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Biometric Recognition: Sensor Characteristics and Image QualityPRABHAKAR, Salil; IVANISOV, Alexander; JAIN, Anil et al.IEEE instrumentation & measurement magazine. 2011, Vol 14, Num 3, pp 10-16, issn 1094-6969, 7 p.Article

Improved SOI image sensor design based on backside illumination on silicon-on-sapphire (SOS) substrateCHAO SHEN; CHEN XU; HUANG, R et al.IEEE International SOI conference. 2002, pp 73-74, isbn 0-7803-7439-8, 2 p.Conference Paper

A 3.9μm pixel pitch VGA format 10b digital image sensor with 1.5-transistor/pixelTAKAHASHI, Hidekazu; KINOSHITA, Masakuni; MORITA, Kazumichi et al.IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference. 2004, pp 108-109, isbn 0-7803-8267-6, 2Vol, 2 p.Conference Paper

A 375 x 365 3D 1k frame/s range-Finding image sensor with 394.5 kHz access rate and 0.2 subpixel accuracyOIKE, Y; IKEDA, M; ASADA, K et al.IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference. 2004, pp 118-119, isbn 0-7803-8267-6, 2Vol, 2 p.Conference Paper

a-Si:H photoconversion layer thermal degradation for a two level image sensorMIYAGAWA, R; YAMAGUCHI, T; FURUKAWA, A et al.Journal of non-crystalline solids. 1991, Vol 137-38, pp 1317-1320, issn 0022-3093, 2Conference Paper

Calculation of the modes of operation of a CCD image sensorSTATSENKO, V. A.Telecommunications & radio engineering. 1990, Vol 45, Num 5, pp 52-55, issn 0040-2508Article

Aerial image sensor : In- situ scanner aberration monitorTYMINSKI, Jacek. K; HAGIWARA, Tsuneyuki; KONDO, Naoto et al.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2006, issn 0277-786X, isbn 0-8194-6195-4, 2Vol, vol 2, 61523D.1-61523D.10Conference Paper

A statistical and geometrical edge detector for SAR imagesTOUZI, R; LOPES, A; BOUSQUET, P et al.IEEE transactions on geoscience and remote sensing. 1988, Vol 26, Num 6, pp 764-773, issn 0196-2892Article

Image sensor operating in a persistence-integration modeZHONG-SHOU HUANG; TAKAO ANDO.Applied optics. 1991, Vol 30, Num 32, pp 4636-4642, issn 0003-6935Article

Design options for optically restructuring damaged image detectorsIGEL, E. A; KRISTIANSEN, M.Optical engineering (Bellingham. Print). 1989, Vol 28, Num 8, pp 854-858, issn 0091-3286Article

Intrinsic type a-SiC:H hole-blocking layer effects on image lag in an amorphous silicon image sensorIIDA, Y; NOZAKI, H; YANO, K et al.Journal of non-crystalline solids. 1991, Vol 137-38, pp 1313-1316, issn 0022-3093, 2Conference Paper

FEA image sensor with electron-beam focusing systemEGAMI, N; NANBA, M; TAKIGUCHI, Y et al.International Vacuum Nanoelectronics Conference. 2004, pp 228-229, isbn 0-7803-8397-4, 1Vol, 2 p.Conference Paper

A closely integrated reconfigurable image capture system and its applicationsJORDAN, D. S; HOLBURN, D. M.IEE conference publication. 1997, pp 156-160, issn 0537-9989, isbn 0-85296-692-X, 2VolConference Paper

A lensless contact-type image sensor based on a CdSe photoconductive arrayCAPON, J; DE BAETS, J; DE RYCKE, I et al.Sensors and actuators. A, Physical. 1993, Vol 37-38, pp 546-551, issn 0924-4247Conference Paper

A CPD image sensor with an SOI structureFUJII, E; SENDA, K; EMOTO, F et al.I.E.E.E. transactions on electron devices. 1988, Vol 35, Num 5, pp 642-645, issn 0018-9383Article

Passive millimeter wave video cameraYUJIRI, L; AGRAVANTE, H; YOKOYAMA, K et al.SPIE proceedings series. 1998, pp 14-19, isbn 0-8194-2827-2Conference Paper

New developments in telescope designWILLSTROP, R. V.Contemporary physics. 1995, Vol 36, Num 6, pp 389-410, issn 0010-7514Article

Fake iris detection by using purkinje imageEUI CHUL LEE; KANG RYOUNG PARK; KIM, Jaihie et al.Lecture notes in computer science. 2006, pp 397-403, issn 0302-9743, isbn 3-540-31111-4, 1Vol, 7 p.Conference Paper

Target acquisition and tracking based on a priori knowledge and an image sensorZHONGHUA FANG; TAO CHEN.SPIE proceedings series. 2002, pp 208-216, isbn 0-8194-4464-2Conference Paper

Laser induced plasmas observed with an optical imaging spectrometerIIDA, Y; MORIKAWA, H; TSUGE, A et al.Analytical sciences. 1991, Vol 7, Num 1, pp 61-64, issn 0910-6340Article

Intensity mappings within the context of near-sensor image processingASTRÖM, A; FORCHHEIMER, R; DANIELSSON, P.-E et al.IEEE transactions on image processing. 1998, Vol 7, Num 12, pp 1736-1741, issn 1057-7149Article

THX 7887A et TH 7888A : Deux nouveaux capteurs d'images CCD de 1024 x 1024 pixels et à fort debit = THX 7887A and TH 7888A : two new high rate 1024x1024 pixel CCD image sensorsBOUCHARLAT, G.ESA SP (Print). 1997, pp 325-330, issn 0379-6566, isbn 92-9092-263-XConference Paper

Ridge And Valley Junctions ExtractionMAGNIER, Baptiste; MONTESINOS, Philippe; DIEP, Daniel et al.Image processing, computer vision, & pattern recognition. International conferenceWorldComp'2011. 2011, pp 666-671, isbn 1-60132-189-9 1-60132-190-2 1-60132-191-0, 6 p.Conference Paper

The Application of image edge detection by using fuzzy techniqueLI YINGHUA; LIU BINGQI; ZHOU BIN et al.SPIE proceedings series. 2005, pp 398-405, isbn 0-8194-5592-X, 8 p.Conference Paper

Optimisation of on-chip amplifiers for charge coupled devicesROY, J. N; KULLAR, Sukhbir S; SUDIPTO DAS GUPTA et al.SPIE proceedings series. 2002, pp 557-562, isbn 0-8194-4500-2, 2VolConference Paper

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