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On the chemical shifts of the K-absorption discontinuity of copper in some of its systemsJAGANNATHA RAO; CHETAL, A. R.Physica status solidi. B. Basic research. 1983, Vol 118, Num 2, pp 551-555, issn 0370-1972Article

The evolution of Cu3N films irradiated by femtosecond laser pulsesWANG, S. Y; QIU, J. H; WANG, X. Q et al.Applied surface science. 2013, Vol 268, pp 387-390, issn 0169-4332, 4 p.Article

Biomarkers of copper status : a brief updateHARVEY, Linda J; MCARDLE, Harry J.British journal of nutrition. 2008, Vol 99, issn 0007-1145, S10-S13, SUP3Conference Paper

Oxalic acid overproduction by copper-tolerant brown-rot basidiomycetes on southern yellow pine treated with copper-based preservativesCLAUSEN, Carol A; GREEN, Frederick.International biodeterioration & biodegradation. 2003, Vol 51, Num 2, pp 139-144, issn 0964-8305, 6 p.Article

Anchoring of alkylphosphonic derivatives molecules on copper oxide surfacesFONDER, Gregory; MINET, Isabelle; VOLCKE, Cedric et al.Applied surface science. 2011, Vol 257, Num 14, pp 6300-6307, issn 0169-4332, 8 p.Article

Rate control for copper tarnishingCANO, E; POLO, J. L; LA IGLESIA, A et al.Corrosion science. 2005, Vol 47, Num 4, pp 977-987, issn 0010-938X, 11 p.Article

Opredelenie osnovnykh faktorov, vliyayushchikh na ehffektivnost podzemnogo vyshchelachivaniya medno-porfirovykh rudUMANETS, V. N; MURSALIMOV, KH. I.Izvestiâ vysših učebnyh zavedenij. Geologiâ i razvedka. 1985, Num 5, pp 84-89, issn 0016-7762Article

Geological-structural conditions of formation of the high-grade ore porphyry copper deposits = Conditions géologiques et structurales de formation des porphyry copper à teneur élevéeGOLOVANOV, I. M; NIKOLAEVA, E. I; SHAYAKUBOV, S et al.Mezhdunarodnyj geologicheskij kongress. 27. 1984, pp 116-118Conference Paper

Metallogenicheskie ryady vulkano-tektonicheskikh poyasov i pozitsiya v nikh medno-porfirovogo orudeneniyaKRIVSTOV, A. I; MIGACHEV, I. F; AGEEVA, S. T et al.Izvestiâ vysših učebnyh zavedenij. Geologiâ i razvedka. 1985, Num 8, pp 49-53, issn 0016-7762Article

Copper porphyry mineralization of Northern Kirghizia = Les porphyry copper de la Kirghizie du NordIGHEMBEDRIEV, S. A; MALYSHEV, A. F; OSMONBETOV, K. O et al.Mezhdunarodnyj geologicheskij kongress. 27. 1984, pp 139-141Conference Paper

Advantages and challenges of increased antimicrobial copper use and copper miningELGUINDI, Jutta; XIULI HAO; YANBING LIN et al.Applied microbiology and biotechnology. 2011, Vol 91, Num 2, pp 237-249, issn 0175-7598, 13 p.Article

Long-term high copper intake: effects on indexes of copper status, antioxidant status, and immune function in young menTURNLUND, Judith R; JACOB, Robert A; KEEN, Carl L et al.The American journal of clinical nutrition. 2004, Vol 79, Num 6, pp 1037-1044, issn 0002-9165, 8 p.Article

Effects of copper ions released from metallic copper on CHO-K1 cellsGRILLA, C. A; REIGOSA, M. A; FERNANDEZ LORENZO DE MELE, M et al.Mutation research. Genetic toxicology and environmental mutagenesis (Print). 2009, Vol 672, Num 1, pp 45-50, issn 1383-5718, 6 p.Article

How reliable and robust are current biomarkers for copper status?DANZEISEN, Ruth; ARAYA, Magdalena; HARRISON, Brenda et al.British journal of nutrition. 2007, Vol 98, Num 4, pp 676-683, issn 0007-1145, 8 p.Article

Interdependence of buffer gas pressure and optimum interpulse delay in a burst-mode copper halide laserTOBIN, R. C; PEARD, K. A.IEEE journal of quantum electronics. 1984, Vol 20, Num 8, pp 970-977, issn 0018-9197Article

Surface/structure functionalization of copper-based catalysts by metal-support and/or metal-metal interactionsKONSOLAKIS, Michalis; IOAKEIMIDIS, Zisis.Applied surface science. 2014, Vol 320, pp 244-255, issn 0169-4332, 12 p.Article

Cupric chloride leaching of model sulfur compounds for simple copper ore concentrates = Lixiviation par le chlorure cuivrique de composés sulfurés modèles en vue de la lixiviation de concentrés de minerais de cuivre simplesMCDONALD, G. W; LANGER, S. H.Metallurgical transactions. B, Process metallurgy. 1983, Vol 14, Num 4, pp 559-570, issn 0360-2141Article

Oxidation and thermal reduction of the Cu(1 0 0) surface as studied using positron annihilation induced Auger electron spectroscopy (PAES)FAZLEEV, N. G; NADESALINGAM, M. P; MADDOX, W et al.Surface science. 2010, Vol 604, Num 1, pp 32-37, issn 0039-6028, 6 p.Article

Interference of copper(II) ions with non-covalent interactions in uridine or uridine 5'-monophosphate systems with adenosine, cytidine, thymidine and their monophosphates in aqueous solutionLOMOZIK, Lechoslaw; JASTRZAB, Renata.Journal of solution chemistry. 2007, Vol 36, Num 3, pp 357-374, issn 0095-9782, 18 p.Article

Accretion tectonics and metallogenesis = Tectonique d'accrétion et métallogenèseNISHIWAKI, C; UYEDA, S.Oji International seminar on accretion tectonics. 1983, pp 349-355Conference Paper

L'origine de la minéralisation et les indicateurs d'évaluation des gîtes porphyry copper de ChineCHEN WENMING.1984, Num 12, 78 p.Serial Issue

Kazakhstan porphyry-copper deposits, its types objective laws of its territorial and time arrangement = Les porphyry copper du Kazakhstan, leurs caractéristiques et leurs variations spatio-temporellesKOLESNIKOV, V. V.Mezhdunarodnyj geologicheskij kongress. 27. 1984, pp 162-164Conference Paper

Vozmozhnosti vyyavleniya bogatykh rud na medno-porfirovykh mestorozhdeniyakhPOLETAEV, A. I; MEL'NIKOVA, L. V; SADVAKASOV, R. T et al.Razvedka i ohrana nedr. 1983, Num 12, pp 17-20, issn 0034-026XArticle


Ložiska a výskyty Cu-Mo rud jihovýchodní Gobi v Mongolsku = Gisements de Cu-Mo dans le Sud-Est du Gobi en MongolieAPL, J; CHRT, J.Geologický průzkum. 1979, Vol 21, Num 4, pp 111-114, issn 0016-772XMap

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