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Interdependence of buffer gas pressure and optimum interpulse delay in a burst-mode copper halide laserTOBIN, R. C; PEARD, K. A.IEEE journal of quantum electronics. 1984, Vol 20, Num 8, pp 970-977, issn 0018-9197Article

Thermal dissociation of copper chalcogenides during meltingPAVLOVA, L. M; GLAZOV, V. M; ASRYAN, A. A et al.Journal de chimie physique. 1998, Vol 95, Num 1, pp 150-158, issn 0021-7689Article

Diagnostic spectra for XPS analysis of Cu-O-S-H compoundsCHAWLA, S. K; SANKARRAMAN, N; PAYER, J. H et al.Journal of electron spectroscopy and related phenomena. 1992, Vol 61, Num 1, pp 1-18, issn 0368-2048Article

Multiple spectral structure of the 578.2 nm copper laser lineWANG YONGJIANG; SHEN SHENGPEN; XIA TIEJUN et al.Applied physics. B, Photophysics and laser chemistry. 1988, Vol 47, Num 1, pp 87-89, issn 0721-7269Article

Differential pulse polarographic investigation of copper. II, Cephalexin complexKAPETANOVIC, V; VESELINOVIC, D; SUZNJEVIC, D et al.Analytical letters. 1990, Vol 23, Num 10, pp 1857-1872, issn 0003-2719Article

Surface synergisms between copper and its oxides. I: Isopropanol dehydrogenation over unsupported CuO, Cu2O, and Cu metalCUNNINGHAM, J; AL-SAYYED, G. H; CRONIN, J. A et al.Journal of catalysis (Print). 1986, Vol 102, Num 1, pp 160-171, issn 0021-9517Article

2,4,6-Triisopropylphenylkupfer, ein neues vierkerniges Organokupferaggregat mit unsymmetrisch verbrückenden, σ-π-gebundenen Arylliganden = 2,4,6-Triisopropylphenylcopper, a new tetranuclear organocopper aggregate with unsymmetrically bridging σ-π bonded aryl ligandsNOBEL, D; VAN KOTEN, G; SPEK, A. L et al.Angewandte Chemie. 1989, Vol 101, Num 2, pp 211-213, issn 0044-8249, 3 p.Article

A high power, segmented metal, copper bromide laserLIVINGSTONE, E. S; MAITLAND, A.Measurement science & technology (Print). 1991, Vol 2, Num 11, pp 1119-1120, issn 0957-0233Article

Oxide characterization and behaviour at Cu-Cu and Cu-CuOx interfacesLEFAKIS, H; HO, P. S.Thin solid films. 1986, Vol 136, Num 2, pp L31-L34, issn 0040-6090Article

Spectral structure of CuBr vapor laser linesWANG YONGJIANG; SHEN SHENGPEN; XIA TIEJUN et al.Applied physics. B, Photophysics and laser chemistry. 1988, Vol 46, Num 2, pp 191-195, issn 0721-7269Article

Internal attenuation of laser radiation in the CuCl laserNIEFER, R. J; ATKINSON, J. B; KRAUSE, L et al.Optics communications. 1986, Vol 60, Num 6, pp 393-395, issn 0030-4018Article

Heutige und zukünftige Anwendungen von sauerstofffreiem Kupfer = Present and future uses of oxygen-free copperHELENIUS, A; KOLEHMAINEN, M; RAJAINMAÊKI, H et al.Metall (Berlin, West). 1990, Vol 44, Num 11, pp 1067-1070, issn 0026-0746, 4 p.Article

Effects of alkali metals on the persistence time of Cu atoms in pulsed CuCl and CuBr dischargesWINIARCZYK, W; KRAUSE, L.Journal of quantitative spectroscopy & radiative transfer. 1984, Vol 32, Num 3, pp 211-218, issn 0022-4073Article

Copper halide chemiluminescence in O2 discharge flows containing Cl2KOBAYASHI, T; TSUKADA, M; IKEHARA, E et al.Journal of photochemistry and photobiology. A, Chemistry. 1995, Vol 89, Num 1, pp 1-5, issn 1010-6030Article

Mineralogical characterization of anode slimes. VII : Copper anodes and anode slimes from the Chuquicamata division of Codelco-ChileCHEN, T. T; DUTRIZAC, J. E.Canadian metallurgical quarterly. 1991, Vol 30, Num 2, pp 95-106, issn 0008-4433Article

Interference of copper(II) ions with non-covalent interactions in uridine or uridine 5'-monophosphate systems with adenosine, cytidine, thymidine and their monophosphates in aqueous solutionLOMOZIK, Lechoslaw; JASTRZAB, Renata.Journal of solution chemistry. 2007, Vol 36, Num 3, pp 357-374, issn 0095-9782, 18 p.Article

Preparation of new glasses with high ionic conductivitiesMINAMI, T; MACHIDA, N.Materials science & engineering. B, Solid-state materials for advanced technology. 1992, Vol 13, Num 3, pp 203-208Article

Potential-controlled flotation and depression of copper sulfides and oxides using hydrosulfide in non-xanthate systemsNAGARAJ, D. R; GORKEN, A.Canadian metallurgical quarterly. 1991, Vol 30, Num 2, pp 79-86, issn 0008-4433Article

Electrode properties of selenide and telluride glasses in solutions of copper saltsFUNTIKOV, V. A.Glass physics and chemistry. 2001, Vol 27, Num 4, pp 371-377, issn 1087-6596Article

Interfacial tension between solid Cu and liquid Cu-Bi and Cu-Pb alloysHARA, S; HAMAO, M; OGINO, K et al.Nippon Kinzoku Gakkaishi (1952). 1993, Vol 57, Num 2, pp 164-169, issn 0021-4876Article

The characterization of patina components by X-ray diffraction and evolved gas analysis = La caractérisation des composants de la patine par diffraction des rayons X et analyses des gaz émisNASSAU, K; GALLAGHER, P. K; MILLER, A. E et al.Corrosion science. 1987, Vol 27, Num 7, pp 669-684, issn 0010-938XArticle

Entwicklungstendenz des Einsatzes von Kupferwerkstoffen für die Verbindungstechnik im Automobil = Development trends in the use of copper materials for connector applications in the automative industryIWERS, M.Metall (Berlin, West). 1993, Vol 47, Num 1, pp 23-25, issn 0026-0746Conference Paper

Correlation of X-ray chemical shift and bond parameters calculated from levinés theoryCHATTOPADHYAY, T; CHETAL, A. R.The Journal of physics and chemistry of solids. 1985, Vol 46, Num 4, pp 427-432, issn 0022-3697Article

The Cu Kβ/Kα intensity ratios of some copper compounds and high-Tc superconducting cupratesCHU-NAN CHANG; SHIH-KUAN CHIOU; CHING-RONG LUO et al.Solid state communications. 1993, Vol 87, Num 11, pp 987-992, issn 0038-1098Article

A XANES study of the K-absorption edge of copper in some of its compounds and use of the same in the determination of bond lengthPANDEY, S. K; CHETAL, A. R; SARODE, P. R et al.Physica. B, Condensed matter. 1991, Vol 172, Num 3, pp 324-328, issn 0921-4526, 5 p.Article

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