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Fundamental criteria underlying the efficacy and safety of defibrillating current waveformsGEDDES, L. A; NIEBAUER, M. J; BABBS, C. F et al.Medical & biological engineering & computing. 1985, Vol 23, Num 2, pp 122-130, issn 0140-0118Article

Effect of damped sine-wave shocks on catheter dielectric strengthBARDY, G. H; COLTORTI, F; IVEY, T. D et al.The American journal of cardiology. 1985, Vol 56, Num 12, pp 769-772, issn 0002-9149Article

Improved neurologic recovery and survival after early defibrillationWEAVER, W. D; COPASS, M. K; BUFI, D et al.Circulation (New York, N.Y.). 1984, Vol 69, Num 5, pp 943-948, issn 0009-7322Article

Treatment of ventricular fibrillation. Emergency medical technician defibrillation and paramedic al servicesEISENBERG, M. S; HALLSTROM, A. P; COPASS, M. K et al.JAMA, the journal of the American Medical Association. 1984, Vol 251, Num 13, pp 1723-1726, issn 0098-7484Article

Moderate sea states do not influence the application of an AED in rigid inflatable boatsDE VRIES, Wiebe; BIERENS, Joost J. L. M; MAAS, Martijn W. M et al.Resuscitation. 2006, Vol 70, Num 2, pp 247-253, issn 0300-9572, 7 p.Article

Evaluation of a new defibrillation pathway: tongue-epigastric/tongue-apex route. II: Impedance characteristics in human subjectsKERBER, R. E; KLEIN, S; KOUBA, C et al.Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 1984, Vol 4, Num 2, pp 253-258, issn 0735-1097Article

Trials of the automatic implantable defibrillator in manWATKINS, L. JR; MOWER, M. M; REID, P. R et al.Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. 1983, Vol 86, Num 3, pp 381-387, issn 0022-5223Article

Is there any room for shortening hands-off time further when using an AED?JOONG EUI RHEE; KIM, Taeyun; KIM, Kyuseok et al.Resuscitation. 2009, Vol 80, Num 2, pp 231-237, issn 0300-9572, 7 p.Article

Self-training in the use of automated external defibrillators : The same results for less moneyDE VRIES, Wiebe; SCHELVIS, Mark; RUSTEMEIJER, Ingrid et al.Resuscitation. 2008, Vol 76, Num 1, pp 76-82, issn 0300-9572, 7 p.Article

Annual rate of transvenous defibrillation lead defects in implantable cardioverter-defibrillators over a period of >10 yearsKLEEMANN, Thomas; BECKER, Torsten; DOENGES, Klaus et al.Circulation (New York, N.Y.). 2007, Vol 115, Num 19, pp 2474-2480, issn 0009-7322, 7 p.Article

Lessons from the failure and recall of an implantable cardioverter-defibrillatorHAUSER, Robert G; MARON, Barry J.Circulation (New York, N.Y.). 2005, Vol 112, Num 13, pp 2040-2042, issn 0009-7322, 3 p.Article

Socioeconomic disparities in the knowledge of basic life support techniquesWEINER, Scott G; KAPADIA, Tina; FAYANJU, Olaoluwa et al.Resuscitation. 2010, Vol 81, Num 12, pp 1652-1656, issn 0300-9572, 5 p.Article

Effects of AED device features on performance by untrained laypersonsMOSESSO, Vincent N; SHAPIRO, Alan H; STEIN, Karen et al.Resuscitation. 2009, Vol 80, Num 11, pp 1285-1289, issn 0300-9572, 5 p.Article

Challenging the rationale of three sequential shocks for defibrillationCAMMARATA, Gianluca; WEIL, Max Harry; CSAPOCZI, Peter et al.Resuscitation. 2006, Vol 69, Num 1, pp 23-27, issn 0300-9572, 5 p.Article

Performance of an automated external defibrillator during simulated rotor-wing critical care transportsSANG MO JE; JE SUNG YOU; TAE NYOUNG CHUNG et al.Resuscitation. 2011, Vol 82, Num 4, pp 454-458, issn 0300-9572, 5 p.Article

Urgent Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Deactivation by Unconventional MeansBEETS, Michael Thomas; FORRINGER, Edward.Journal of pain and symptom management. 2011, Vol 42, Num 6, pp 941-953, issn 0885-3924, 13 p.Article

AED in Europe. Report on a surveyBAHR, Jan; BOSSAERT, Leo; HANDLEY, Anthony et al.Resuscitation. 2010, Vol 81, Num 2, pp 168-174, issn 0300-9572, 7 p.Article

Multiple failed external defibrillation attempts during robot-assisted internal mammary harvest for myocardial revascularizationHATTON, Kevin W; KILINSKI, Lawrence C; RAMAIAH, Chandrashekar et al.Anesthesia and analgesia. 2006, Vol 103, Num 5, pp 1113-1114, issn 0003-2999, 2 p.Article

Defibrillation in the field: should EMTs interpret rhythms?HAUSWALD, M.The American journal of emergency medicine. 1986, Vol 4, Num 3, pp 274-275, issn 0735-6757Article

Improved internal defibrillation with twin pulse sequential energy delivery to different lead orientations in pigsJONES, D. L; KLEIN, G. J; KALLOK, M. J et al.The American journal of cardiology. 1985, Vol 55, Num 6, pp 821-825, issn 0002-9149Article

HISTOIRE DU DÉFIBRILLATEUR = Defibrillation historyRIFLER, J. P; DOUKPOLO, S; DAN, M et al.Médecine d'urgence (Paris). 2011, Vol 33, Num OCT, pp 265-269, issn 1148-8115, 5 p., NSArticle

Mechanisms of electrical defibrillation of the heartCHERNYSH, A. M; TABAK, V. Y; BOGUSHEVICH, M. S et al.Resuscitation. 1988, Vol 16, Num 3, pp 169-178, issn 0300-9572Article

Self-adhesive preapplied electrode pads for defibrillation and cardioversionKERBER, R. E; MARTINS, J. B; KELLY, K. J et al.Journal of the American College of Cardiology. 1984, Vol 3, Num 3, pp 815-820, issn 0735-1097Article

Can You Find an Automated External Defibrillator If a Life Depends on It?MERCHANT, Raina M; ASCH, David A.Circulation. Cardiovascular quality and outcomes (Print). 2012, Vol 5, Num 2, pp 241-243, issn 1941-7713, 3 p.Article


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