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Review of statistical methodologies used to compare (bio)assaysDEWE, Walthère.Journal of chromatography. B. 2009, Vol 877, Num 23, pp 2208-2213, issn 1570-0232, 6 p.Article

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How to obtain the P value from a confidence intervalALTMAN, Douglas G; MARTIN BLAND, J.BMJ (Overseas and retired doctors ed.). 2011, Vol 343, Num 7825, issn 1759-2151, p. 682Article

How to obtain the confidence interval from a P valueALTMAN, Douglas G; BLAND, J. Martin.BMJ (Overseas and retired doctors ed.). 2011, Vol 343, Num 7825, issn 1759-2151, p. 681Article

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Quantification of uncertainty of experimental measurement in leaching test on cement-based materialsCOUTAND, M; CYR, M; CLASTRES, P et al.Journal of environmental management. 2011, Vol 92, Num 10, pp 2494-2503, issn 0301-4797, 10 p.Article

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