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Heat transfer coefficient correlations for Robert juice evaporatorsWRIGHT, P. G.International sugar journal. 2008, Vol 110, Num 1320, issn 0020-8841, 750-759 [9 p.]Conference Paper

Empirical expressions for convective and evaporative heat transfer coefficients for the drying of concentrated sugar-cane juicePRAKASH, O; TIWARI, G. N.International journal of ambient energy. 2005, Vol 26, Num 1, pp 45-55, issn 0143-0750, 11 p.Article

Overall heat transfer coefficient for a multi-tube rotating condenserMORSY, M. G; WASSEF, F. M; MORCOS, V. H et al.Chemical engineering communications (Print). 1987, Vol 57, Num 1-6, pp 41-49, issn 0098-6445Article

Heat and mass transfer correlations for the design of small indirect contact cooling towersFACAO, Jorge; OLIVEIRA, Armando.Applied thermal engineering. 2004, Vol 24, Num 14-15, pp 1969-1978, issn 1359-4311, 10 p.Article

Estimation of the part-bath heat transfer coefficient during a quenching operation of aluminium work piecesGILLES, Jérome; BOUROUGA, Brahim; BARDON, Jean-Pierre et al.International heat transfer conference. 2002, pp 767-772, isbn 2-84299-308-X, 6 p.Conference Paper

The unsteady state overall heat transfer coefficient in a chemical heat pump reactor: the NH3-CoCl2 systemAIDOUN, Zine; TERNAN, Marten.Chemical engineering science. 2004, Vol 59, Num 19, pp 4023-4031, issn 0009-2509, 9 p.Conference Paper

Verteilung der lokalen Werte des konvektiven Wärmeübergangskoeffizienten in Schottenüberhitzern = Répartition des valeurs locales des coefficients de transmission par convection dans des surchauffeurs à membranesPRONOBIS, M.VGB Kraftwerkstechnik. 1987, Vol 67, Num 2, pp 100-103, issn 0372-5715Article

A new infrared based periodic experimental technique for measuring local heat transfer coefficientsTURNBULL, W. O; CARSCALLEN, W. E; CURRIE, T et al.International heat transfer conference. 2002, pp 681-686, isbn 2-84299-308-X, 6 p.Conference Paper

Determination of an effective heat transfer coefficients for can headspace during thermal sterilization processMOHAMED, Ibrahim O.Journal of food engineering. 2007, Vol 79, Num 4, pp 1166-1171, issn 0260-8774, 6 p.Article


Local Heat Transfer Coefficient of Steam Condensation with High Fractional Noncondensable Gas in the Dewvaporation Desalination ProcessAI MEI ZHU; SHI CHANG WANG; QING LIN LIU et al.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 2007, Vol 46, Num 26, pp 9190-9195, issn 0888-5885, 6 p.Article

Note. Overall heat transfer coefficient to canned liquid during end-over-end sterilisationGARROTE, R. L; SILVA, E. R; ROA, R. D et al.Food science and technology international. 2006, Vol 12, Num 6, pp 515-520, issn 1082-0132, 6 p.Article

Online measurement of fouling in steam condenser based on character selection and fuzzy modelingFAN, Shaosheng; WANG, Xiaohua; LI, Hong et al.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2006, issn 0277-786X, isbn 0-8194-6452-X, Vol. 2, 63572U.1-63572U.5Conference Paper

Effect of heat transfer coefficient error on freezing time estimation methodsBECKER, B. R; FRICKE, B. A.Acta horticulturae. 2005, pp 459-466, issn 0567-7572, isbn 90-6605-618-5, 8 p.Conference Paper

Experimental investigation on the performance of air cooler under frosting conditionsDENG, Dong-Quan; LIE XU; XU, Shi-Qiong et al.Applied thermal engineering. 2003, Vol 23, Num 7, pp 905-912, issn 1359-4311, 8 p.Article

Heat transfer in pool boiling of ammonia/water mixtureARIMA, Hirofumi; MONDE, Masanori; MITSUTAKE, Yuhichi et al.Heat and mass transfer. 2003, Vol 39, Num 7, pp 535-543, issn 0947-7411, 9 p.Article

A methodology for improving heat exchanger network operationRODERA, H; WESTPHALEN, D. L; SHETHNA, H. K et al.Applied thermal engineering. 2003, Vol 23, Num 14, pp 1729-1741, issn 1359-4311, 13 p.Conference Paper

Flow boiling of R134a-propane mixtures : experiments and CML modelingKABELAC, S; RABAH, A.International heat transfer conference. 2002, pp 525-530, isbn 2-84299-308-X, 6 p.Conference Paper

Influence of the operating conditions on the heat transfer coefficient during agitated sludge dryingFERRASSE, J. H; CHAVEZ, S; ARLABOSSE, P et al.International heat transfer conference. 2002, pp 99-104, isbn 2-84299-308-X, 6 p.Conference Paper

International Thermal Science Seminar, Part IBERGLES, Arthur E; GOLOBIC, Iztok.Experimental thermal and fluid science. 2001, Vol 25, Num 5, issn 0894-1777, 132 p.Conference Proceedings

Measurement and correlation of volumetric heat transfer coefficients of cellular ceramicsFU, X; VISKANTA, R; GORE, J. P et al.Experimental thermal and fluid science. 1998, Vol 17, Num 4, pp 285-293, issn 0894-1777Article

Die Beachtung der lokalen und integraler Energiebilanzen bei der Berechnung mittlerer Wärmedurchgangskoeffizienten = Calculation of average overall coefficients of heat transfer in regard to the local and integral formulations of the energy balanceJANSSEN, H.Wärme- und Stoffübertragung. 1994, Vol 29, Num 3, pp 129-139, issn 0042-9929Article

Experimentelle Ermittlung der Wärmeübergangskoeffizienten bei Hochdruckströmung im Ringkanal = Experimental determination of heat transfer coefficients at high pressure flow in the ring channelNOWAK, W; STACHEL, A.Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Technischen Universität Dresden. 1993, Vol 42, Num 4, pp 1-4, issn 0043-6925Conference Paper

Analysis of heat transfer coefficients and evaporation in a solar stillSHARMA, V. B; MULLICK, S. C.International journal of energy research. 1992, Vol 16, Num 6, pp 517-531, issn 0363-907XArticle

The heat of transport of waterTAKEYAMA, N; NAKASHIMA, K.Journal of the Physical Society of Japan. 1991, Vol 60, Num 3, pp 1134-1135, issn 0031-9015Article

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