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Reactions of trisodium tetracarbonylmetalates3(.9ç) of manganese and rhenium with bro¬nsted acids and other electrophiles: synthesis of H2M(CO)4- (M=Mn and Re), (CH3)2Re(CO)4-, the first dialkyl derivative of a carbonylmetalate trianion, and related anionic speciesWARNOCK, G. F. P; CAMMARANO MOODIE, L; ELLIS, J. E et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1989, Vol 111, Num 6, pp 2131-2141, issn 0002-7863Article

Cyanamido-monothio-monophosphate [PO3-nS(NCN)n]3- (n = 1-3) = Pseudochalkogen compounds. XXII, Cyanamido-monothiomo nophosphates [PO3#75nS(NCN)n]3#75(n=1-3)JÄGER, L; KÖHLER, H.Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie (1950). 1990, Vol 583, pp 41-45, issn 0044-2313Article

Über [Co4S3(SO)(CN)12[8-: bemerkenswerte Bildung eines Clusters und eines «SO»-Liganden sowie Relevanz zum Promotor-Effeckt bei der HDS-Katalyse = [Co4S3(SO)(CN)12]8―: formation remarquable d'un cluster et d'un ligand SO, relation avec un effet promoteur en catalyse de HDS = [Co4S3(CO)(CN)12]8―: remarkable formation of a cluster and of a SO ligand, relation with promoter effect for HDS catalysisMÜLLER, A; KRICKEMEYER, E; JOSTES, R et al.Zeitschrift für Naturforschung. Teil b, Anorganische Chemie, organische Chemie. 1985, Vol 40, Num 12, pp 1715-1718, issn 0340-5087Article

Lithium and nitronium perchlorato-bismuthates(III)IVANOVA, T. A; BABAEVA, V. P; ROSOLOVSKII, V. Y et al.Russian journal of inorganic chemistry. 1990, Vol 35, Num 10, pp 1398-1401, issn 0036-0236, 4 p.Article

Evidence for an unusual rectangular pyramidal germanium(IV) anionMAOCHUM YE; VERKADE, J. G.Inorganic chemistry (Print). 1993, Vol 32, Num 13, pp 2796-2797, issn 0020-1669Article

Liquid-crystalline polymers from cationic dendronized polymer-anionic lipid complexesCANILHO, Nadia; KASËMI, Edis; MEZZENGA, Raffaele et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2006, Vol 128, Num 43, pp 13998-13999, issn 0002-7863, 2 p.Article

The thermal decomposition of oxalates: a reviewDOLLIMORE, D.Thermochimica acta. 1987, Vol 117, pp 331-363, issn 0040-6031Article

The crystal structure of potassium tetraiodoplatinate(II) dihydrateOLSSON, L.-F; OSKARSSON, A.Acta chemica scandinavica (1989). 1989, Vol 43, Num 8, pp 811-812, 2 p.Article

Recovery of silica from aqueous silicate solutions via triakyl or tetraalkylammonium silicomylybdateMCCULLOCH, A. W; MCINNES, A. G et al.Canadian journal of chemistry (Print). 1991, Vol 69, Num 4, pp 611-614, issn 0008-4042Article

Thermal analysis of complex fluoridesBUKOVEC, P; BUKOVEC, N; DEMSAR, A et al.Journal of thermal analysis. 1990, Vol 36, Num 5, pp 1751-1760, issn 0368-4466Conference Paper

Phase transfer generation of acyltetracarbonyliron anions: their role in the phase transfer carbonylation of reactive halides to give carboxylic acids and symmetrical and unsymmetrical ketonesLAURENT, P; TANGUY, G; DES ABBAYES, H et al.Journal of the Chemical Society. Chemical communications. 1986, Num 24, pp 1754-1756, issn 0022-4936Article

Crystal structure and phase transitions in the A3B2X9 family of crystalsTOMASZEWSKI, P. E.Physica status solidi. B. Basic research. 1994, Vol 181, Num 1, pp 15-21, issn 0370-1972Article

