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Synthesis of polymerizable carbene and alkenyl ruthenium complexes and of a ruthenium containing copolymerLAVASTRE, O; DIXNEUF, P. H; PACREAU, A et al.Organometallics. 1994, Vol 13, Num 6, pp 2500-2503, issn 0276-7333Article

Condensation Metallosupramolecular Polymers Containing Main-Chain 2,2'-Bipyridine and 2,2':6',2-Terpyridine MoietiesVINOGRADOVA, S. V; VASNEV, V. A; KESHTOV, M. L et al.Polymer science. Series B. 2007, Vol 49, Num 11-12, pp 267-281, issn 1560-0904, 15 p.Article

Small PbS clusters prepared via ROMP block copolymer technologySANKARAN, V; CUMMINS, C. C; SCHROCK, R. R et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1990, Vol 112, Num 19, pp 6858-6859, issn 0002-7863Article

Synthesis of palladium nanoclusters within spherical microdomains in films made from block copolymer/homopolymer blendsNG CHEONG CHAN, Y; SCHROCK, R. R.Chemistry of materials. 1993, Vol 5, Num 4, pp 566-570, issn 0897-4756Article

Electrochemically controlled self-assembly of an organometallic block copolymerEITOUNI, Hany B; BALSARA, Nitash P.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2006, Vol 128, Num 50, pp 16248-16252, issn 0002-7863, 5 p.Article

Synthesis of single silver nanoclusters within spherical microdomains in block copolymer filmsNG CHEONG CHAN, Y; SCHROCK, R. R; COHEN, R. E et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 1992, Vol 114, Num 18, pp 7295-7296, issn 0002-7863Article

Oxygen gas sorption of Mn(II) complex salts of ethylene ionomer with various organic aminesKUTSUMIZU, S; WATANABE, Y; YANO, S et al.Journal of materials science. 1997, Vol 32, Num 1, pp 99-103, issn 0022-2461Article

Synthesis and catalytic properties of cross-linked hydrophobically associating poly(alkylmethyldiallylammonium bromides)GUANG-JIA WANG; ENGBERTS, J. B. F. N.Journal of organic chemistry. 1994, Vol 59, Num 15, pp 4076-4081, issn 0022-3263Article

Photocatalysts responding to visible light; stable free radical type polymer materialsUEDA, H.Nippon kagaku kaishi (1972). 1992, Num 10, pp 1044-1051, issn 0369-4577Article

Metalloblock Copolymers: New Functional NanomaterialsJIAWEN ZHOU; WHITTELL, George R; MANNERS, Ian et al.Macromolecules (Print). 2014, Vol 47, Num 11, pp 3529-3543, issn 0024-9297, 15 p.Article

Thermal studies of metal poly(4-methyl styrene-co-styrene) with BPO. Part XVIICARDENAS T., G; SALGADO C., E; GONZALEZ G., M et al.International journal of polymeric materials (Print). 1996, Vol 32, Num 1-4, pp 163-171, issn 0091-4037Article

Synthesis, characterization, and ceramic conversion reactions of borazine/silazane copolymers : new polymeric precursors to SiNCB ceramicsWIDEMAN, T; KAI SU; REMSEN, E. E et al.Chemistry of materials. 1995, Vol 7, Num 11, pp 2203-2212, issn 0897-4756Article

(Co)polymerization of metal-containing monomers as a way of MMC synthesisPOMOGAILO, A. D.Die Makromolekulare Chemie. Macromolecular symposia. 1998, pp 115-125, issn 0258-0322, isbn 3-85739-328-9Conference Paper

En Japonais = Synthesis of cobaltferrite-dispersed carbons by pressure pyrolysis of organometallic copolymersHIRANO, S; YOGO, T; KIKUTA, K et al.Nippon kagaku kaishi (1972). 1991, Num 10, pp 1261-1265, issn 0369-4577Article

Self-Assembly of Conjugated Units Using Metal-Terpyridine CoordinationYANG GAO; RAJWAR, Deepa; GRIMSDALE, Andrew C et al.Macromolecular rapid communications. 2014, Vol 35, Num 20, pp 1727-1740, issn 1022-1336, 14 p.Article

Quantitative determinations in the molecular structures of polyaluminocarbosilaneJINGMING YANG; XUAN CHENG; YUXI YU et al.Polymer (Guildford). 2011, Vol 52, Num 17, pp 3811-3818, issn 0032-3861, 8 p.Article

Progress in the controllable synthesis of novel ferrocene-based polymers and their applicationsLI, Jian-Hua; LI WANG; YU, Hao-Jie et al.Designed monomers and polymers. 2007, Vol 10, Num 3, pp 193-205, issn 1385-772X, 13 p.Article

Polyferrocenylsilanes : Metal-containing polymers for materials science, self-assembly and nanostructure applicationsKULBABA, Kevin; MANNERS, Ian.Macromolecular rapid communications. 2001, Vol 22, Num 10, pp 711-724, issn 1022-1336Article

Morphology control of organometallic domains in phase-separated poly(styrene-block-ferrocenyldimethylsilanes)LAMMERTINK, R. G. H; VERSTEEG, D. J; HEMPENIUS, M. A et al.Journal of polymer science. Part A. Polymer chemistry. 1998, Vol 36, Num 12, pp 2147-2150, issn 0887-624XArticle

Thermal studies of metal poly(styrene-co-butyl methacrylates). Part XIXCARDENAS T., G; GONZALEZ G., M.International journal of polymeric materials (Print). 1997, Vol 35, Num 1-4, pp 71-81, issn 0091-4037Article

The preparation, polymerization and copolymerization of (η5-vinylcyclopentadienyl)dicarbonylmethyliron monomerSAHA, A. K; HOSSAIN, M. M.Journal of organometallic chemistry. 1993, Vol 445, Num 1-2, pp 137-141, issn 0022-328XArticle

Synthesis of ferrocene-containing polyarylenesSERGEEV, V. A; VDOVINA, L. I; MACHULENKO, L. N et al.Polymer science. 1993, Vol 35, Num 10, pp 1332-1335, issn 0965-545XArticle

Third-order optical nonlinearities of metallotetrabenzoporphyrins and a platinum poly-yneSHEKKAR GUHA; KEITH KANG; PORTER, P et al.Optics letters. 1992, Vol 17, Num 4, pp 264-266, issn 0146-9592Article

Characterization of organolead polymers in trace amounts by element-specific size-exclusion chromatographyPARKS, E. J; BRINCKMAN, F. E; KOOL, L. B et al.Journal of chromatography. 1986, Vol 370, Num 1, pp 206-209, issn 0021-9673Article

Using Metallo-Supramolecular Block Copolymers for the Synthesis of Higher Order Nanostructured AssembliesMOUGHTON, Adam O; O'REILLY, Rachel K.Macromolecular rapid communications. 2010, Vol 31, Num 1, pp 37-52, issn 1022-1336, 16 p.Article

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