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Filling in at partially deafferented visual cortexALVARENGA, D. P; COUTO, M. F; PESSOA, V. F et al.British journal of ophthalmology. 2008, Vol 92, Num 9, pp 1257-1260, issn 0007-1161, 4 p.Article

Le vieillissement du cortex visuel humain = Human visual cortex and agingLEUBA, G; GAREY, L. J.Médecine et hygiène. 1989, Vol 47, Num 1817, pp 3462-3468, issn 0025-6749, 4 p.Article

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Volumetric asymmetry in the human striate cortexMURPHY, G. M. JR.Experimental neurology (Print). 1985, Vol 88, Num 2, pp 288-302, issn 0014-4886Article

Système automatique pour l'étude de champs récepteurs de neurones du système visuel d'animauxDANILOV, YU. P; NOVIKOV, G. I; SOLNUSHKIN, S. D et al.Fiziologičeskij žurnal SSSR im. I.M. Sečenova. 1987, Vol 73, Num 4, pp 551-555, issn 0015-329XArticle

A new view of the primary visual cortexSHAPLEY, Robert.Neural networks. 2004, Vol 17, Num 5-6, pp 615-623, issn 0893-6080, 9 p.Article

The V1-V2-V3 complex: quasiconformal dipole maps in primate striate and extra-striate cortexBALASUBRAMANIAN, Mukund; POLIMENI, Jonathan; SCHWARTZ, Eric L et al.Neural networks. 2002, Vol 15, Num 10, pp 1157-1163, issn 0893-6080, 7 p.Article

Light-gazing by visually impaired childrenJAN, J. E; GROENVELD, M; SYKANDA, A. M et al.Developmental medicine and child neurology (Print). 1990, Vol 32, Num 9, pp 755-759, issn 0012-1622Article

Topographic receptive fields and patterned lateral interaction in a self-organizing model of the primary visual cortexSIROSH, J; MIIKKULAINEN, R.Neural computation. 1997, Vol 9, Num 3, pp 577-594, issn 0899-7667Article

Subplate neurons: bridging the gap to function in the cortexARBER, Silvia.Trends in neurosciences (Regular edition). 2004, Vol 27, Num 3, pp 111-113, issn 0166-2236, 3 p.Article

Visual cortex: a sea of excitation?PERRY, V. H.Neuropsychologia. 1989, Vol 27, Num 6, pp 899-900, issn 0028-3932Article

Bidirectional Modulation of Primary Visual Cortex Excitability : A Combined tDCS and rTMS StudyLANG, Nicolas; SIEBNER, Hartwig R; CHADAIDE, Zoltan et al.Investigative ophthalmology & visual science. 2007, Vol 48, Num 12, pp 5782-5787, issn 0146-0404, 6 p.Article

Vision and brainFIELD, David J; FINKEL, Leif; GROSSBERG, Stephen et al.Neural networks. 2004, Vol 17, Num 5-6, issn 0893-6080, 287 p.Serial Issue

Velocity selectivity in the cat visual system. I: Responses of LGN cells to moving bar stimuli: a comparison with cortical areas 17 and 18ORBAN, G. A; HOFFMANN, K. P; DUYSENS, J et al.Journal of neurophysiology. 1985, Vol 54, Num 4, pp 1026-1049, issn 0022-3077Article

Velocity selectivity in the cat visual system. III: Contribution of temporal factorsDUYSENS, J; ORBAN, G. A; CREMIEUX, J et al.Journal of neurophysiology. 1985, Vol 54, Num 4, pp 1068-1083, issn 0022-3077Article

Functional consequences of an integration of motion and stereopsis in area MT of monkey extrastriate visual cortexLAPPE, M.Neural computation. 1996, Vol 8, Num 7, pp 1449-1461, issn 0899-7667Article

Sensory coding and the natural environmentOLSHAUSEN, Bruno A.Network (Bristol. Print). 2005, Vol 16, Num 2-3, issn 0954-898X, 203 p.Conference Proceedings

Reverse sequencing syllables of spoken words activates primary visual cortexINO, Tadashi; ASADA, Tomohiko; HIROSE, Syuichi et al.Neuroreport (Oxford). 2003, Vol 14, Num 15, pp 1895-1899, issn 0959-4965, 5 p.Article

An infomax-based learning rule that generates cells similar to visual cortical neuronsOKAJIMA, K.Neural networks. 2001, Vol 14, Num 9, pp 1173-1180, issn 0893-6080Article

Dynamics of letter string perception in the human occipitotemporal cortexTARKIAINEN, A; HELENIUS, P; HANSEN, P. C et al.Brain. 1999, Vol 122, pp 2119-2131, issn 0006-8950, 11Article

A CBL network model with intracortical plasticity and natural image stimuliBURGER, T; LANG, E. W.Lecture notes in computer science. 1997, pp 225-230, issn 0302-9743, isbn 3-540-63631-5Conference Paper

A linear Hebbian model for the development of spatiotemporal receptive fields of simple cellsWIMBAUER, S; WENISCH, O; VAN HEMMEN, J. L et al.Lecture notes in computer science. 1997, pp 183-188, issn 0302-9743, isbn 3-540-63631-5Conference Paper

Characterizing modulatory interactions between areas VI and V2 in human cortex : a new treatment of functional MRI dataFRISTON, K. J; UNGERLEIDER, L. G; JEZZARD, P et al.Human brain mapping. 1994, Vol 2, Num 4, pp 211-224, issn 1065-9471Article

Statistical analysis of natural images matches psychophysically derived orientation tuning curvesBADDELEY, R. J; HANCOCK, P. J. B.Proceedings of the Royal society of London. Series B. Biological sciences. 1991, Vol 246, Num 1317, pp 219-223, issn 0080-4649Article

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