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Of cities and societies: a geographer's viewpointDAVIES R. J.1976Book

Constrained urbanization: White South Africa and Black Africa comparedFAIR T. J. D; DAVIES R. J.1976, pp 145-168Book

The residential dynamics of a city in transition : the case of land ownership in Harare, Zimbabwe, 1978-1985DAVIES, R. J.Proceedings of the XXVI Congress of the International Geographical Union. 1988, s.pConference Proceedings

Respiratory hypersensitivity to diisocyanatesDAVIES, R. J.Clinics in immunology and allergy. 1984, Vol 4, Num 1, pp 103-123, issn 0260-4639Article

A batch-wise non-linear fitting and analysis tool for treating large X-ray diffraction data setsDAVIES, R. J.Journal of applied crystallography. 2006, Vol 39, pp 262-266, issn 0021-8898, 5 p., 2Article

Bio energy : a case study of kelp industries, King Island, TasmaniaDAVIES, R. J.Solar & wind technology. 1990, Vol 7, Num 1, pp 21-24, issn 0741-983XArticle

Sheet mulching as an aid to broadleaved tree establishment. II: Comparison of various sizes of black polythene mulch and herbicide treated sportDAVIES, R. J.Forestry (London). 1988, Vol 61, Num 2, pp 107-124, issn 0015-752XArticle

The importance of weed control and the use of tree shelters for establishing broadleaved trees on grass-dominated sites in EnglandDAVIES, R. J.Forestry (London). 1985, Vol 58, Num 2, pp 167-180, issn 0015-752XArticle

A new batch-processing data-reduction application for X-ray diffraction dataDAVIES, R. J.Journal of applied crystallography. 2006, Vol 39, pp 267-272, issn 0021-8898, 6 p., 2Article

Placement of ureteric catheters using the flexible cystoscopeDAVIES, R. J.British journal of urology (Print). 1998, Vol 82, Num 4, issn 0007-1331, p. 588Article

The thin flame technique for in-situ combustion simulationDAVIES, R. J.Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. 1989, pp 177-185Conference Paper

Sheet mulching as an aid to broadleaved tree establishment. I: The effectiveness of various synthetic sheets comparedDAVIES, R. J.Forestry (London). 1988, Vol 61, Num 2, pp 89-105, issn 0015-752XArticle

When ! - Reform and change in the South African cityDAVIES, R. J.South African geographical journal. 1986, Vol 68, Num 1, pp 3-17, issn 0373-6245Article

Characterizing the decay of ancient chinese silk fabrics by microbeam synchrotron radiation diffractionHERMES, A. C; DAVIES, R. J; GREIFF, S et al.Biomacromolecules. 2006, Vol 7, Num 3, pp 777-783, issn 1525-7797, 7 p.Article

In situ synchrotron microbeam analysis of the stiffness of transcrystallinity in aramid fiber reinforced nylon 66 compositesFELDMAN, A. Y; WACHTEL, E; ZAFEIROPOULOS, N. E et al.Composites science and technology. 2006, Vol 66, Num 13, pp 2009-2015, issn 0266-3538, 7 p.Article

Crystal lattice deformation in single poly(p-phenylene benzobisoxazole) fibresDAVIES, R. J; EICHHORN, S. J; RIEKEL, C et al.Polymer (Guildford). 2004, Vol 45, Num 22, pp 7693-7704, issn 0032-3861, 12 p.Article

Ozone-induced mediator release from human bronchial epithelial cells in vitro and the influence of nedocromil sodiumRUSZNAK, C; DEVALIA, J. L; SAPSFORD, R. J et al.The European respiratory journal. 1996, Vol 9, Num 11, pp 2298-2305, issn 0903-1936Article

Prevalence of basidiomycete allergy in the USA and Europe and its relationship to allergic respiratory symptomsLEHRER, S. B; HUGHES, J. M; SASTRE, J et al.Allergy. European journal of allergy and clinical immunology. 1994, Vol 49, Num 6, pp 460-465Article

An optical biosensor system for molecular interaction studiesDAVIES, R. J; POLLARD-KNIGHT, D.American biotechnology laboratory. 1993, Vol 11, Num 8, pp 52-54, issn 0749-3223, 2 p.Article

Acute lobar nephronia secondary to infection with nocardia asteroidesCOLLINS, C. D; DAVIES, R. J; JEWKES, R. F et al.Clinical nuclear medicine. 1993, Vol 18, Num 7, pp 611-612, issn 0363-9762Article

The effect of salbutamol controlled release on airways responsiveness to inhaled methacholine in mild asthmatic subjectsHERDMAN, M. J; FERGUSON, H; THOMAS, K et al.Respiratory medicine. 1993, Vol 87, Num 1, pp 23-27, issn 0954-6111Article

Guidelines for the standardization of bronchial provocation tests with allergens : an update by an international commiteeMELILLO, G; AAS, K; ROSENTHAL, R. R et al.Allergy (Copenhagen). 1991, Vol 46, Num 5, pp 321-329, issn 0105-4538Article

The daily variability of bronchial responsiveness to methacholineTRIGG, C. J; JHALLI, N; HERDMAN, M. J et al.The European respiratory journal. 1990, Vol 3, Num 8, pp 867-871, issn 0903-1936Article

Morphological integrity of the bronchial epithelium in mild asthmaLOZEWICZ, S; WELLS, C; GOMEZ, E et al.Thorax. 1990, Vol 45, Num 1, pp 12-15, issn 0040-6376Article

Prevalence of specific IgE to storage mites (A. siro, L. destructor and T. longior) in an urban population and crossreactivity with the house dust mite (D. pteronyssimus)LUCZYNSKA, C. M; GRIFFIN, P; DAVIES, R. J et al.Clinical and experimental allergy (Print). 1990, Vol 20, Num 4, pp 403-406, issn 0954-7894Article

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