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Extraction and characterization of chitin and chitosan from local sourcesABDOU, Entsar S; NAGY, Khaled S. A; ELSABEE, Maher Z et al.Bioresource technology. 2008, Vol 99, Num 5, pp 1359-1367, issn 0960-8524, 9 p.Article

Antibacterial activity of chitosans with different degrees of deacetylation and viscositiesEUN JU JUNG; DAL KYOUNG YOUN; SHIN HO LEE et al.International journal of food science & technology. 2010, Vol 45, Num 4, pp 676-682, issn 0950-5423, 7 p.Article

Water permeability of chitosan membrane involved in deacetylation degree controlTAKAHASHI, Tomoki; IMAI, Masanao; SUZUKI, Isao et al.Biochemical engineering journal. 2007, Vol 36, Num 1, pp 43-48, issn 1369-703X, 6 p.Conference Paper

Acid hydrolysis of commercial chitosansKNILL, C. J; KENNEDY, J. F; MISTRY, J et al.Journal of chemical technology and biotechnology (1986). 2005, Vol 80, Num 11, pp 1291-1296, issn 0268-2575, 6 p.Article

Deacetylation of cortactin by SIRT1 promotes cell migrationZHANG, Y; ZHANG, M; NICOSIA, S. V et al.Oncogene (Basingstoke). 2009, Vol 28, Num 3, pp 445-460, issn 0950-9232, 16 p.Article

Response surface optimization of the heparosan N-deacetylation in producing bioengineered heparinZHENYU WANG; JENNIFER LI; CHEONG, Samantha et al.Journal of biotechnology. 2011, Vol 156, Num 3, pp 188-196, issn 0168-1656, 9 p.Article

Mild and selective deprotection method of acetylated steroids and diterpenes by dibutyltin oxideWANG, Shao-Min; ZHANG, Yan-Bing; LIU, Hong-Min et al.Steroids. 2007, Vol 72, Num 1, pp 26-30, issn 0039-128X, 5 p.Article

Alkali-aided enzymatic viscosity reduction of sugar beet mash for novel bioethanol production processSRICHUWONG, Sathaporn; ARAKANE, Mitsuhiro; FUJIWARA, Maki et al.Biomass & bioenergy. 2010, Vol 34, Num 9, pp 1336-1341, issn 0961-9534, 6 p.Article

Control of the heparosan N-deacetylation leads to an improved bioengineered heparinZHENYU WANG; BO YANG; ZHENQING ZHANG et al.Applied microbiology and biotechnology. 2011, Vol 91, Num 1, pp 91-99, issn 0175-7598, 9 p.Article

Flocculation behavior and mechanism of an exopolysaccharide from the deep-sea psychrophilic bacterium Pseudoalteromonas sp. SM9913LI, W. W; ZHOU, W. Z; ZHANG, Y. Z et al.Bioresource technology. 2008, Vol 99, Num 15, pp 6893-6899, issn 0960-8524, 7 p.Article

Influence of alkali and temperature on glucomannan gels at high concentrationHERRANZ, Beatriz; TOVAR, Clara A; SOLO-DE-ZALDIVAR, Beatriz et al.Lebensmittel - Wissenschaft + Technologie. 2013, Vol 51, Num 2, pp 500-506, issn 0023-6438, 7 p.Article

Decarboxylation of Ferulic Acid to 4-Vinyl Guaiacol by Streptomyces setoniiMAX, Belén; CARBALLO, Julia; CORTES, Sandra et al.Applied biochemistry and biotechnology. 2012, Vol 166, Num 2, pp 289-299, issn 0273-2289, 11 p.Article

Growth inhibitory effect on bacteria of chitosan membranes regulated with deacetylation degreeTAKAHASHI, Tomoki; IMAI, Masanao; SUZUKI, Isao et al.Biochemical engineering journal. 2008, Vol 40, Num 3, pp 485-491, issn 1369-703X, 7 p.Article

Deacetylation of β-chitin. I. Influence of the deacetylation conditionsCHEN, Cheng-Ho; WANG, Fang-Yu; OU, Zu-Pei et al.Journal of applied polymer science. 2004, Vol 93, Num 5, pp 2416-2422, issn 0021-8995, 7 p.Article

Deacetylation of furanosides using banana as biocatalystTAVEMA-PORRO, Marisa; IGLESIAS, Luis E; MONTSERRAT, Javier M et al.Journal of molecular catalysis. B, Enzymatic. 2007, Vol 44, Num 3-4, pp 138-143, issn 1381-1177, 6 p.Article

Prenatal nicotinic exposure suppresses fetal adrenal steroidogenesis via steroidogenic factor 1 (SF-1) deacetylationYAN, You-e; LIAN LIU; WANG, Jian-fei et al.Toxicology and applied pharmacology. 2014, Vol 277, Num 3, pp 231-241, issn 0041-008X, 11 p.Article

Hypocholesterolaemic effects of different chitosan samples in vitro and in vivoJINGNA LIU; JIALI ZHANG; WENSHUI XIA et al.Food chemistry. 2008, Vol 107, Num 1, pp 419-425, issn 0308-8146, 7 p.Article

Histone deacetylases and cancerGLOZAK, M. A; SETO, E.Oncogene (Basingstoke). 2007, Vol 26, Num 37, pp 5420-5432, issn 0950-9232, 13 p.Article

Histone acetylation and deacetylation : importance in inflammatory lung diseasesBARNES, P. J; ADCOCK, I. M; ITO, K et al.The European respiratory journal. 2005, Vol 25, Num 3, pp 552-563, issn 0903-1936, 12 p.Article

Enzymatic C-4 deacetylation of 10-deacetylbaccatin IIIHANSON, Ronald L; PARKER, William L; PATEL, Ramesh N et al.Biotechnology and applied biochemistry. 2006, Vol 45, pp 81-85, issn 0885-4513, 5 p., 2Article

Efficient synthesis of hydroxystyrenes via biocatalytic decarboxylation/deacetylation of substituted cinnamic acids by newly isolated Pantoea agglomerans strainsSHARMA, Upendra K; SHARMA, Nandini; SALWAN, Richa et al.Journal of the science of food and agriculture. 2012, Vol 92, Num 3, pp 610-617, issn 0022-5142, 8 p.Article

Validación de una técnica potenciométrica para determinar el grado de desacetilación de la quitosana = Validation of potentiometric method to determine the degree of deacetylation of chitosanHIDALGO, C; SUAREZ, Y; FERNANDEZ, M et al.Ars pharmaceutica. 2008, Vol 49, Num 3, pp 245-257, issn 0004-2927, 13 p.Article

HDAC3 : taking the SMRT-N-CoRrect road to repressionKARAGIANNI, P; WONG, J.Oncogene (Basingstoke). 2007, Vol 26, Num 37, pp 5439-5449, issn 0950-9232, 11 p.Article

Peripheral enzymatic deacetylation of chitin and reprecipitated chitin particlesKYAW NYEIN AYE; KARUPPUSWAMY, Renuka; AHAMED, Tangir et al.Bioresource technology. 2006, Vol 97, Num 4, pp 577-582, issn 0960-8524, 6 p.Article

Transcriptional silencing of the DLC-1 tumor suppressor gene by epigenetic mechanism in gastric cancer cellsTAI YOUNG KIM; JONG, Hyun-Soon; SONG, Sang-Hyun et al.Oncogene (Basingstoke). 2003, Vol 22, Num 25, pp 3943-3951, issn 0950-9232, 9 p.Article

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