(NH4)6Nd(NO3)9, ein ammoniumreiches ternäres Lanthanidnitrat mit einsamen Nitrationen : (NH4)6[Nd(NO3)6](NO3)3 = (NH4)6Nd(NO3)9, a ternary ammonium-rich lanthanide nitrate with lonesome nitrate ions : (NH4)6[Nd(NO3)6](NO3)3MANEK, E; MEYER, G.Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie (1950). 1993, Vol 619, Num 4, pp 761-765, issn 0044-2313Article

Anionic carbohydrate groups of human thyroglobulin containing both phosphate and sulfateSAKURAI, S; FOGELFELD, L; SCHNEIDER, A. B et al.Endocrinology (Philadelphia). 1991, Vol 129, Num 2, pp 915-920, issn 0013-7227Article

Role of solvation in the electrogenerated chemiluminescence of hexanuclear molybdenum cluster ionMUSSELL, R. D; NOCERA, D. G.Journal of physical chemistry (1952). 1991, Vol 95, Num 18, pp 6919-6924, issn 0022-3654Article

The effects of platinum on nickel electrodes in the nickel-hydrogen cellZIMMERMAN, A. H.Journal of power sources. 1991, Vol 36, Num 3, pp 253-267, issn 0378-7753Conference Paper

Pentafluorosilicates de N,N-dialkylaniliniumGEL'M BOL'DT, V. O; YURKEVICH, P. N; GAVRILOVA, L. A et al.Žurnal neorganičeskoj himii. 1989, Vol 34, Num 7, pp 1889-1892, issn 0044-457XArticle

The crystal structure of NaTeF5DU BOIS, A; ABRIEL, W.Materials research bulletin. 1989, Vol 24, Num 5, pp 633-638, issn 0025-5408, 6 p.Article

The EDTA complexes of astatineMILESZ, S; JOVCHEV, M; SCHUMANN, D et al.Journal of radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry. 1988, Vol 127, Num 3, pp 193-198, issn 0236-5731Article

Etude des carbonates complexes des éléments IVB. I: Détermination de la constante de stabilité du pentacarbonatothorate (IV) = Study of IV B element carbonate complexes. I: Stability constant of thorium (IV) pentacarbonate complexJOAO, A; BIGOT, S; FROMAGE, F et al.Bulletin de la Société chimique de France. 1987, Num 1, pp 42-44, issn 0037-8968Article

Structural characterisation of the [SnBr3]- anion in the solid stateABRAHAMS, I; CHRISTOFORU, M; GRIMES, S. M et al.Journal of chemical research. Synopses (Print). 1994, Num 2, issn 0308-2342, p. 53Article

Copper hexacyanoferrates : preparation, composition and structureAYRAULT, S; LOOS-NESKOVIC, C; FEDOROFF, M et al.Talanta (Oxford). 1994, Vol 41, Num 9, pp 1435-1452, issn 0039-9140Article

Room temperature synthesis of metal fluorides and pyridinium fluorometallate complexes by the direct reaction of metals with pyridinium poly(hydrogen fluoride)MUDDUKRISHNA, M. A; RAM NIWAS SINGH; PADMA, D. K et al.Journal of fluorine chemistry. 1992, Vol 57, Num 1-3, pp 155-158, issn 0022-1139Article

Hochreduzierte Metallcarbonyle = Highly-reduced metal carbonylsBECK, W.Angewandte Chemie. 1991, Vol 103, Num 2, pp 173-174, issn 0044-8249, 2 p.Article

Hydrogen bonding in alkylammonium chlorometalates of the first transition metalsEMERSON, K; ROMAN, P; LUQUE, A et al.Inorganic chemistry (Print). 1991, Vol 30, Num 8, pp 1878-1881, issn 0020-1669, 4 p.Article

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