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Fonctions organométalliques insaturées : stannaarsènes, silabutadiènes et germaphosphabutadiènes = Unsaturated organometallic functions : stannaarsenes, silabutadienes and germaphosphabutadienesPailhous, Isabelle; Escudié, Jean.1999, 261 p.Thesis

Reactions of polyfluoroaryl bromides and iodides with C-, Si-, Ge-, Sn- and Pb-electrophiles and tris(dialkylamino)phosphines[1]BARDIN, V. V; PRESSMAN, L. S; ROGOZA, L. N et al.Journal of fluorine chemistry. 1991, Vol 53, Num 2, pp 213-231, issn 0022-1139Article

Mesure des composés organiques volatils de la station d'épuration V. MANE Fils SA = Measuring volatile organic compounds in the MANE Fils SA treatment plantCARRIERE, Luc.L' Eau, l'industrie, les nuisances. 2007, Num 304, pp 88-95, issn 0755-5016, 8 p.Article

Organometallic and homogeneous catalytic chemistry of palladium and platinumANDERSON, G. K.Studies in inorganic chemistry. 1990, Vol 11, pp 338-406, issn 0169-3158Article

Substitutionsreaktionen der Bis(trimethylelement)carbodiimide des Siliciums und Germaniums mit Metallchloriden und Dimethylmetallchloriden des Sb, Al, Ga und In = Substitution reactions of bis(trimethylelement)carbodiimides of silicon and germanium with metal chlorides and dimethylmetalchlorides of Sb, Al, Ga, and InHAAG, P; LECHLER, R; WEIDLEIN, J et al.Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie (1950). 1994, Vol 620, Num 1, pp 112-116, issn 0044-2313Article

Vapor-Liquid Critical Properties of Elements and Compounds. 11. Organic Compounds Containing B + 0; Halogens + N, + 0, + 0 + S, + S, + Si; N + 0; and 0 + S, + SiAMBROSE, Douglas; TSONOPOULOS, Constantine; NIKITIN, Eugene D et al.Journal of chemical and engineering data (Print). 2009, Vol 54, Num 3, pp 669-689, issn 0021-9568, 21 p.Article

Derivatization of organometal(loid) species by sodium borohydride: Problems and solutionsGRÜTER, U. M; HITZKE, M; KRESIMON, J et al.Journal of chromatography. 2001, Vol 938, Num 1-2, pp 225-236, issn 0021-9673Conference Paper

Reactions of metallocenes with organocadmium and organomercury compoundsMARYIN, V. P.Journal of organometallic chemistry. 1992, Vol 441, Num 2, pp 241-254, issn 0022-328XArticle

Occurrence of MTBE : and other gasoline oxygenates in CWS source watersCARTER, Janet M; GRADY, Stephen J; DELZER, Gregory C et al.Journal - American Water Works Association. 2006, Vol 98, Num 4, pp 91-104, issn 0003-150X, 14 p.Article

Progress in Organoselenium and Organotellurium ChemistryZENI, G; LENARDAO, E. J.Tetrahedron (Oxford. Print). 2012, Vol 68, Num 51, issn 0040-4020, 231 p.Serial Issue

Nucleophilic perfluoroalkylation using perfluoroalkyllithiumsUNO, H; SUZUKIB, H.Synlett. 1993, Num 2, pp 91-96, issn 0936-5214Article

Preparation and reactivity of highly functionalized organometallics at the α position of oxygen or nitrogenKNOCHEL, P; TSO-SHENG CHOU; JUBERT, C et al.Journal of organic chemistry. 1993, Vol 58, Num 3, pp 588-599, issn 0022-3263Article

(H2Si)2E2 und (Mest(tBu)Si)2E2(E=As,P): inkommensurable systeme unterschiedlicher Stabilität mit ungewöhnlich langen E-E-Bindugen = (H2Si)2E2 and (Mes(t-Bu)Si)2E2(E=As,P): incommensurable systems of different stability with unsually long E-E bondsDRIESS, M; JANOSCHEK, R; PRITZKOW, H et al.Angewandte Chemie. 1992, Vol 104, Num 4, pp 449-451, issn 0044-8249Article

