outcomes: cereal bran used in France is frenchBOLOH, Y.Revue de l'alimentation animale. 1994, Num 480, pp 34-36, issn 0242-6595Article

Use of sourdough fermentation and pseudo-cereals and leguminous flours for the making of a functional bread enriched of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA)CODA, Rossana; GIUSEPPE RIZZELLO, Carlo; GOBBETTI, Marco et al.International journal of food microbiology. 2010, Vol 137, Num 2-3, pp 236-245, issn 0168-1605, 10 p.Article

Effect of puffing on ultrastructure and physical characteristics of cereal grains and floursMARIOTTI, M; ALAMPRESE, C; PAGANI, M. A et al.Journal of cereal science (Print). 2006, Vol 43, Num 1, pp 47-56, issn 0733-5210, 10 p.Article

Fractionation of cereal flour by sedimentation in non-aqueous systems. I. Development of the method and chemical characterisation of the fractionsHARTMANN, Stephanie; KOEHLER, Peter.Journal of cereal science (Print). 2008, Vol 47, Num 3, pp 576-586, issn 0733-5210, 11 p.Article

Extrusion conditions modify hypocholesterolemic properties of wheat bran fed to hamstersKAHLON, T. S; BERRIOS, J. De J; SMITH, G. E et al.Cereal chemistry. 2006, Vol 83, Num 2, pp 152-156, issn 0009-0352, 5 p.Article

Mikrobiologische Kriterien für Getreide und Getreideerzeugnisse = Microbiological criteria for grain and grain productsRÖCKEN, W.Getreide, Mehl und Brot (1972). 1993, Vol 47, Num 6, pp 56-58, issn 0367-4177Article

Isomalt in breakfast cereals, granola bars, and muesliRADOWSKI, A.Cereal foods world. 2006, Vol 51, Num 5, pp 254-256, issn 0146-6283, 3 p.Article

Almonds for Nutritious and Delightful Breakfast CerealsSHELKE, K; MILLER, R. A.Cereal foods world. 2012, Vol 57, Num 2, pp 64-67, issn 0146-6283, 4 p.Article

Bestimmung der Stippen im Hartweizengriess = Speck counting in durum semolinasEVERS, Anthony; ERDENTUG, Aytun.Getreide, Mehl und Brot (1972). 2003, Vol 57, Num 2, pp 82-84, issn 0367-4177, 3 p.Article

Comparing sugar components of cereal and pseudocereal flour by GC-MS analysisACANSKI, Marijana M; VUJIC, Djura N.Food chemistry. 2014, Vol 145, pp 743-748, issn 0308-8146, 6 p.Article

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