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Numerical formalism for solving heat transfer in continuous casting process by nonorthogonal co-ordinate transformation strategyDAS, S. K.Scandinavian journal of metallurgy. 1993, Vol 22, Num 4, pp 198-202, issn 0371-0459Article

Modal logics in the theory of relational databasesDAS, S. K.Information processing letters. 1996, Vol 57, Num 1, pp 1-7, issn 0020-0190Article

Modal noise due to short-wavelength (780-900-nm) transmission in single-mode fibers optimized for 1300 nmDAS, S. K.Applied optics. 1988, Vol 27, Num 3, pp 552-556, issn 0003-6935Article

Digital libraries in developing countries : Fears and barriersDAS, S. K.Digital information exchange. Annual conference. 2004, pp 229-235, 1Vol, 7 p.Conference Paper

Function space theory of dynamic nucleation during solidification at high cooling ratesDAS, S. K.Bulletin of materials science. 1997, Vol 20, Num 5, pp 643-650, issn 0250-4707Article

Numerical modelling of the free boundary problem in levitation melting under continuous casting conditionsDAS, S. K.Scandinavian journal of metallurgy. 1996, Vol 25, Num 5, pp 187-192, issn 0371-0459Article

A facility layout method for flexible manufacturing systemsDAS, S. K.International journal of production research. 1993, Vol 31, Num 2, pp 279-297, issn 0020-7543Article

In vitro dissolution profile of theophylline loaded ethyl cellulose microspheres prepared by emulsification solvent evaporationDAS, S. K.Drug development and industrial pharmacy. 1991, Vol 17, Num 18, pp 2521-2528, issn 0363-9045Article

Abrogation of the effects of aphidicolin on NIH3T3 and V79 cells by caffeineDAS, S. K.Biochimica et biophysica acta. 1987, Vol 928, Num 1, pp 29-35, issn 0006-3002Article

Stability analysis of Hill systemsDAS, S. K.IEEE transactions on circuits and systems. 1, Fundamental theory and applications. 1996, Vol 43, Num 9, pp 794-797, issn 1057-7122Article

Characterisation of CdCl2 treated electrodeposited CdS/CdTe thin film solar cellDAS, S. K.Solar energy materials and solar cells. 1993, Vol 29, Num 3, pp 277-287, issn 0927-0248Article

Master scheduling with incremental capacity allocation and a rolling horizonDAS, S. K.Omega (Oxford). 1993, Vol 21, Num 3, pp 353-361, issn 0305-0483Article

Effect of polybutadiene on the encapsulation efficiency of ethyl cellulose microcapsules of sulphadiazineDAS, S. K.Journal of microencapsulation. 1993, Vol 10, Num 4, pp 437-447, issn 0265-2048Article

Activation of a well behaved cell cycle in araC-treated V79 cells by caffeineDAS, S. K.Mutation research. 1988, Vol 207, Num 3-4, pp 171-177, issn 0027-5107Article

Rapid solidification and powder metallurgy at Allied-Signal inc = Solidification rapide et métallurgie des poudres à la compagnie Allied-SignalDAS, S. K.International journal of powder metallurgy (1986). 1988, Vol 24, Num 2, pp 175-183Article

Thermal modelling of DC continuous casting including submould boiling heat transferDAS, S. K.Applied thermal engineering. 1999, Vol 19, Num 8, pp 897-916, issn 1359-4311Article

Further evidence for a different mode of action of caffeine and benzamide on mammalian cellsDAS, S. K.Mutation research. 1987, Vol 192, Num 1, pp 69-74, issn 0027-5107Article

The measurement of flexibility in manufacturing systemsDAS, S. K.International journal of flexible manufacturing systems. 1996, Vol 8, Num 1, pp 67-93, issn 0920-6299Article

Variation of properties of electrodeposited CdS/CdTe solar cells deposited onto different transparent conducting oxide substratesDAS, S. K.Thin solid films. 1993, Vol 226, Num 2, pp 259-264, issn 0040-6090Article

Aetiological evaluation of foreign bodies in the ear and nose (a clinical study)DAS, S. K.Journal of laryngology and otology. 1984, Vol 98, Num 10, pp 989-991, issn 0022-2151Article

Pattern formation in the inhomogeneous cooling state of granular fluidsDAS, S. K; PURI, S.Europhysics letters (Print). 2003, Vol 61, Num 6, pp 749-755, issn 0295-5075, 7 p.Article

Polymers from renewable resources. XXIX. Synthesis and characterization of interpenetrating networks derived from castor-oil-based polyurethane-4-acetyl phenyl methacrylateDAS, S. K; LENKA, S.Polymer-plastics technology and engineering (Softcover ed). 1999, Vol 38, Num 1, pp 149-157, issn 0360-2559Article

An EREW PRAM algorithm for updating minimum spanning treesDAS, S. K; FERRAGINA, P.Parallel processing letters. 1999, Vol 9, Num 1, pp 111-122, issn 0129-6264Article

Exergetic analysis of plate heat exchanger in presence of axial dispersion in fluidDAS, S. K; ROETZEL, W.Cryogenics (Guildford). 1995, Vol 35, Num 1, pp 3-8, issn 0011-2275Article

Performance of a solar collector with different glazing materials and their degradation under the condition prevailing in a solar collectorDAS, S. K; CHAKRAVERTY, A.Energy conversion and management. 1991, Vol 31, Num 3, pp 233-242, issn 0196-8904, 10 p.Article

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