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Pigments de cobaltKALINSKAYA, T. V; LOBANOVA, L. B; SKORODUMOVA, N. A et al.Lakokrasočnye materialy i ih primenenie. 1989, Num 4, pp 31-38, issn 0130-9013Article

Halogenation of benzyl- and (heteroaromatic methyl)cobaloximes: direct competition between ring halogenation and cobalt-carbon bond cleavageGUPTA, B. D; MANOJ KUMAR, M; SUJIT ROY et al.Inorganic chemistry (Print). 1989, Vol 28, Num 1, pp 11-18, issn 0020-1669, 8 p.Article

On the identificatuion of Co-sulfide' species in sulfided supported Co and CoMo catalystsCRAJE, M. W. J; DE BEER, V. H. J; VAN VEEN, J. A. R et al.Preprints - American Chemical Society. Division of Petroleum Chemistry. 1994, Vol 39, Num 4, pp 538-547, issn 0569-3799Conference Paper

Etude de la réduction de CoFe2O4 par le carbone, au moyen de l'analyse des effluents gazeuxTERAYAMA, K; IKEDA, M.Nippon Kinzoku Gakkaishi (1952). 1986, Vol 50, Num 1, pp 71-76, issn 0021-4876Article

Radiotracer determination of cobalt recovery and mass flow dynamics in copper melting processTHERESKA, J; PLASARI, E.Journal of radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry. 1990, Vol 146, Num 5, pp 347-358, issn 0236-5731Article

Magnetostriction of LaCo13-based alloysMUSHNIKOV, N. V; NOVIKOV, S. I; ANDREEV, A. V et al.Journal of alloys and compounds. 1992, Vol 187, Num 2, pp 285-292, issn 0925-8388Article

Recycling of cobalt from spent Li-ion batteries as β-Co(OH)2 and the application of Co3O4 as a pseudocapacitorBARBIERI, E. M. S; LIMA, E. P. C; LELIS, M. F. F et al.Journal of power sources (Print). 2014, Vol 270, pp 158-165, issn 0378-7753, 8 p.Article

Towards accurate estimates of the spin-state energetics of spin-crossover complexes within density functional theory: a comparative case study of cobalt(II) complexesVARGAS, Alfredo; KRIVOKAPIC, Itana; HAUSER, Andreas et al.PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print). 2013, Vol 15, Num 11, pp 3752-3763, issn 1463-9076, 12 p.Article

Gas-phase photofragmentation of Co3(CO)9CCH3HOLLINGSWORTH, W. E; VAIDA, V.Organometallics. 1989, Vol 8, Num 7, pp 1614-1615, issn 0276-7333, 2 p.Article

Role of amine promoters in cobalt/bromide-catalyzed oxidationsSTEINMETZ, G. R; SUMNER, C. E.Journal of catalysis (Print). 1986, Vol 100, Num 2, pp 549-551, issn 0021-9517, supplArticle

The internal nitriding behavior of Co-3Cr, CO-3Al, and CO-3Ti (a/o) over the range of 700-1100°CCHEN, I. C; DOUGLASS, D. L.Oxidation of metals. 1992, Vol 38, Num 3-4, pp 189-205, issn 0030-770XArticle

The use of hydride-forming rare-earth―cobalt intermetallic compounds in the dehydrogenation of propan-2-olIMAMURA, H; NUKUI, K; YAMADA, K et al.Journal of the Chemical Society. Faraday Transactions I. 1987, Vol 83, Num 3, pp 743-750, issn 0300-9599Article

Gas-phase photodissociation of FeCH2+ and CoCH2+: determination of the carbide, carbyne, and carbene bond energiesHETTICH, R. L; FREISER, B. S.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1986, Vol 108, Num 10, pp 2537-2540, issn 0002-7863Article

Preparation, microstructure and electrical property of (Co + CoO) mixture by thermal decomposition of [Co(NH3)6](C2O4)2.4H2ONAKAYAMA, S; SAKAMOTO, M.Ceramics international. 2000, Vol 26, Num 2, pp 119-122, issn 0272-8842Article

Oxidative alkylation of cobalt complexes with hydrazinesSAMSEL, E. G; KOCHI, J. K.Inorganic chemistry (Print). 1986, Vol 25, Num 14, pp 2450-2457, issn 0020-1669Article

Satellite structure of 59Co NMR spectra in some Co alloysMENY, C; JEDRYKA, E; PANISSOD, P et al.Journal of physics. Condensed matter (Print). 1993, Vol 5, Num 10, pp 1547-1556, issn 0953-8984Article

Magnetic properties of ThMn12-type RCo12-xVx compounds with R=Y, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, ErBRABERS, J. H. V. J; ZHOU, G. F; DE BOER, F. R et al.Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials. 1993, Vol 118, Num 3, pp 339-346, issn 0304-8853Article

Nuclear magnetic resonance study of the RE(Co, B)5-type compounds (RE≡Y, Gd)KAPUSTA, C; ROSENBERG, M; BUSCHOW, K. H. J et al.Journal of alloys and compounds. 1992, Vol 187, Num 2, pp 409-422, issn 0925-8388Article

The effect of carbon, copper and niobium on the crystal structure of the martensite in Co-Fe, Co-Ni alloysNIKOLIN, B. I; SIZOVA, T. L.Physics of metals and metallography. 1991, Vol 72, Num 5, pp 108-112, issn 0031-918XArticle

Influence of argon pressure on the composition of Co-early transition metal films fabricated by r.f. magnetron sputtering in the composite target modeHAN, S. H; KIM, H. J; KANG, I. K et al.Journal of materials science. 1993, Vol 28, Num 12, pp 3267-3271, issn 0022-2461Article

Preparation of nanocrystalline cobalt powders by a γ-irradiation methodLIU, Y; ZHU, Y; ZHANG, Y et al.Journal of material chemistry. 1997, Vol 7, Num 5, pp 787-789, issn 0959-9428Article

Preparation of high-dispersity MCo2O4 (M=Mg, Ni, Zn) spinels by thermal dissociation of coprecipitated oxalatesPESHEV, P; TOSHEV, A; GYUROV, G et al.Materials research bulletin. 1989, Vol 24, Num 1, pp 33-40, issn 0025-5408, 8 p.Article

Catalytic performance of cobalt catalyst and effect of reaction conditions in hydroformylation of mixed C8 olefinsHE, De-Hua; LAN WEI; DONG, Guo-Li et al.Preprints - American Chemical Society. Division of Petroleum Chemistry. 2005, Vol 50, Num 1, pp 79-80, issn 0569-3799, 2 p.Conference Paper

The regularities of cobalt sulphide coatings formationVINKEVICIUS, J; SVICKUS, N; ZIELIENE, A et al.Transactions of the Institute of Metal Finishing. 2002, Vol 80, pp 139-141, issn 0020-2967, 4Article

Synthesis of carbon nanoflasksSUWEN LIU; XIANGHAI TANG; LUNXIANG YIN et al.Journal of material chemistry. 2000, Vol 10, Num 6, pp 1271-1272, issn 0959-9428Article

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