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Pesticides and other chemical contaminantsSODERBERG, David.Journal of AOAC International. 2004, Vol 87, Num 1, pp 291-295, issn 1060-3271, 5 p.Article

Recommended pre-operation cleanup procedures for hydrogen fueling stationJONG PYNG HSU.International journal of hydrogen energy. 2012, Vol 37, Num 2, pp 1770-1780, issn 0360-3199, 11 p.Article

Product and Contaminant Measurement in Bioprocess Development by SELDI-MSBERRILL, Alex; HO, Sa V; BRACEWELL, Daniel G et al.Biotechnology progress. 2010, Vol 26, Num 3, pp 881-887, issn 8756-7938, 7 p.Article

Contaminant, or no contaminant, that is the questionMCKEAG, N. A; MCCANN, C. J; DALY, M. J et al.QJM (Oxford. 1994. Print). 2011, Vol 104, Num 7, pp 613-614, issn 1460-2725, 2 p.Article

Removal of some nitrophenol contaminants using alginate gel beadsPERETZ, Sandu; CINTEZA, Otilia.Colloids and surfaces. A, Physicochemical and engineering aspects. 2008, Vol 319, Num 1-3, pp 165-172, issn 0927-7757, 8 p.Conference Paper

Microbiological contaminants (zoonoses) : Quality management at farm levelNOORDHUIZEN, J. P.Bulletin - International Dairy Federation. 2004, Num 386, pp 10-16, issn 0259-8434, 7 p.Conference Paper

Effects of contaminants in blood-collection devices on measurements of therapeutic drugsJI SHANG-QIANG; EVENSON, M. A.Clinical chemistry (Baltimore, Md.). 1983, Vol 29, Num 3, pp 456-461, issn 0009-9147Article

Bioanalytical Methods for Food Contaminant AnalysisVAN EMON, Jeanette M.Journal of AOAC International. 2010, Vol 93, Num 6, pp 1681-1691, issn 1060-3271, 11 p.Article


Mechanism for reaction between polyolester lubricant and ferrous metals, Part II Research phaseKAUFFMAN, Robert E.ASHRAE transactions. 2006, pp 762-770, issn 0001-2505, 2Vol, 9 p.Conference Paper

Biocatalytic Generation of Mn(III)-Chelate as a Chemical Oxidant of Different Environmental ContaminantsTABOADA-PUIG, Roberto; LU-CHAU, Thelmo; EIBES, Gemma et al.Biotechnology progress. 2011, Vol 27, Num 3, pp 668-676, issn 8756-7938, 9 p.Article

Contamination of food by fluorinated surfactants : Distribution in emulsions and impact on the interfacial protein behaviourROPERS, M. H; DURAND, S; VEYRAND, B et al.Food hydrocolloids. 2009, Vol 23, Num 4, pp 1149-1155, issn 0268-005X, 7 p.Conference Paper

Contaminant exposure in terrestrial vertebratesSMITH, Philip N; COBB, George P; GODARD-CODDING, Céline et al.Environmental pollution (1987). 2007, Vol 150, Num 1, pp 41-64, issn 0269-7491, 24 p.Article

Organohalogen contaminants and reproductive hormones in incubating glaucous gulls (Larus hyperboreus) from the norwegian arcticVERREAULT, Jonathan; LETCHER, Robert J; ROPSTAD, Erik et al.Environmental toxicology and chemistry. 2006, Vol 25, Num 11, pp 2990-2996, issn 0730-7268, 7 p.Article

American Dippers Indicate Contaminant Biotransport by Pacific SalmonMORRISSEY, Christy A; POLLET, Ingrid L; ORMEROD, Steve J et al.Environmental science & technology. 2012, Vol 46, Num 2, pp 1153-1162, issn 0013-936X, 10 p.Article

Organophosphorus pesticides as food chain contaminants and type 2 diabetes: a reviewREZG, Raja; MORNAGUI, Bessem; EL-FAZAA, Saloua et al.Trends in food science & technology (Regular ed.). 2010, Vol 21, Num 7, pp 345-357, issn 0924-2244, 13 p.Article

Air quality in transportation cabins-Part I: How much do we know about it?XIAOYING CHENG; ZHONGCHAO TAN; TAY, Richard et al.ASHRAE transactions. 2006, pp 505-517, issn 0001-2505, 2Vol, 13 p.Conference Paper

Spectroscopic characterization of contaminants and interaction with gases in single-walled carbon nanotubesGOLDONI, A; PETACCIA, L; GREGORATTI, L et al.Carbon (New York, NY). 2004, Vol 42, Num 10, pp 2099-2112, issn 0008-6223, 14 p.Article

Contaminants in drinking waterFAWELL, John; NIEUWENHUIJSEN, Mark J.British medical bulletin. 2003, Vol 68, pp 199-208, issn 0007-1420, 10 p.Article

Evaluation of capillary gas chromatography for pesticide and industrial chemical residue analysis. II. Comparison of quantitative results obtained on capillary and packed columns = Evaluation de la chromatographie gazeuse en capillaire pour l'analyse des résidus de pesticides et de produits chimiques industriels. II. Comparaison des résultats quantitatifs obtenus avec des colonnes garnies ou capillairesFEHRINGER, N. V; WALTERS, S. M.Journal - Association of official analytical chemists. 1986, Vol 69, Num 1, pp 90-93, issn 0004-5756Article

Mutagenic and alkylating activities of organophosphate impurities of commercial malathionIMAMURA, T; TALCOTT, R. E.Mutation research. 1985, Vol 155, Num 1-2, pp 1-6, issn 0027-5107Article

Contaminant dispersion in some time-dependent laminar flowsJIMENEZ, C; SULLIVAN, P. J.Journal of Fluid Mechanics. 1984, Vol 142, pp 57-77, issn 0022-1120Article

Precision-Cut Liver Slices To Investigate Responsiveness of Deep-Sea Fish to Contaminants at High PressureLEMAIRE, Benjamin; DEBIER, Cathy; BUC CALDERON, Pedro et al.Environmental science & technology. 2012, Vol 46, Num 18, pp 10310-10316, issn 0013-936X, 7 p.Article

Assessment of contaminant retention in constructed wetland sedimentsKNOX, A. S; DUNN, D. L; PALLER, M. H et al.Engineering in life sciences (Print). 2006, Vol 6, Num 1, pp 31-36, issn 1618-0240, 6 p.Conference Paper

Rapid and reliable biosensor technology for characterisation of additives and contaminants in food productsWOLBERT, Ron.Polish journal of food and nutrition sciences. 2003, Vol 12, issn 1230-0322, p.100, NS1Conference Paper

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