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Chronically elevated glucose compromises myocardial mitochondrial DNA integrity by alteration of mitochondrial topoisomerase functionMEDIKAYALA, S; PITEO, B; ZHAO, X et al.American journal of physiology. Cell physiology. 2011, Vol 69, Num 2, issn 0363-6143, C338-C348Article

Transcriptomal profiling of the cellular response to DNA damage mediated by Slug (Snai2)PEREZ-CARO, M; BERMEJO-RODRIGUEZ, C; GONZALEZ-HERRERO, I et al.British journal of cancer. 2008, Vol 98, Num 2, pp 480-488, issn 0007-0920, 9 p.Article

Bulky DNA adducts in human sperm: relationship with fertility, semen quality, smoking, and environmental factorsHORAK, Stanislaw; POLANSKA, Joanna; WIDLAK, Piotr et al.Mutation research. Genetic toxicology and environmental mutagenesis. 2003, Vol 537, Num 1, pp 53-65, issn 1383-5718, 13 p.Article

Applications of RNA interference for studies in DNA damage processing, genome stability, mutagenesis, and cancerBEDFORD, Joel S; LIBER, Howard L.Seminars in cancer biology. 2003, Vol 13, Num 4, pp 301-308, issn 1044-579X, 8 p.Article

Exposure to acrylonitrile induced DNA strand breakage and sex chromosome aneuploidy in human spermatozoaXU, De-Xiang; ZHU, Qi-Xing; ZHENG, Lu-Kang et al.Mutation research. Genetic toxicology and environmental mutagenesis. 2003, Vol 537, Num 1, pp 93-100, issn 1383-5718, 8 p.Article

Wip1 Directly Dephosphorylates γ-H2AX and Attenuates the DNA Damage ResponseCHA, Hyukjin; LOWE, Julie M; HENGHONG LI et al.Cancer research (Chicago, Ill.). 2010, Vol 70, Num 10, pp 4112-4122, issn 0008-5472, 11 p.Article

The metabolic tune-up: Metabolic harmony and disease preventionAMES, Bruce N.The Journal of nutrition. 2003, Vol 133, Num 5, pp 1544S-1548S, issn 0022-3166, SUP1Conference Paper

Effects of phenol-depleted and phenol-rich diets on blood markers of oxidative stress, and urinary excretion of quercetin and kaempferol in healthy volunteersKIM, Hwa-Young; KIM, Ok-Hee; SUNG, Mi-Kyung et al.Journal of the American College of Nutrition. 2003, Vol 22, Num 3, pp 217-223, issn 0731-5724, 7 p.Article

Reactive oxygen species and cryopreservation promote DNA fragmentation in equine spermatozoaBAUMBER, Julie; BALL, Barry A; LINFOR, Jennifer J et al.Journal of andrology. 2003, Vol 24, Num 4, pp 621-628, issn 0196-3635, 8 p.Article


Activation of p53 by the cytoprotective aminothiol WR1065: DNA-damage-independent pathway and redox-dependent modulation of p53 DNA-binding activityPLUQUET, Olivier; NORTH, Sophie; RICHARD, Marie-Jeanne et al.Biochemical pharmacology. 2003, Vol 65, Num 7, pp 1129-1137, issn 0006-2952, 9 p.Article

Genotoxicity of advanced glycation end products in mammalian cellsSTOPPER, Helga; SCHINZEL, Reinhard; SEBEKOVA, Katarina et al.Cancer letters. 2003, Vol 190, Num 2, pp 151-156, issn 0304-3835, 6 p.Article

Enhancement of lung carcinogenesis by nonylphenol and genistein in a F344 rat multiorgan carcinogenesis modelSEIKE, Noritaka; WANIBUCHI, Hideki; MORIMURA, Keiichirou et al.Cancer letters. 2003, Vol 192, Num 1, pp 25-36, issn 0304-3835, 12 p.Article

Spontaneous DNA fragmentation in swim-up selected human spermatozoa during long term incubationMURATORI, Monica; MAGGI, Mario; SPINELLI, Silvia et al.Journal of andrology. 2003, Vol 24, Num 2, pp 253-262, issn 0196-3635, 10 p.Article

The survivin suppressants NSC 80467 and YM155 induce a DNA damage responseGLAROS, Trevor G; STOCKWIN, Luke H; MULLENDORE, Michael E et al.Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology. 2012, Vol 70, Num 1, pp 207-212, issn 0344-5704, 6 p.Article

Cytotoxicity and mutagenicity of endogenous DNA base lesions as potential cause of human agingAKBARI, Mansour; KROKAN, Hans E.Mechanisms of ageing and development. 2008, Vol 129, Num 7-8, pp 353-365, issn 0047-6374, 13 p.Article

Spatiotemporal kinetics of γ-H2AX protein on charged particles induced DNA damageNIU, H; CHANG, H. C; CHO, I. C et al.Applied surface science. 2014, Vol 310, pp 62-65, issn 0169-4332, 4 p.Conference Paper

RAD18―BRCTx interaction is required for efficient repair of UV-induced DNA damageTING LIU; HONGXIA CHEN; KIM, Hongtai et al.DNA repair. 2012, Vol 11, Num 2, pp 131-138, issn 1568-7864, 8 p.Article

DNA damage recognition and repair by the murine MutY homologuePOPE, Mary Ann; DAVID, Sheila S.DNA repair. 2005, Vol 4, Num 1, pp 91-102, issn 1568-7864, 12 p.Article

Inactivated MGMT by O6-Benzylguanine is associated with prolonged G2/M arrest in cancer cells treated with BCNULING YAN; DONZE, Jon R; LILI LIU et al.Oncogene (Basingstoke). 2005, Vol 24, Num 13, pp 2175-2183, issn 0950-9232, 9 p.Article

Oxidative damage to cellular and isolated DNA by homocysteine: implications for carcinogenesisOIKAWA, Shinji; MURAKAMI, Katsuhiko; KAWANISHI, Shosuke et al.Oncogene (Basingstoke). 2003, Vol 22, Num 23, pp 3530-3538, issn 0950-9232, 9 p.Article

Werner's syndrome protein is phosphorylated in an ATR/ATM-dependent manner following replication arrest and DNA damage induced during the S phase of the cell cyclePICHIERRI, Pietro; ROSSELLI, Filippo; FRANCHITTO, Annapaola et al.Oncogene (Basingstoke). 2003, Vol 22, Num 10, pp 1491-1500, issn 0950-9232, 10 p.Article

Involvement of GLTSCR2 in the DNA Damage ResponseKIM, Jee-Youn; SEOK, Kum-Ok; KIM, Yong-Jun et al.The American journal of pathology. 2011, Vol 179, Num 3, pp 1257-1264, issn 0002-9440, 8 p.Article

Fast repair of deoxythymidine radical anions by two polyphenols: rutin and quercetinCHENYANG ZHAO; YIMIN SHI; WENFENG WANG et al.Biochemical pharmacology. 2003, Vol 65, Num 12, pp 1967-1971, issn 0006-2952, 5 p.Article

c-Myc degradation induced by DNA damage results in apoptosis of CHO cellsJIANG, Man-Rong; LI, Yuan-Chao; YING YANG et al.Oncogene (Basingstoke). 2003, Vol 22, Num 21, pp 3252-3259, issn 0950-9232, 8 p.Article

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