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Contribution of the Rietveld method to non-stoichiometric phase modeling. Part I: generalitiesJOUBERT, J.-M.Calphad. 2002, Vol 26, Num 3, pp 419-425, issn 0364-5916, 7 p.Article

Non-stoichiometric niobium sulphide synthesized by mechanochemical routeBALAZ, P; HAVLIK, T; BASTL, Z et al.Journal of materials science letters. 1996, Vol 15, Num 13, pp 1161-1163, issn 0261-8028Article

High temperature vaporization of nonstoichiometric scandium monosulfideNAKAHARA, J. F; FRANZEN, H. F.High temperature science. 1986, Vol 22, Num 3, pp 195-209, issn 0018-1536Article

Oxygen nonstoichiometry of La1-xSrxCoO3-δ(O < x 0.6)PETROV, A. N; CHEREPANOV, V. A; KONONCHUK, O. F et al.Journal of solid state chemistry (Print). 1990, Vol 87, Num 1, pp 69-76, issn 0022-4596, 8 p.Article

The effect of a difference in the diffusivity of cations on the deviation from stoichiometry in complex oxidesBELYAKOV, A. V.Glass and ceramics. 1997, Vol 54, Num 9-10, pp 317-319, issn 0361-7610Article

Propriétés thermiques des oxyfluorures de chrome non-stœchiométriqueMEL'NICHENKO, E. I; GORBENKO, O. M; RAKOV, EH. G et al.Žurnal neorganičeskoj himii. 1987, Vol 32, Num 7, pp 1596-1598, issn 0044-457XArticle

Thermochemical equilibrium modeling of a biomass downdraft gasifier: Constrained and unconstrained non-stoichiometric modelsMENDIBURU, Andrés Z; CARVALHO, Joao A; ZANZI, Rolando et al.Energy (Oxford). 2014, Vol 71, pp 624-637, issn 0360-5442, 14 p.Article

Diffusion-controlled reactions in nonstoichiometrical layered systemsSOKOLOV, I. M; BLUMEN, A.Physica. A. 1992, Vol 191, Num 1-4, pp 177-181, issn 0378-4371Conference Paper

Cation interdiffusion in polycrystalline calcium and strontium titanateBUTLER, E. P; JAIN, H; SMYTH, D. M et al.Journal of the American Ceramic Society. 1991, Vol 74, Num 4, pp 772-776, issn 0002-7820Article

Infrared spectra of the electronic superconductors Nd2-xCexCuO4LAVAT, A. E; BARAN, E. J.Journal of materials science letters. 1991, Vol 10, Num 8, pp 470-471, issn 0261-8028Article

Nonstoichiometry and the density of electronic state in solid oxide electrolytesVIKHRENKO, V. S.Soviet electrochemistry. 1990, Vol 26, Num 11, pp 1272-1278, issn 0038-5387, 7 p.Article

Ferromagnétisme induit irréversible de Fe2P non stœchiométriqueMEDVEDEVA, L. I; KHARTSEV, S. I.Fizika tverdogo tela. 1989, Vol 31, Num 4, pp 228-230, issn 0367-3294Article

Effect of non-stoichiometry on the sintering of doped TiO2ODIER, P; LECOMTE, J; LOUP, J. P et al.Journal of materials science. 1988, Vol 23, Num 12, pp 4547-4553, issn 0022-2461Article

Substoichiometric determination of yttrium in superconducting oxide ceramics by means of carrier-free radioisotope additionKATOH, M; SHIGEMATSU, T; SHIKANO, K et al.Journal of radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry. 1987, Vol 119, Num 4, pp 237-246, issn 0236-5731Article

Transition of metallic and insulating Ti sub-oxides in bipolar resistive switching TiOx/TiOy frameworks due to oxygen vacancy driftsYOON CHEOL BAE; AH RAHM LEE; JUNE SIK KWAK et al.Applied physics. A, Materials science & processing (Print). 2011, Vol 102, Num 4, pp 1009-1013, issn 0947-8396, 5 p.Article

Effect of nonstoichiometry on fracture toughness and hardness of yttrium oxide ceramicsFANTOZZI, G; ORANGE, G; KAIMING LIANG et al.Journal of the American Ceramic Society. 1989, Vol 72, Num 8, pp 1562-1563, issn 0002-7820Article

Nonstoichiometry of zinc selenideKAREIVA, A; KHARIF, Y. A; AVETISOV, I. C et al.Journal of solid state chemistry (Print). 1993, Vol 102, Num 1, pp 1-3, issn 0022-4596Article

Some problems in nonstoichiometry of α-uranium sesquinitrideKATSURA, M; MIYAKE, M; SERIZAWA, H et al.Journal of alloys and compounds. 1993, Vol 193, Num 1-2, pp 101-103, issn 0925-8388Conference Paper

A structural basis for the different directions of oxygen nonstoichiometry in La2CuO4 and Nd2CuO4. DiscussionHONG, D. J. L; SMYTH, D. M; CAVA, R et al.NIST Special publication. 1991, Num 804, pp 289-300Conference Paper

Picosecond pump-probe interferometric measurement of optical nonlinearity in semiconductor-doped fibersCOTTER, D; IRONSIDE, C. N; AINSLIE, B. J et al.Optics letters. 1989, Vol 14, Num 6, pp 317-319, issn 0146-9592Article

A study of the non-stoichiometry in U3O8SRIRAMA MURTI, P; YADAV, R. B; NAWADA, H. P et al.Thermochimica acta. 1989, Vol 140, pp 299-303, issn 0040-6031Article

Thermodynamic model for nonstoichiometric ionic phases: application to CeO2-xHILLERT, M; JANSSON, B.Journal of the American Ceramic Society. 1986, Vol 69, Num 10, pp 732-734, issn 0002-7820Article

Effect of the deviation from stoichiometry on the Mössbauer parameters of SnTeBALTRUNAS, D; MOTIEJUNAS, S; ROGACHEVA, E. I et al.Physica status solidi. A. Applied research. 1986, Vol 97, Num 2, pp K131-K133, issn 0031-8965Article

Photoluminescence properties of silica aerogel during sintering processHINIC, I. I; STANISIC, G. M; POPOVIC, Z. V et al.Journal of sol-gel science and technology. 1999, Vol 14, Num 3, pp 281-289, issn 0928-0707Article

Influence of non-stoichiometry on the oxidation behaviour of Co1-δO single crystals and CoO-ZrO2(CaO) lamellar eutecticsLAFLEURIELLE, M; MILLOT, F; DHALENNE, G et al.Solid state ionics. 1996, Vol 89, Num 1-2, pp 139-145, issn 0167-2738Article

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