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Comment on: Use of an adjoint model for finding triggers for alpine lee cyclogenesisLANGLAND, R. H; ERRICO, R. M.Monthly weather review. 1996, Vol 124, Num 4, pp 757-760, issn 0027-0644Article

ReplyVUKICEVIC, T; RAEDER, K.Monthly weather review. 1996, Vol 124, Num 4, pp 761-763, issn 0027-0644Article

The formation of tropical cyclonesGRAY, W. M.Meteorology and atmospheric physics (Print). 1998, Vol 67, Num 1-4, pp 37-69, issn 0177-7971Article

A diagnosis of a model-simulated explosively developing extratropical cycloneRAUSCH, R. L. M; SMITH, P. J.Monthly weather review. 1996, Vol 124, Num 5, pp 875-904, issn 0027-0644Article

Comments on : Short-range ensemble forecasting of explosive Australian east coast cyclogenesis. Authors replyHAMILL, T. M; LESLIE, L. M; SPEER, M. S et al.Weather and forecasting. 1998, Vol 13, Num 4, pp 1205-1209, issn 0882-8156Article

An objective climatology of mobile troughs in the northern hemisphereLEFEVRE, R. J; NIELSEN-GAMMON, J. W.Tellus. Series A, Dynamic meteorology and oceanography. 1995, Vol 47, Num 5, pp 638-655, issn 0280-6495Conference Paper

Interaction entre la haute et la basse troposphère: application à la situation de la PIO2 de fronts 87 = Interaction between higher and lower troposphere: application to the IOP2 of fronts 87 campaignIzzaoui, Hassan; Saute, Marcel.1993, 257 p.Thesis

Cascade interpolation for semi-Lagrangian advection over the sphereNAIR, R; COTE, J; STANIFORTH, A et al.Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society. 1999, Vol 125, Num 556, pp 1445-1468, issn 0035-9009, BArticle

Wind increases in rapid marine cyclogenesisWEINSTEIN, A. I; SANDERS, F.Monthly weather review. 1989, Vol 117, Num 6, pp 1365-1367, issn 0027-0644Article

Heterochromatin and differential chromosome staining in meiosisLOIDL, J.Biologisches Zentralblatt. 1987, Vol 106, Num 6, pp 641-662, issn 0006-3304Article

A theory for the spinup of tropical depressionsRAYMOND, D. J; SESSIONS, S. L; FUCHS, Z et al.Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society. 2007, Vol 133, Num 628A, pp 1743-1754, issn 0035-9009, 12 p.Article

The physical mechanisms of secondary cyclogenesisSPERANZA, Antonio.Recent research developments in atmospheric science. Vol. 1 (2001). Recent research developments in atmospheric science. 2001, pp 57-68, isbn 81-7736-059-0Book Chapter

Mean Southern Hemisphere extratropical cyclone behavior in the 40-year NCEP-NCAR reanalysisSIMMONDS, I; KEAY, K.Journal of climate. 2000, Vol 13, Num 5, pp 873-885, issn 0894-8755Article

The necessary conditions of tropical cyclogenesisPERMYAKOV, M. S.Meteorologiâ i gidrologiâ. 1992, Num 7, pp 54-60, issn 0130-2906Article

A unified theory of orographic influences upon cyclogenesisBUZZI, A; SPERANZA, A; TIBALDI, S et al.Meteorology and atmospheric physics (Print). 1987, Vol 36, Num 1-4, pp 91-107, issn 0177-7971Article

The climatology of explosive cyclogenesis in two general circulation modelsSANDERS, F; MULLEN, S. L.Monthly weather review. 1996, Vol 124, Num 9, pp 1948-1954, issn 0027-0644Article

On the development of orographic cyclonesRADINOVIC, D.Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society. 1986, Vol 112, Num 474, pp 927-951, issn 0035-9009Article

Sensitivity analysis using of the PSU-NCAR mesoscale modelERRICO, R. M; VUKICEVIC, T.Monthly weather review. 1992, Vol 120, Num 8, pp 1644-1660, issn 0027-0644Article

Comments on on the development of orographic cyclones by D. Radinović (October 1986, 112, 927-951). ReplyBURTON, B. J.Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society. 1987, Vol 113, Num 478, pp 1394-1395, issn 0035-9009Article

Tropical cyclones and global climate change : A post-IPCC assessmentHENDERSON-SELLERS, A; ZHANG, H; MCGUFFIE, K et al.Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. 1998, Vol 79, Num 1, pp 19-38, issn 0003-0007Article

Comments on : Climatology of cyclogenesis for the Southern Hemisphere. Author's replyRAO, V. B; GAN, M. A; SINCLAIR, M. R et al.Monthly weather review. 1996, Vol 124, Num 11, pp 2614-2618, issn 0027-0644Article

Explosive marine cyclogenesis in a three-layer model with a representation of slantwise convection: a sensitivity studyBALASUBRAMANIAN, G; YAU, M. K.Journal of the atmospheric sciences. 1995, Vol 52, Num 5, pp 533-550, issn 0022-4928Article

Numerical case study of the Altai-Sayan lee cyclogenesis over East AsiaSHOU-JUN CHEN; LAZIC, L.Meteorology and atmospheric physics (Print). 1990, Vol 42, Num 3-4, pp 221-229, issn 0177-7971Article

Tropical cyclogenesis in the Intra-Americas Sea : Hurricane Cindy (2005)YOO, J; COLLINS, J.M; ROHLI, R.V et al.The Professional geographer. 2014, Vol 66, Num 3, pp 511-524, issn 0033-0124, 14 p.Article

L'inversion du tourbillon potentiel : Un outil pour comprendre le creusement des dépressions = The potential vorticity inversion; a tool for understanding cyclogenesisARBOGAST, Philippe.Météorologie (Paris. 1925). 2002, Num 38, pp 19-29, issn 0026-1181Article

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