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Non-reflecting boundary conditionsGIVOLI, D.Journal of computational physics (Print). 1991, Vol 94, Num 1, pp 1-29, issn 0021-9991, 29 p.Article

Electric boundary conditions at the anodes in aluminum reduction cellsMUNGER, D; VINCENT, A.Metallurgical and materials transactions. B, Process metallurgy and materials processing science. 2006, Vol 37, Num 6, pp 1025-1035, issn 1073-5615, 11 p.Article

Stress boundary-conditions in ferrohydrodynamicsROSENSWEIG, Ronald E.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 2007, Vol 46, Num 19, pp 6113-6117, issn 0888-5885, 5 p.Article

The Fujita phenomenon in exterior domains under the Robin boundary conditionsRAULT, Jean-Francois.Comptes rendus. Mathématique. 2011, Vol 349, Num 19-20, pp 1059-1061, issn 1631-073X, 3 p.Article

Evaluation of the BEASY program using linear and piecewise linear approaches for the boundary conditionsJIA, J. X; SONG, G; ATRENS, A et al.Materials and corrosion (1995). 2004, Vol 55, Num 11, pp 845-852, issn 0947-5117, 8 p.Article

Local conditions at moving α/γ boundaries of proeutectoid ferrite transformation in iron alloysENOMOTO, M.Metallurgical and materials transactions. A, Physical metallurgy and materials science. 2006, Vol 37, Num 6, pp 1703-1710, issn 1073-5623, 8 p.Conference Paper

Dedolomitization - boundary conditions for a diagenetic processMICHAELIS, J.Réunion annuelle des sciences de la terre. 1992, Num 14, issn 0249-7557, p.106Conference Paper

Bulk and boundary operators in conformal field theoryCARDY, J. L; LEWELLEN, D. C.Physics letters. Section B. 1991, Vol 259, Num 3, pp 274-278, issn 0370-2693, 5 p.Article

Bifurcation diagrams and fractal basin boundaries of phase-locked loop circuitsENDO, T; CHUA, L. O.IEEE transactions on circuits and systems. 1990, Vol 37, Num 4, pp 534-540, issn 0098-4094, 7 p.Article

Reduction of the rank of gauge groups by noncommuting Wilson lines on orbifoldsSATO, H.Physical review. D. Particles and fields. 1989, Vol 40, Num 6, pp 2153-2156, issn 0556-2821, 4 p.Article

Duality twisted boundary conditions in n-state Potts modelsSCHÜTZ, G.Journal of physics. A, mathematical and general. 1993, Vol 26, Num 18, pp 4555-4563, issn 0305-4470Article

Node control of uniform beams subject to various boundary conditionsWEAVER, L. JR; SILVERBERG, L.Journal of applied mechanics. 1992, Vol 59, Num 4, pp 983-990, issn 0021-8936Article

Effective medium theory of diffusion and chemical reaction in the presence of stationary sinksKRÜGER, J.Physica. A. 1990, Vol 169, Num 3, pp 393-406, issn 0378-4371Article

Limitation on the use of the retarded motion expansionHASSAGER, O; ARMSTRONG, R. C; BIRD, R. B et al.Journal of non-newtonian fluid mechanics. 1990, Vol 34, Num 2, pp 241-245, issn 0377-0257Article

Analogue de la formule de Carleman dans le tube futurNIKITINA, T. N.Teoretičeskaâ i matematičeskaâ fizika. 1989, Vol 78, Num 3, pp 330-334, issn 0564-6162Article

The effect of the boundary condition at a fin tip on the performance of the fin with and without internal heat generationUNAL, H. C.International journal of heat and mass transfer. 1988, Vol 31, Num 7, pp 1483-1496, issn 0017-9310Article

A reduction method for nonhomogeneous boundary conditionsSLOSS, J. M; SADEK, I; BRUCH, J. C. JR et al.Journal of applied mechanics. 1986, Vol 53, Num 2, pp 404-411, issn 0021-8936Article

Optimal bounds in semilinear elliptic problems with nonlinear boundary conditionsSPERB, R. P.Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Physik. 1993, Vol 44, Num 4, pp 639-653, issn 0044-2275Article

On the proper boundary conditions for a beamFAN, H; WIDERA, G. E. O.Journal of applied mechanics. 1992, Vol 59, Num 4, pp 915-922, issn 0021-8936Article

The equivalence between the wave propagation method and Bolotin's method in the asymptotic estimation of eigenfrequencies of a rectangular plateCHEN, G; COLEMAN, M. P; ZHOU, J et al.Wave motion. 1992, Vol 16, Num 3, pp 285-297, issn 0165-2125Article

Induced trajectories and approximate inertial manifolds for the Ginzburg-Landau partial differential equationPROMISLOW, K.Physica. D. 1990, Vol 41, Num 2, pp 232-252, issn 0167-2789Article

Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation with a source and its soliton solutionsMATSUNO, Y.Journal of physics. A, mathematical and general. 1990, Vol 23, Num 23, pp L1235-L1239, issn 0305-4470Article

A note on boundary conditions in the study of beams and platesGROSSI, R. O.Journal of sound and vibration. 1988, Vol 124, Num 3, pp 577-581, issn 0022-460XArticle

The interior solution for linear problems of elastic platesGREGORY, R. D; WAN, F. Y. M.Journal of applied mechanics. 1988, Vol 55, Num 3, pp 551-559, issn 0021-8936Conference Paper

The role of ellipticity and normality assumptions in formulating live-boundary conditions in elasticityPODIO-GUIDUGLI, P; CAFFARELLI, G. V; VIRGA, E. G et al.Quarterly of applied mathematics. 1987, Vol 44, Num 4, pp 659-664, issn 0033-569XArticle

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