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Observation of the circadian photosynthetic rhythm in cyanobacteria with a dissolved-oxygen meterYEN, Uan-Chen; HUANG, Tan-Chi; YEN, Tsu-Chiang et al.Plant science (Limerick). 2004, Vol 166, Num 4, pp 949-952, issn 0168-9452, 4 p.Article

Diurnal regulation of scent emission in rose flowersHENDEL-RAHMANIM, Keren; MASCI, Tania; VAINSTEIN, Alexander et al.Planta. 2007, Vol 226, Num 6, pp 1491-1499, issn 0032-0935, 9 p.Article

Proteomic analysis of day-night variations in protein levels in the rat pineal glandMØLLER, Marten; SPARRE, Thomas; BACHE, Nicolai et al.Proteomics (Weinheim. Print). 2007, Vol 7, Num 12, pp 2009-2018, issn 1615-9853, 10 p.Article

Glucocorticoids mediate circadian timing in peripheral osteoclasts resulting in the circadian expression rhythm of osteoclast-related genesYUKO FUJIHARA; HISATAKA KONDO; TOSHIHIDE NOGUCHI et al.Bone (New York, NY). 2014, Vol 61, pp 1-9, issn 8756-3282, 9 p.Article

Daytime modulation of cortical spreading depression according to blood glucose levelsBATINGA, Hadassa; DE PEREIRA BARBOSA, Petrucio Publio; XIMENES-DA-SILVA, Adriana et al.Neuroscience letters. 2011, Vol 491, Num 1, pp 58-62, issn 0304-3940, 5 p.Article

Circadian proteomics of the mouse retinaTSUJI, Takahiro; HIROTA, Tsuyoshi; TAKEMORI, Nobuaki et al.Proteomics (Weinheim. Print). 2007, Vol 7, Num 19, pp 3500-3508, issn 1615-9853, 9 p.Article

Circadian variation in endothelial function is attenuated in postmenopausal womenWALTERS, Janie F; HAMPTON, Shelagh M; DEANFIELD, John E et al.Maturitas (Amsterdam). 2006, Vol 54, Num 3, pp 294-303, issn 0378-5122, 10 p.Article

Circadian variation in susceptibility to the ambulation-increasing effect of scopolamine in miceKURIBARA, H; TADOKORO, S.Japanese journal of pharmacology. 1983, Vol 33, Num 5, pp 927-931, issn 0021-5198Article

Zur circadianen Häufigkeitsverteilung ischämischer Insulte = La distribution au cours de la journée de la fréquence des accidents cérébraux ischémiques = Circadian variations in occurrence of strokesKAPS, M; BUSSE, O; HOFMANN, O et al.Nervenarzt. 1983, Vol 54, Num 12, pp 655-657, issn 0028-2804Article

Circadian rhythms of oxidative phosphorylation: Effects of rotenone and melatonin on isolated rat brain mitochondriaSIMON, Nicolas; PAPA, Kassim; VIDAL, Johanna et al.Chronobiology international. 2003, Vol 20, Num 3, pp 451-461, issn 0742-0528, 11 p.Article

Evaluation of chronopharmacodynamics of indomethacin by the kaolin-induced pain model in miceYIMIN CUI; SUGIMOTO, Koh-Ichi; ARAKI, Nobutaka et al.Chronobiology international. 2003, Vol 20, Num 3, pp 473-484, issn 0742-0528, 12 p.Article

Circadian rhythm characteristics of serum cortisol and dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate in healthy Chinese men aged 30 to 60 years. A cross-sectional studyZHAO, Zi-Yan; YI XIE; FU, Yue-Rong et al.Steroids. 2003, Vol 68, Num 2, pp 133-138, issn 0039-128X, 6 p.Article

Circadian organization of serum electrolytes in physiological agingTROTTI, Rosita; RONDANELLI, Mariangela; CUZZONI, Giovanni et al.Functional neurology. 2003, Vol 18, Num 2, pp 77-81, issn 0393-5264, 5 p.Article

Expression of tgfa in the suprachiasmatic nuclei of nocturnal and diurnal rodentsTOURNIER, B. B; DARDENTE, H; VUILLEZ, P et al.Neuroscience. 2007, Vol 145, Num 3, pp 1138-1143, issn 0306-4522, 6 p.Article

Occurrence of circadian rhythms in Hairy root cultures grown under controlled conditionsLANOUE, Arnaud; SHAKOURZADEH, Khalil; MARISON, Ian et al.Biotechnology and bioengineering. 2004, Vol 88, Num 6, pp 722-729, issn 0006-3592, 8 p.Article

Sleep and circadian rhythm dysregulation in schizophreniaMONTI, Jaime M; BAHAMMAM, Ahmed S; PANDI-PERUMAL, Seithikurippu R et al.Progress in neuro-psychopharmacology & biological psychiatry. 2013, Vol 43, pp 209-216, issn 0278-5846, 8 p.Article

Rythme circadien possible de la sensibilité au thiamylalMICHITA, A; YAMAUCHI, N; KISHINO, M et al.Masui. 1989, Vol 38, Num 4, pp 469-474, issn 0021-4892Article

Circadian variation in variant anginaWATERS, D. D; MILLER, D. D; BOUCHARD, A et al.The American journal of cardiology. 1984, Vol 54, Num 1, pp 61-64, issn 0002-9149Article

Circadian rhythm of lumbar pain sensationMACHALER, A; TILSCHER, H.Journal of interdisciplinary cycle research. 1984, Vol 14, Num 3, pp 195-202, issn 0022-1945Article

Performance and circadian rhythmsKIRKCALDY, B. D.European journal of applied physiology and occupational physiology. 1984, Vol 52, Num 4, pp 375-379, issn 0301-5548Article

Temporal variation in morphine-mast cell interactionPOLAT, C.Chronobiologia. 1985, Vol 12, Num 2, pp 169-172, issn 0390-0037Article

Factors influencing circadian rhythms in acetaminophen lethalitySCHNELL, R. G; BOZIGIAN, H. P; DAVIES, M. H et al.Pharmacology. 1984, Vol 29, Num 3, pp 149-157, issn 0031-7012Article

The clinical application of chronobiology to oncologyHRUSHESKY, W. J. M.American journal of anatomy. 1983, Vol 168, Num 4, pp 519-542, issn 0002-9106Article

Genetic basis of human circadian rhythm disordersJONES, Christopher R; HUANG, Angela L; PTACEK, Louis J et al.Experimental neurology (Print). 2013, Vol 243, pp 28-33, issn 0014-4886, 6 p.Article

The impact of cave lighting on the bioluminescent display of the Tasmanian glow-worm Arachnocampa tasmaniensisMERRITT, David J; CLARKE, Arthur K.Journal of insect conservation. 2013, Vol 17, Num 1, pp 147-153, issn 1366-638X, 7 p.Article

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