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Trends in research on cestodes infections, symposium, Liverpool, 22-23 November 1983CRAIG, P. S; CREWE, W; OWEN, R. R et al.Annals of tropical medicine and parasitology. 1984, Vol 78, Num 3, pp 181-342, issn 0003-4983Conference Proceedings

Biological, epidemiological, and clinical aspects of echinococcosis, a zoonosis of increasing concernECKERT, Johannes; DEPLAZES, Peter.Clinical microbiology reviews (Print). 2004, Vol 17, Num 1, issn 0893-8512, C, 107-135 [30 p.]Article

Rapid processing of in vitro cultured microscopical metacestodes for ultrastructrure studiesHARRIS, A; HEATH, D. D.The Journal of parasitology. 1983, Vol 69, Num 5, pp 998-1000, issn 0022-3395Article

Molecular confirmation of a case of multiorgan cystic echinococcosisYANG, Y. R; SUN, T; ZHANG, J. Z et al.The Journal of parasitology. 2006, Vol 92, Num 1, pp 206-208, issn 0022-3395, 3 p.Article

New Dimensions in Hydatidology in the New MillenniumALTINTAS, Nazmiye; SCHANTZ, Peter.Acta tropica. 2003, Vol 85, Num 2, issn 0001-706X, 192 p.Conference Proceedings

Long term follow-up of human hydatid disease (Echinococcus granulosus) treated with a high-dose mebendazole regimenKAMMERER, W. S; SCHANTZ, P. M.The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene. 1984, Vol 33, Num 1, pp 132-137, issn 0002-9637Article

Unilocular hydatid cyst disease in the mid-southDALY, J. J; MCDANIEL, R. C; HUSTED, G. S et al.JAMA, the journal of the American Medical Association. 1984, Vol 251, Num 7, pp 932-933, issn 0098-7484Article

WHO collaborating centre for hydatid disease researchTHOMPSON, R. C. A.Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. 1984, Vol 78, Num 3, pp 418-419, issn 0035-9203Article

Cysticercosis cerebri. Report on seven casesFERRANTE, L; MARIOTTINI, A; SANTORO, A et al.Acta neurochirurgica. 1985, Vol 76, Num 1-2, pp 28-35, issn 0001-6268Article

Influence de quelques facteurs anthropologiques sur la formation et le développement des foyers de diphyllobothriaseARTAMOSHIN, A. S.Medicinskaâ parazitologiâ i parazitarnye bolezni. 1984, Num 1, pp 68-72, issn 0025-8326Article

Primary mediastinal echinococcosisMATHUR, R. K; SHYAM SUNDER DODA; TARVINDER BIR SINGH BUXI et al.CT, The Journal of computed tomography. 1985, Vol 9, Num 3, pp 195-197, issn 0149-936XArticle

The computed tomographic spectrum of cerebral cysticercosisMAZER, S; ANTONIUK, A; DITZEL, L. F. S et al.Computerized radiology. 1983, Vol 7, Num 6, pp 373-378, issn 0730-4862Article

Immunogenetics of human echinococcosisYURONG YANG; ELLIS, Magda K; MCMANUS, Donald P et al.Trends in parasitology. 2012, Vol 28, Num 10, pp 447-454, issn 1471-4922, 8 p.Article

Immunological and molecular diagnosis of cysticercosisRODRIGUEZ, Silvia; WILKINS, Patricia; DORNY, Pierre et al.Pathogens and global health (Print). 2012, Vol 106, Num 5, pp 286-298, issn 2047-7724, 13 p.Article

Isolated pericardial hydatid cystSINGHAL, Manphool; RAMANATHAN, Subramaniyan; BAHL, Ajay et al.Postgraduate medical journal. 2011, Vol 87, Num 1033, issn 0032-5473, p. 790Article

Thousands of Lesions in Disseminated CysticercosisVERMA, Rajesh; SHARMA, Pawan; KHURANA, Navdeep et al.The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene. 2011, Vol 85, Num 4, issn 0002-9637, p. 583Article

Peritoneal hydatidosisVYAS, Sameer; PRAKASH, Mahesh; KHANDELWAL, Niranjan et al.Postgraduate medical journal. 2010, Vol 86, Num 1014, issn 0032-5473, p. 255Article

Albendazole treatment in cystic echinococcosis : pharmacokinetics and clinical efficacy of two different aqueous formulationsCEBALLOS, Laura; ELISSONDO, Celina; MORENO, Laura et al.Parasitology research (1987). 2008, Vol 103, Num 2, pp 355-362, issn 0932-0113, 8 p.Article

Uncommon locations of hydatid cystBAL, Nebil; KOCER, Nazim E; ARPACI, Rabia et al.Saudi medical journal. 2008, Vol 29, Num 7, pp 1004-1008, issn 0379-5284, 5 p.Article

Gastrointestinal : Peritoneal hydatidosisAHMED, G; NEJMEDDINE, A; MOHAMED ISSAM, B et al.Journal of gastroenterology and hepatology. 2007, Vol 22, Num 8, issn 0815-9319, 1347Article

Nodules cutanés de cysticercose = Cutaneous nodules of cysticercosisNIAMBA, Pascal; FAYE, Ouamane; TRAORE, Adama et al.La Presse médicale (1983). 2006, Vol 35, Num 3, pp 435-436, issn 0755-4982, 2 p., CAH1Article

Proinflammatory cytokines in granulomas associated with murine cysticercosis are not the cause of seizuresPATIL, Shripad; ROBINSON, Prema; ACTOR, Jeffrey K et al.The Journal of parasitology. 2006, Vol 92, Num 4, pp 738-741, issn 0022-3395, 4 p.Article

International Action Planning Workshop on Taenia solium Cysticercosis/Taeniosis with Special Focus on Eastern and Southern AfricaMURRELL, K. D.Acta tropica. 2003, Vol 87, Num 1, issn 0001-706X, 187 p.Conference Proceedings

EchinococcusBHATIA, G.Seminars in respiratory infections. 1997, Vol 12, Num 2, pp 171-186, issn 0882-0546Article

Tapeworms (Cestodiasis)SCHANTZ, P. M.Gastroenterology clinics of North America. 1996, Vol 25, Num 3, issn 0889-8553, viii, 637-653 [19 p.]Article

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