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FTCS 16 : digest of papers, Vienna (Vienne), July 1-4 1986Annual international symposium on fault-tolerant computing systems. 1986, XV-432 p, isbn 0-8186-0703-3Conference Proceedings

IEEE Computer Society's 12th Annual International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunications Systems (MASCOTS 2004) (proceedings)Proceedings - International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems. 2004, issn 1526-7539, isbn 0-7695-2251-3, 1Vol, XVIII-614 p, isbn 0-7695-2251-3Conference Proceedings

1st International conference on computers and applications, Beijing, June 20-22 1984International conference on computers and applications. 1984, XIV-905 p, isbn 0-8186-0541-3Conference Proceedings

CSMR '97 : software maintenance and reengineering (Berlin, March 17-19, 1997)Euromicro conference on software maintenance and reengineering. 1997, isbn 0-8186-7892-5, IX, 171 p, isbn 0-8186-7892-5Conference Proceedings

International mixed signal testing workshop (Villard de Lans, June 20-22, 1995)International mixed signal testing workshop. 1995, VIII, 269 pConference Proceedings

Data management systems (San Sebastian, July 19-21, 1995)BIWIT : Basque international workshop on information technology. 1995, isbn 0-8186-7110-6, 265 p., isbn 0-8186-7110-6Conference Proceedings

COMPEURO 92 : computer systems and software engineering, May 4-8, 1992, The HagueAnnual European computer conference. 1992, isbn 0-8186-2762-X, XVIII, 717 p, isbn 0-8186-2762-XConference Proceedings

CVPR 91 : conference on computer vision and pattern recognition, Lahaina HI, June 3-6, 1991Conference on computer vision and pattern recognition. 1991, isbn 0-8186-2148-6, XVI, 761 p, isbn 0-8186-2148-6Conference Proceedings

Crisis in mass storage (digest of papers, October 7-10, 1991, Monterey CA)Symposium on mass storage systems. 1991, isbn 0-8186-2155-9, XI, 161 p, isbn 0-8186-2155-9Conference Proceedings

LFA 88 : workshop on languages for automation : symbiotic and intelligent robotics, College Park MD, August 29-31, 1988Workshop on languages for automation. 1988, IX-233 p, isbn 0-8186-4890-2Conference Proceedings

Real-time systems symposium, December 6-8, 1988, Huntsville ALReal-time systems symposium. 1988, X-301 p, isbn 0-8186-8894-7Conference Proceedings

FTCS 17 : the seventeenth international symposium on fault-tolerant computing, Pittsburgh PA, July 6-8 1987International symposium on fault-tolerant computing. 1987, spons. by Computer Society Technical Committee on Fault-Tolerant Computing, isbn 0-8186-0778-5Conference Proceedings

Data engineering, Los Angeles CA, February 5-7 1986International conference on data engineering. 1986, XVII-732 p, isbn 0-8186-0655-XConference Proceedings

Proceedings, Atlantic City NJ, March 17-20 1986IEEE workstation technology and systems conference. 1986, XIII-143 p, isbn 0-8186-0693-2Conference Proceedings

Testing's impact on design & technology, [Washington DC], September 8-11 1986International test conference. 1986, XXX-1009 p, isbn 0-8186-0726-2Conference Proceedings

10th Conference on local computer networks, Minneapolis MN, October 7-9, 1985Conference on local computer networks. 1985, V-163 p, isbn 0-8186-0684-3Conference Proceedings

26th. Annual symposium on foundations of computer science, Portland OR, October 21-23 1985Annual symposium on foundations of computer science. 1985, XII-552 p, isbn 0-8186-0644-4Conference Proceedings

SCS 85 : proceedings, Saint-Petersburg FL, December 16-20 1985International conference on supercomputing sytems. 1985, XXV-717 p, isbn 0-8186-0654-1Conference Proceedings

Proceedings (of the) IEEE 1985 workshop on simulation and test generation environments, San Francisco CA, September 17-18 1985Workshop on simulation and test generation environments. 1985, VII-179 p, isbn 0-8186-0732-7Conference Proceedings

[AAE 1] : conference on ADA applications and environments, Saint-Paul MN, October 15-18, 1984Conference on ADA applications and environments. 1984, VIII-165 p, isbn 0-8186-0590-1Conference Proceedings

3rd Software engineering standards application workshop, San Francisco CA, October 2-4, 1984Software engineering standards application workshop. 1984, IX-157 p, isbn 0-8186-0562-6Conference Proceedings

International conference on robotics and automation, Saint-Louis MO, March 25-28, 1985International conference on robotics and automation. 1984, XVII-1068 p, isbn 0-8186-0615-0Conference Proceedings

Workshop on computer vision representation and control, Annapolis MD, April 30-May 2 1984Workshop on computer vision representation and control. 1984, XIII-257 p, isbn 0-8186-8531-XConference Proceedings

FTCS 14 : 14th International conference on fault-tolerant computing, Kissimmee FL, June 20-22 1984International conference on fault-tolerant computing. 1984, XIX-444 p, isbn 0-8186-0540-5Conference Proceedings

CAIA : the sixth conference on artificial intelligence applications, Santa Barbara CA, March 5-9, 1990Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications. 1990, issn 1043-0970, isbn 0-8186-2032-3, 2 vol., XVIII-334 p., IV-339 p, isbn 0-8186-2032-3Conference Proceedings

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