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Models for Disease Progression: New Approaches and UsesMOULD, D. R.Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. 2012, Vol 92, Num 1, pp 125-131, issn 0009-9236, 7 p.Article

Sensitivity of Weibull model parameter estimates to variation in simulated disease progression dataTHAL, W. M; CAMPBELL, L; MADDEN, L. V et al.Phytopathology. 1984, Vol 74, Num 12, pp 1425-1430, issn 0031-949XArticle

Diseased landscapesFLEMING, R. A.Oikos. 1991, Vol 62, Num 3, pp 389-390, issn 0030-1299Article

Regulatory Circuitry Governing Fungal Development, Drug Resistance, and DiseaseSHAPIRO, Rebecca S; ROBBINS, Nicole; COWEN, Leah E et al.Microbiology and molecular biology reviews. 2011, Vol 75, Num 2, issn 1092-2172, 209, 213-267 [56 p.]Article

Low hanging fruit in infectious disease drug developmentKRAUS, Carl N.Current opinion in microbiology. 2008, Vol 11, Num 5, pp 434-438, issn 1369-5274, 5 p.Article

Almond Leaf Scorch Disease Development on Almond Branches High-Grafted on Peach RootstockTIESEN CAO; DEJONG, Theodore M; KIRKPATRICK, Bruce C et al.Plant disease. 2013, Vol 97, Num 2, pp 277-281, issn 0191-2917, 5 p.Article

Meta-Analysis To Test the Association of HIV-1 nef Amino Acid Differences and Deletions with Disease ProgressionPUSHKER, Ravindra; JACQUE, Jean-Marc; SHIELDS, Denis C et al.Journal of virology. 2010, Vol 84, Num 7, pp 3644-3653, issn 0022-538X, 10 p.Article

Effect of Shade on Arabica Coffee Berry Disease Development : Toward an Agroforestry System to Reduce Disease ImpactMOUEN BEDIMO, J. A; NJIAYOUOM, I; BIEYSSE, D et al.Phytopathology. 2008, Vol 98, Num 12, pp 1320-1325, issn 0031-949X, 6 p.Article

Factors involved in delusion formationBROCKINGTON, I.British journal of psychiatry (Print). 1991, Vol 159, Num NOV, pp 42-45, issn 0007-1250, SUP14Article

Evaluation of Monkeypox Disease Progression by Molecular ImagingDYALL, Julie; JOHNSON, Reed F; BLANEY, Joseph E et al.The Journal of infectious diseases. 2011, Vol 204, Num 12, pp 1902-1911, issn 0022-1899, 10 p.Article

Using disease progression models as a tool to detect drug effectMOULD, D. R; DENMAN, N. G; DUFFULL, S et al.Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. 2007, Vol 82, Num 1, pp 81-86, issn 0009-9236, 6 p.Article

Comparative expression analysis of genes induced during development of bacterial rot and induction of hypersensitive cell death in lettuceKIBA, Akinori; LEE, Kyon-Ye; OHNISHI, Kouhei et al.Journal of plant physiology. 2008, Vol 165, Num 17, pp 1757-1773, issn 0176-1617, 17 p.Article

Postharvest Disease Development on Southern Highbush Blueberry Fruit in Relation to Berry Flesh Type and Harvest MethodMEHRA, L. K; MACLEAN, D. D; SAVELLE, A. T et al.Plant disease. 2013, Vol 97, Num 2, pp 213-221, issn 0191-2917, 9 p.Article

Robustness of correlated networks against propagating attacksHASEGAWA, T; KONNO, K; NEMOTO, K et al.The European physical journal. B, Condensed matter physics (Print). 2012, Vol 85, Num 8, issn 1434-6028, 85262.1-85262.6Article

Keratinocyte apoptosis in epidermal development and diseaseRAJ, Deepak; BRASH, Douglas E; GROSSMAN, Douglas et al.Journal of investigative dermatology. 2006, Vol 126, Num 2, pp 243-257, issn 0022-202X, 15 p.Article

Serum uric acid and cardiovascular disease : Recent developments, and where do they leave us?BAKER, Joshua F; KRISHNAN, Eswar; LAN CHEN et al.The American journal of medicine. 2005, Vol 118, Num 8, pp 816-826, issn 0002-9343, 11 p.Article

The atopic march : The pattern of allergic disease development in childhoodHAHN, Eugenia L; BACHARIER, Leonard B.Immunology and allergy clinics of North America. 2005, Vol 25, Num 2, pp 231-246, issn 0889-8561, 16 p., v [17 p.]Article

A flexible automata model for disease simulationSHIH CHING FU; MILNE, George.Lecture notes in computer science. 2004, pp 642-649, issn 0302-9743, isbn 3-540-23596-5, 8 p.Conference Paper

Selecting placental measures that have clinical implications in child development and diseasesZHAO, Y. J; ZHANG, H. J; LI, C. X et al.Placenta (Eastbourne). 2014, Vol 35, Num 3, pp 178-187, issn 0143-4004, 10 p.Article

Pregnancy and HIV disease progression during the era of highly active antiretroviral therapy. CommentaryANASTOS, Kathryn; TAR, Jennifer H; RAFLANTI, Stephen P et al.The Journal of infectious diseases. 2007, Vol 196, Num 7, issn 0022-1899, 971-973, 1044-1052 [12 p.]Article

Delusional belief systems and meaning in life : a preferred reality ?ROBERTS, G.British journal of psychiatry (Print). 1991, Vol 159, Num NOV, pp 19-28, issn 0007-1250, SUP14Article

Infection et colonisation de l'escourgeon par Typhula incarnata LASCH ex FRIES = Infection and colonization of winter barley by T. incarnata Lasch ex FriesDETIFFE, H; MARAITE, H; MEYER, J. A et al.Parasitica. 1983, Vol 39, Num 4, pp 161-172, issn 0031-1812Article

Alveolar Macrophages Are a Major Determinant of Early Responses to Viral Lung Infection but Do Not Influence Subsequent Disease DevelopmentPRIBUL, Philippa K; HARKER, James; WANG, Belinda et al.Journal of virology. 2008, Vol 82, Num 9, pp 4441-4448, issn 0022-538X, 8 p.Article

Recent developments in thyroid eye diseaseCAWOOD, Tom; MORIARTY, Paul; O'SHEA, Donal et al.BMJ. British medical journal (International ed.). 2004, Vol 329, Num 7462, pp 385-390, issn 0959-8146, 6 p.Article

Que faire lors d'une arthrite d'apparition récente ? 1ère partie : Le triage par la clinique = Early arthritis. First part : Clinical approachSAUDAN-KISTER, A.Médecine et hygiène. 1999, Vol 57, Num 2247, pp 588-592, issn 0025-6749, 3 p.Article

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