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Comment on Electric field measurements at the magnetopause, 1, observation of large convective velocities at rotational magnetopause discontinuities by T. L. Aggson, P. J. Gambardella, and N. C. Maynard. ReplyPASCHMANN, G; AGGSON, T. L; GAMBARDELLA, P. J et al.JGR. Journal of geophysical research. Part A, Space physics. 1985, Vol 90, Num 8, pp 7629-7633Article

A note on heterojunction discontinuitiesVON ROOS, O.IEEE electron device letters. 1985, Vol 6, Num 3, pp 126-127, issn 0741-3106Article

Etude des structures crustales profondes de la région de Liayang par sondageLIANG ZHONGHUA; TANG RONGYU; SONG JIANJUN et al.1984, Vol 6, Num 4, pp 71-78, issn 0253-4967Article

Lipschitz continuity theorems for free discontinuity problem in several variablesLÜ, Zhong-Xue; YANG, Xiao-Ping.Journal of mathematical analysis and applications. 2006, Vol 321, Num 1, pp 124-131, issn 0022-247X, 8 p.Article

Sources of spurious force oscillations from an immersed boundary method for moving-body problemsLEE, Jongho; KIM, Jungwoo; CHOI, Haecheon et al.Journal of computational physics (Print). 2011, Vol 230, Num 7, pp 2677-2695, issn 0021-9991, 19 p.Article

Field and flow perturbations in the October 18-19, 1995, magnetic cloud : International solar terrestrial physics programJANOO, L; FARRUGIA, C. J; OSHEROVICH, V. A et al.Journal of geophysical research. 1998, Vol 103, Num A8, pp 17249-17259, issn 0148-0227Article

A general technique to embed non-uniform discontinuities into standard solid finite elementsMANZOLI, O. L; SHING, P. B.Computers & structures. 2006, Vol 84, Num 10-11, pp 742-757, issn 0045-7949, 16 p.Article

Dossier interdisciplinarité Philosophie et sciences du complexe : dialogue sur les « discontinuités » = Philosophy and the sciences of complexity : dialoguing on discontinuitiesVARENNE, Franck.Natures sciences sociétés (Montrouge). 2005, Vol 13, Num 3, pp 291-295, issn 1240-1307, 5 p.Article

Weyl law for fat fractalsSPINA, Maria E; GARCIA-MATA, Ignacio; SARACENO, Marcos et al.Journal of physics. A, Mathematical and theoretical (Print). 2010, Vol 43, Num 39, issn 1751-8113, 392003.1-392003.6Article

The Moho : petrologic or structural boundary ? = Le Moho: limite pétrologique ou structurale ?WHITE, R.S.Symposium on ophiolite genesis and evolution of oceanic lithosphere. 1990, 1 p.Conference Paper

Cesty do hlubin Země = Un voyage dans la TerreZOUBEK, V.1985, Vol 64, Num 6, pp 327-333, issn 0042-4544Article

Configuration on the deep geophysical discontinuities beneath the territory of BulgariaSHANOV, S; KOSTADINOV, I.Geologica balcanica. 1992, Vol 22, Num 2, pp 71-79, issn 0324-0894Article

The use of discontinuities and functional groups to assess relative resilience in complex systems : Surrogates for resilience of social-ecological systemsALLEN, Craig R; GUNDERSON, L; JOHNSON, A. R et al.Ecosystems (New York, NY. Print). 2005, Vol 8, Num 8, pp 958-966, issn 1432-9840, 9 p.Article

Weitwinkel - Nahaufnahme: Zeitperspektiven in der Wissenschaftsgeschichte = Close-Ups and Long Shots: Perspectives on Time in the History of Science = Gros plans et plans d'ensemble : perspectives sur le temps en histoire des sciencesWAHRIG, Bettina.Berichte zur Wissenchaftsgeschichte. 2009, Vol 32, Num 2, pp 135-143, issn 0170-6233, 9 p.Conference Paper

The iPRSV equation of stateVAN DER STELT, T. P; NANNAN, N. R; COLONNA, P et al.Fluid phase equilibria. 2012, Vol 330, pp 24-35, issn 0378-3812, 12 p.Article

Contribution au problème du continuum et de la discontinuité de la couverture végétaleIPATOV, V. S; KIRIKOVA, L. A.Botaničeskij žurnal. 1985, Vol 70, Num 7, pp 885-895, issn 0006-8136Article

Degenerate discontinuity-induced bifurcations in tapping-mode atomic-force microscopyMISRA, Sambit; DANKOWICZ, Harry; PAUL, Mark R et al.Physica. D. 2010, Vol 239, Num 1-2, pp 33-43, issn 0167-2789, 11 p.Article

Analysis of grazing bifurcations of quasiperiodic system attractorsTHOTA, Phanikrishna; DANKOWICZ, Harry.Physica. D. 2006, Vol 220, Num 2, pp 163-174, issn 0167-2789, 12 p.Article

Rayonnement de corps noir et horizon de RindlerPERDIJON, J.Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie. 2009, Vol 34, Num 1, pp 83-88, issn 0182-4295, 6 p.Article

On the location of straight discontinuity intervals of arbitrary sectionally analytic functions by using complex path-independent integralsANASTASSELOU, E. G; IOAKIMIDIS, N. I.Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering. 1987, Vol 65, Num 2, pp 165-176, issn 0045-7825Article

Response to a set of comments on heterojunction discontinuitiesNUSSBAUM, A.IEEE electron device letters. 1985, Vol 6, Num 6, pp 273-275, issn 0741-3106Article

From discretization to regularization of composite discontinuous functionsALSOUDANI, Tareg M; BOGLE, I. D. L.Computers & chemical engineering. 2014, Vol 62, pp 139-160, issn 0098-1354, 22 p.Article

How the cross-sectional discontinuity between ear canal and probe affects the ear canal length estimationZEBIAN, Makram; HENSEL, Johannes; FEDTKE, Thomas et al.The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 2012, Vol 132, Num 1, issn 0001-4966, EL8-EL14Article

Development of a real-time algorithm for detection of solar wind discontinuitiesVANDEV, D; DANOV, K; MATEEV, P et al.Astrophysics and space science. 1986, Vol 120, Num 2, pp 211-221, issn 0004-640XArticle

Heterojunction discontinuities: the current positionNUSSBAUM, A.IEEE electron device letters. 1984, Vol 5, Num 11, pp 499-501, issn 0741-3106Article

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