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Environmental Fate and Toxicology of ClomazoneVAN SCOY, April R; TJEERDEMA, Ronald S.Reviews of environmental contamination and toxicology. 2014, Vol 229, pp 35-49, issn 0179-5953, 15 p.Article

Role of sorption and degradation in the herbicidal function of isoxaflutoleSIMS, Gerald K; TAYLOR-LOVELL, Sarah; TARR, Gabe et al.Pest management science. 2009, Vol 65, Num 7, pp 805-810, issn 1526-498X, 6 p.Article

4-Isoxazolyl-1,4-dihydropyridines exhibit binding at the multidrug-resistance transporterHULUBEI, Victoria; MEIKRANTZ, Scott B; QUINCY, David A et al.Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry. 2012, Vol 20, Num 22, pp 6613-6620, issn 0968-0896, 8 p.Article

Discovery of small molecules that inhibit melanogenesis via regulation of tyrosinase expressionJIHO SONG; LEE, Hyun-E; YOUNG JIN KIM et al.Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters (Print). 2012, Vol 22, Num 22, pp 6943-6946, issn 0960-894X, 4 p.Article

A new isoxazol from Glehnia littoralisGUO QIANG LI; YANG BAI ZHANG; HUA SHI GUAN et al.Fitoterapia (Milano). 2008, Vol 79, Num 3, pp 238-239, issn 0367-326X, 2 p.Article

First Acid-Catalyzed Entry to O-Alkylated Hydroximides from Benzylic AlcoholsCHADA RAJI REDDY; RADHIKA, Laghuvarapu; TOGAPUR PAVAN KUMAR et al.European journal of organic chemistry (Print). 2011, Num 30, pp 5967-5970, issn 1434-193X, 4 p.Article

'On-water' synthesis of chromeno-isoxazoles mediated by [hydroxy(tosyloxy)iodo]benzene (HTIB)RAIHAN, Mustafa J; KAVALA, Veerababurao; KUO, Chun-Wei et al.Green chemistry (Print). 2010, Vol 12, Num 6, pp 1090-1096, issn 1463-9262, 7 p.Article

Bioavailability of diuron, imazapic and isoxaflutole in soils of contrasting texturesINOUE, Miriam H; OLIVEIRA, Rubem S; CONSTANTIN, Jamil et al.Journal of environmental science and health. Part B. Pesticides, food contaminants, and agricultural wastes. 2009, Vol 44, Num 8, pp 757-763, issn 0360-1234, 7 p.Article

Synthesis of Isoxazole TriflonesKAWAI, Hiroyuki; SUGITA, Yutaka; TOKUNAGA, Etsuko et al.European journal of organic chemistry (Print). 2012, Num 7, pp 1295-1298, issn 1434-193X, 4 p.Article

Synthesis of N-Confused Porphyrin Derivatives with a Substituted 3-C PositionXIAOFANG LI; BIN LIU; PINGGUI YI et al.Journal of organic chemistry. 2011, Vol 76, Num 7, pp 2345-2349, issn 0022-3263, 5 p.Article

An Alkynyliodide Cycloaddition Strategy for the Construction of IodoisoxazolesCROSSLEY, James A; BROWNE, Duncan L.Journal of organic chemistry. 2010, Vol 75, Num 15, pp 5414-5416, issn 0022-3263, 3 p.Article

Highly Diastereoselective Baldwin Rearrangement of Isoxazolines into cis-AcylaziridinesGAYON, Eric; DEBLEDS, Olivier; NICOULEAU, Marie et al.Journal of organic chemistry. 2010, Vol 75, Num 17, pp 6050-6053, issn 0022-3263, 4 p.Article

Base-Catalyzed Isomerization of 2-Isoxazolines Enables a Two-Step Enantioselective Synthesis of β-Hydroxynitriles from EnalsPOHJAKALLIO, Antti; PIHKO, Petri M; JUN LIU et al.Journal of organic chemistry. 2010, Vol 75, Num 19, pp 6712-6715, issn 0022-3263, 4 p.Article

