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A note on the polynomial-time hierarchy and probabilistic operatorsROTHE, J; VOGEL, J.Computers and artificial intelligence. 1994, Vol 13, Num 1, pp 2-12, issn 0232-0274Article

On the complexity of rankingHEMACHANDRA, L. A; RUDICH, S.Journal of computer and system sciences (Print). 1990, Vol 41, Num 2, pp 251-271, issn 0022-0000, 21 p.Article

Logarithmic advice classesBALCAZAR, J. L; SCHÖNING, U.Theoretical computer science. 1992, Vol 99, Num 2, pp 279-290, issn 0304-3975Article

Baire's categories on small complexity classesMOSER, Philippe.Lecture notes in computer science. 2003, pp 333-342, issn 0302-9743, isbn 3-540-40543-7, 10 p.Conference Paper

Positive relativizations of complexity classesSELMAN, A. L; XU MEI-RUI; BOOK, R. V et al.SIAM journal on computing (Print). 1983, Vol 12, Num 3, pp 565-579, issn 0097-5397Article

Complexity classes between θpk and ΔpkCASTRO, J; SEARA, C.Informatique théorique et applications (Imprimé). 1996, Vol 30, Num 2, pp 101-121, issn 0988-3754Conference Paper

A tight relationship between generic oracles and type-2 complexity theoryCOOK, S; IMPAGLIAZZO, R; YAMAKAMI, T et al.Information and computation (Print). 1997, Vol 137, Num 2, pp 159-170, issn 0890-5401Article

On the random oracle hypothesisKURTZ, S. A.Information and control. 1983, Vol 57, Num 1, pp 40-47, issn 0019-9958Article

Refining nondeterminism in relativizations of complexity classesXU MEL-RUI; DONER, J. E; BOOK, R. V et al.Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery. 1983, Vol 30, Num 3, pp 677-685, issn 0004-5411Article

Simplicity, relativizations and nondeterminismBALCAZAR, J. L.SIAM journal on computing (Print). 1985, Vol 14, Num 1, pp 148-157, issn 0097-5397Article

Problems complete for ○+LDAMM, C.Information processing letters. 1990, Vol 36, Num 5, pp 247-250, issn 0020-0190, 4 p.Article

Downward translations of equalityALLENDER, E; WILSON, C.Theoretical computer science. 1990, Vol 75, Num 3, pp 335-346, issn 0304-3975, 12 p.Article

Complexity-theoretic hierarchiesKRISTIANSEN, Lars.Lecture notes in computer science. 2006, pp 279-288, issn 0302-9743, isbn 3-540-35466-2, 1Vol, 10 p.Conference Paper

Weak completeness in E and E2JUEDES, D. W; LUTZ, J. H.Theoretical computer science. 1995, Vol 143, Num 1, pp 149-158, issn 0304-3975Article

On sparse hard sets for counting classesOGIWARA, M; LOZANO, A.Theoretical computer science. 1993, Vol 112, Num 2, pp 255-275, issn 0304-3975Article

On sets truth-table reducible to sparse setsBOOK, R. V; KER-I KO.SIAM journal on computing (Print). 1988, Vol 17, Num 5, pp 903-919, issn 0097-5397Article

On sparse oracles separating feasible complexity classesHARTMANIS, J; HEMACHANDRA, L.Information processing letters. 1988, Vol 28, Num 6, pp 291-295, issn 0020-0190Article

On characterizations of the class PSPACE/polyBALCAZAR, J. L; DIAZ, J; GABARRO, J et al.Theoretical computer science. 1987, Vol 52, Num 3, pp 251-267, issn 0304-3975Article

On relativizations with restricted number of accesses to the oracle setZIMAND, M.Mathematical systems theory. 1987, Vol 20, Num 1, pp 1-11, issn 0025-5661Article

Bi-immune sets for complexity classesBALCAZAR, J. L; SCHONING, U.Mathematical systems theory. 1985, Vol 18, Num 1, pp 1-10, issn 0025-5661Article

On static logics, dynamic logics, and complexity classesHAREL, D; PELEG, D.Information and control. 1984, Vol 60, Num 1-3, pp 86-102, issn 0019-9958Article

A positive relativization of polynomial time versus polylog spaceGAVALDA, R.Information processing letters. 1993, Vol 46, Num 3, pp 119-123, issn 0020-0190Article

Structural analysis of the complexity of inverse functionsWATANABE, O; TODA, S.Mathematical systems theory. 1993, Vol 26, Num 2, pp 203-214, issn 0025-5661Article

Proceedings/Structure in complexity theory. Conference, University of California, Berkeley CA, June 2-5, 1986SELMAN, A. L.Lecture notes in computer science. 1986, Vol 223, issn 0302-9743, 401 p.Conference Proceedings

On the complexity of interactive proofs with bounded communicationGOLDREICH, O; HASTAD, J.Information processing letters. 1998, Vol 67, Num 4, pp 205-214, issn 0020-0190Article

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