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Use of B-natriuretic peptide as a diagnostic marker in the differential diagnosis of transfusion-associated circulatory overloadLAN ZHOU; GIACHERIO, Donald; COOLING, Laura et al.Transfusion (Philadelphia, PA). 2005, Vol 45, Num 7, pp 1056-1063, issn 0041-1132, 8 p.Article

Clinical signs and symptoms at diagnosis and its differential diagnosisMELLSTEDT, H.Annals of oncology. 2007, Vol 18, issn 0923-7534, i14-i21, SUP1Article

Broadening the differential diagnosisRAJENDRA, Arathi; PEREPLETCHIKOV, Alexander; KOPELMAN, Richard I et al.The American journal of medicine. 2006, Vol 119, Num 5, pp 410-412, issn 0002-9343, 3 p.Article

Normvarianten, Grenzsituationen und differentialdiagnostisch relevante Befunde zur auxologischen und pubertären EntwicklungSTOLECKE, H.Klinische Pädiatrie. Beihefte. 1990, Vol 94, pp 22-25, issn 0373-3165Article

Diagnostic positif et différentielDEMARQUAY, Geneviève.Concours médical (Paris). 2012, Vol 134, Num 2, pp 112-113, issn 0010-5309, 2 p.Article

Noncoeliac enteropathy: the differential diagnosis of villous atrophy in contemporary clinical practicePALLAV, K; LEFFLER, D. A; TARIQ, S et al.Alimentary pharmacology & therapeutics. 2012, Vol 35, Num 3, pp 380-390, issn 0269-2813, 11 p.Article

Blunt and penetrating chest injuries : Recent progress in surgery for the victims of disaster, terrorism, and warMCSWAIN, N. E.World journal of surgery. 1992, Vol 16, Num 5, pp 924-929, issn 0364-2313Article

Zur gegenwärtigen Rolle der Neurolues in der Differentialdiagnose neuropsychiatrischer Krankheitsbilder = Le rôle actuel des «neurolues» dans le diagnostic différentiel des configurations cliniques neuropsychiatriques = On the present role of neurolues in the differentiel diagnosis of neuropsychiatric clinical pictureSACHS, B.Psychiatrie, Neurologie und medizinische Psychologie. 1985, Vol 37, Num 7, pp 416-420, issn 0033-2739Article

Teaching differential diagnosis to beginning clinical studentsFULOP, M.The American journal of medicine. 1985, Vol 79, Num 6, pp 745-749, issn 0002-9343Article

Vous avez dit démence ? = You said dementia?DUBOIS, B.La Lettre du neurologue. 2007, Vol 11, Num 9, pp 319-320, issn 1276-9339, 2 p.Article

Clubbing : An update on diagnosis, differential diagnosis, pathophysiology, and clinical relevanceSPICKNALL, Kerith E; ZIRWAS, Matthew J; ENGLISH, Joseph C et al.Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. 2005, Vol 52, Num 6, pp 1020-1028, issn 0190-9622, 9 p.Article

Apotemnophilia masquerading as medical morbidityBENSLER, J. Mike; PAAUW, Douglas S.Southern medical journal (Birmingham). 2003, Vol 96, Num 7, pp 674-676, issn 0038-4348, 3 p.Article

Case report 546IRIE, T; TAKAHASHI, M; KANEKO, M et al.Skeletal radiology. 1989, Vol 18, Num 4, pp 310-313, issn 0364-2348Article

Etat déficitaire chez le jeune: crise d'adolescence ou mode de début d'une schizophrénie = Negative symptoms in youngsters: adolescence crisis or mode of onset of schizophaniaGINESTET, D; MONCHABLON, D.La Semaine des hôpitaux de Paris. 1989, Vol 65, Num 36-37, pp 2283-2285, issn 0037-1777, 3 p.Article

A decision tree for early differentiation between obstructive and non-obstructive jaundiceMALCHOW-MØLLER, A; THOMSEN, C; HILDEN, J et al.Scandinavian journal of gastroenterology. 1988, Vol 23, Num 4, pp 391-401, issn 0036-5521Article

Aggressive intranasal carcinoma mimicking infection or inflammationSTANLEY, R. J; OLSEN, K. D; MULLER, S. A et al.Cutis (New York, NY). 1988, Vol 42, Num 4, pp 288-293, issn 0011-4162Article

Evaluation and Differential Diagnosis of Marked, Persistent EosinophiliaMEJIA, Rojelio; NUTMAN, Thomas B.Seminars in hematology. 2012, Vol 49, Num 2, pp 149-159, issn 0037-1963, 11 p.Article

The PFAPA syndrome in oral medicine : Differential diagnosis and treatmentPINTO, Andres; LINDEMEYER, Rochelle G; SOLLECITO, Thomas P et al.Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral radiology, and endodontics. 2006, Vol 102, Num 1, pp 35-39, issn 1079-2104, 5 p.Article

Adverse drug reactions : The great masqueraders : ADE and causality assesmentROUTLEDGE, P. A; BIALAS, M. C; HOUGHTON, J. E et al.Drug information journal. 1998, Vol 32, Num 1, pp 79-84, issn 0092-8615Conference Paper

Unsuspected myasthenia gravis presenting as respiratory failureMIER, A; LAROCHE, C; GREEN, M et al.Thorax. 1990, Vol 45, Num 5, pp 422-423, issn 0040-6376, 2 p.Article

Mitotic disturbances : about causality and terminologyCHAMLA, Y; SAURA, R.Annales de génétique (Paris). 1990, Vol 33, Num 4, pp 243-244, issn 0003-3995Article

Dissociation des syndromes asthmatiques de l'enfant = Asthmatic syndromes in childrenLESBROS, D.Pédiatrie (Marseille). 1989, Vol 44, Num 1, pp 5-9, issn 0031-4021Article

Diagnostic différentiel des lésions intra-cordales chez les chanteurs = Differential diagnosis of singer's intracordal lesionsWITZIG, E.-P.Bulletin d'audiophonologie. 1988, Vol 4, pp 107-113, issn 0338-9405, n. sp. 1-2Article

Sensorineural and pseudosensorineural hearing lossesTONNDORF, J.ORL. 1988, Vol 50, Num 2, pp 79-83, issn 0301-1569Article

Pioderma maligno = Pyoderma malin = Malignant pyodermaGARCIA GARCIA, C; LLAMAS MARTIN, R; VANACLOCHA SEBASTIAN, F et al.Actas dermo-sifiliográficas (Ed. impresa). 1987, Vol 78, Num 11-12, pp 729-732, issn 0001-7310Article

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