Synthesis and antibacterial activity of 6-O-(heteroaryl-isoxazolyl)propynyl 2-fluoro ketolidesSUGIMOTO, Tomohiro; SHIMAZAKI, Yoichi; MANAKA, Akira et al.Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters (Print). 2012, Vol 22, Num 17, pp 5739-5743, issn 0960-894X, 5 p.Article

Variability of retention process of isoxaflutole and its diketonitrile metabolite in soil under conventional and conservation tillageALLETTO, Lionel; BENOIT, Pierre; BERGHEAUD, Valérie et al.Pest management science. 2012, Vol 68, Num 4, pp 610-617, issn 1526-498X, 8 p.Article

A series of structurally novel heterotricyclic α-amino-3-hydroxyl-5-methyl-4-isoxazole-propionate receptor-selective antagonistsGILL, M. B; FRAUSTO, S; IKOMA, M et al.British journal of pharmacology. 2010, Vol 160, Num 6, pp 1417-1429, issn 0007-1188, 13 p.Article

Synthesis, Biological Evaluation, and Structure-Activity Relationships for 5-[(E)-2-Arylethenyl]-3-isoxazolecarboxylic Acid Alkyl Ester Derivatives as Valuable Antitubercular ChemotypesPIERONI, Marco; LILIENKAMPF, Annamaria; BAOJIE WAN et al.Journal of medicinal chemistry (Print). 2009, Vol 52, Num 20, pp 6287-6296, issn 0022-2623, 10 p.Article

Cytotoxic heterocyclic triterpenoids derived from betulin and betulinic acidURBAN, Milan; VLK, Martin; DZUBAK, Petr et al.Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry. 2012, Vol 20, Num 11, pp 3666-3674, issn 0968-0896, 9 p.Article

On the mode of action of the herbicides cinmethylin and 5-benzyloxymethyl-1, 2-isoxazolines: putative inhibitors of plant tyrosine aminotransferaseGROSSMANN, Klaus; HUTZLER, Johannes; TRESCH, Stefan et al.Pest management science. 2012, Vol 68, Num 3, pp 482-492, issn 1526-498X, 11 p.Article

Superexcited states in the vacuum-ultraviolet photofragmentation of isoxazole moleculesWASOWICZ, Tomasz J; KIVIMÄKI, Antti; CORENO, Marcello et al.Journal of physics. B. Atomic, molecular and optical physics (Print). 2012, Vol 45, Num 20, issn 0953-4075, 205103.1-205103.10Article

The Chemistry of α,β-Ditosyloxy Ketones: A New and Convenient Route to 4,5-Diarylisoxazoles from α,β-Chalcone DitosylatesKAMAL, Raj; SHARMA, Deepak; WADHWA, Deepak et al.Synlett (Stuttgart). 2012, Num 1, pp 93-96, issn 0936-5214, 4 p.Article

Synthesis of Functionalized Heterocycles by Cyclization Reactions of Oxime and Hydrazone 1,4-DianionsDANG, Tuan Thanh; DANG, Tung Thanh; LANGER, Peter et al.Synlett (Stuttgart). 2011, Num 18, pp 2633-2642, issn 0936-5214, 10 p.Article

1,3-Dipolar cycloadditions of 2-thio-3-chloroacrylamides with nitrile oxides and nitronesKISSANE, Marie; LAWRENCE, Simon E; MAGUIRE, Anita R et al.Tetrahedron (Oxford. Print). 2010, Vol 66, Num 25, issn 0040-4020, 4409, 4564-4572 [10 p.]Article

Vinylogous nitroaldol (Henry) reaction using 3,5-diethyl-4-nitroisoxazole and carbonyl compoundsADAMO, Mauro F. A; SURESH, Surisetti.Tetrahedron (Oxford. Print). 2009, Vol 65, Num 5, pp 990-997, issn 0040-4020, 8 p.Article

Aza-prins-pinacol approach to 7-azabicyclo[2.2.1]heptanes : Syntheses of (±)-epibatidine and (±)-epiboxidineARMSTRONG, Alan; BHONOAH, Yunas; SHANAHAN, Stephen E et al.Journal of organic chemistry. 2007, Vol 72, Num 21, pp 8019-8024, issn 0022-3263, 6 p.Article

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