Derivate von 1,1''-biferrocen mit Schwefel- und Selenbrücken = Derivatives of 1,1''-biferrocene with sulfur and selenium bridgesHERBERHOLD, M; BRENDEL, H.-D; THEWALT, U et al.Angewandte Chemie. 1991, Vol 103, Num 12, pp 1664-1665, issn 0044-8249Article

Methoxymethylene(triphenyl)phosphorane from alkyllithium reagentsANDERSON, C. L; SODERQUIST, J. A; KABALKA, G. W et al.Tetrahedron letters. 1992, Vol 33, Num 46, pp 6915-6918, issn 0040-4039Article

Stable compounds of the heavier group 14 and 15 elements involving pπ-pπ multiple bonding : an overview of the first decadeNORMAN, N. C.Polyhedron. 1993, Vol 12, Num 20, pp 2431-2446, issn 0277-5387Article

NMR of terminal oxygen. VII: 117O NMR spectra of benzoyl derivatives of Ge, Se, Te and I : π-bond order and excitation energy in benzoyl compoundsDAHN, H; PECHY, P.Perkin transactions. 2. 1991, Num 11, pp 1721-1723, issn 0300-9580Article

Europäische Krankenhäuser als AOX-Emittenten = European hospitals as emittents of AOXHAISS, A; HUBNER, P; ZIPFEL, J et al.Vom Wasser. 1998, Vol 91, pp 315-323, issn 0083-6915Article

FerrocenyldihalophosphanesPIETSCHNIG, R; NIECKE, E.Bulletin de la Société chimique de France. 1997, Vol 134, Num 6, pp 605-608, issn 0037-8968Article

Alkyleisen- und Alkylcobalt-Reagenzien. VII: Über die Substitution des Halogens von Alkenylchloriden, Alkenylfluoriden und Alkinylhalogeniden durch Reagenzien des Typs R4MLi2 (M = Fe, Co) = Alkylation and alkylcobalt reagents. VII: On the substitution of the halogen of alkenyl chlorides, alkenyl fluoride, and alkynyl halides by reagents of the type R4MLi2 (M=Fe,Co)KAUFFMANN, T; SÄLKER, R; VOSS, K.-U et al.Chemische Berichte. 1993, Vol 126, Num 6, pp 1447-1452, issn 0009-2940Article

Total surface areas of group IVA organometallic compounds: predictorsof toxicity to algae and bacteriaENG, G; TIERNEY, E. J; OLSON, G; J; et al.Applied organometallic chemistry. 1991, Vol 5, Num 1, pp 33-37, issn 0268-2605Article

Perfluoroénoxysilanes: synthèse et réactivité = Perfluoroenoxysilanes: synthesis and reactivityDoussot, Pascale; Portella, Charles.1993, 202 p.Thesis

Reaktionen an Silicium-Silicium-Bindungen. III: Ein neuer Weg zur Knüpfung von Si-Ge- und Si-Sn-Bindungen : Hexachlordisilan-Spaltung von Organometallphosphanen und (Trichlorsilyl)phosphan-Recycling = Reactions at silicon-silicon bonds. III: A new path to Si-Ge and Si-Sn bonds : Hexachlorodisilane cleavage of organometalphosphanes and (trichlorosilyl) phosphane recyclingMARTENS, R; DU MONT, W.-W.Chemische Berichte. 1993, Vol 126, Num 5, pp 1115-1117, issn 0009-2940Article

Reactions of 2-halovinyl aryl sulfoxides wiht organometallic reagentsCARDELLICCHIO, C; FIANDANESE, V; NASO, F et al.Journal of organic chemistry. 1992, Vol 57, Num 6, pp 1718-1722, issn 0022-3263Article

1. Synthèse et étude d'organométalliques en série pyridinique organotitaniques organomercuriques organomagnésiens. 2. Mise au point d'une synthèse de la 2-méthyl-3-trifluorométhylaniline = 1. Synthesis and study of organometrallics in pyridin serie organotitanium organomercury organomagnesium. 2. New synthesis of 2-methyl-3-trifluoromethylanilinBreton, Gilles; Marsais, Francis.1999, 152 p.Thesis

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