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Scapulothoracic DissociationLAVELLE, William F; UHL, Richard.Orthopedics (Thorofare). 2010, Vol 33, Num 6, pp 417-421, issn 0147-7447, 5 p.Article

Hydrogen beam stimulated low-temperature dissociation of organometallics : application for lowering the growth temperature in metalorganic chemical vapor deposition processJAGANNATHAN, G. V; HABIG, A. T; ANDREWS, M. L et al.Applied physics letters. 1990, Vol 56, Num 20, pp 2019-2021, issn 0003-6951Article

Computational Prediction of One-Electron Reduction Potentials and Acid Dissociation Constants for Guanine Oxidation Intermediates and ProductsPSCIUK, Brian T; BERNHARD SCHLEGEL, H.The Journal of physical chemistry. B. 2013, Vol 117, Num 32, pp 9518-9531, issn 1520-6106, 14 p.Article

CO2 electron dissociation in the 18-46 eV range. A report of the O+ and CO+ abundancesARMENANTE, M; CESARO, R; SANTORO, V et al.International journal of mass spectrometry and ion processes. 1989, Vol 87, Num 1, pp 41-50, issn 0168-1176Article

Electron attachment to the dipeptide dialanine: influence of methylation on site selective dissociation reactionsPUSCHNIGG, Benjamin; HUBER, Stefan E; PROBST, Michael et al.PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print). 2013, Vol 15, Num 11, pp 3834-3840, issn 1463-9076, 7 p.Article

Theoretical study of water adsorption and dissociation on Ta3N5(100) surfacesJIAJIA WANG; WENJUN LUO; JIANYONG FENG et al.PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print). 2013, Vol 15, Num 38, pp 16054-16064, issn 1463-9076, 11 p.Article

Treatment of Traumatic Scapholunate DissociationKALAINOV, David M; COHEN, Mark S.The Journal of hand surgery (St. Louis, Mo.). 2009, Vol 34A, Num 7, pp 1317-1319, issn 0363-5023, 3 p.Article

Dissociation in a general population of finnish adolescentsTOLMUNEN, Tommi; MAARANEN, Päivi; HINTIKKA, Jukka et al.The Journal of nervous and mental disease. 2007, Vol 195, Num 7, pp 614-617, issn 0022-3018, 4 p.Article

Trauma and dissociation in ChinaZEPING XIAO; HEQIN YAN; ZHEN WANG et al.The American journal of psychiatry. 2006, Vol 163, Num 8, pp 1388-1391, issn 0002-953X, 4 p.Article

The monocular vertical prism dissociation testGOLNIK, Karl C; LEE, Andrew G; EGGENBERGER, Eric R et al.American journal of ophthalmology. 2004, Vol 137, Num 1, pp 135-137, issn 0002-9394, 3 p.Article

Thermal dissociation of multimeric protein complexes by using nanoelectrospray mass spectrometryBENESCH, Justin L. P; SOBOTT, Frank; ROBINSON, Carol V et al.Analytical chemistry (Washington, DC). 2003, Vol 75, Num 10, pp 2208-2214, issn 0003-2700, 7 p.Article

Effet électrocinétique en présence d'additions d'ions polyvalentsPET'KIN, N. V; AVDEEV, S. M; PETRUSHENKO, S. V et al.Èlektrohimiâ. 1988, Vol 24, Num 2, pp 207-208, issn 0424-8570Article

Scapholunate Stabilization With Dynamic Extensor Carpi Radialis Longus Tendon TransferPETERSON, Steven L; FREELAND, Alan E.The Journal of hand surgery (St. Louis, Mo.). 2010, Vol 35A, Num 12, pp 2093-2100, issn 0363-5023, 8 p.Article

Borderline personality organization and dissociationSPITZER, Carsten; BARNOW, Sven; ARMBRUSTER, Jan et al.Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic. 2006, Vol 70, Num 3, pp 210-221, issn 0025-9284, 12 p.Article

Molecular and dissociative adsorption of multiple hydrogen molecules on transition metal decorated C60YILDIRIM, T; INIGUEZ, Jorge; CIRACI, S et al.Physical review B. Condensed matter and materials physics. 2005, Vol 72, Num 15, pp 153403.1-153403.4, issn 1098-0121Article

A case of atrial dissociationKANEMOTO, N.Journal of electrocardiology. 1988, Vol 21, Num 2, pp 103-105, issn 0022-0736Article

Symmetry-breaking transitions and dissociation of two-dimensional plateau bordersFATIMA VAZ, M; FORTES, M. A; TEIXEIRA, P. I. C et al.The European physical journal. E, Soft matter (Print). 2005, Vol 16, Num 4, pp 401-407, issn 1292-8941, 7 p.Article

Dancing with the Muses: Dissociation and FlowTHOMSON, Paula; VICTORIA JAQUE, S.Journal of trauma & dissociation. 2012, Vol 13, Num 4, pp 478-489, issn 1529-9732, 12 p.Article

Molecular dissociation of group-V hydrides on Si(001)MCDONELL, T. L; MARKS, N. A; WARSCHKOW, O et al.Physical review B. Condensed matter and materials physics. 2005, Vol 72, Num 19, pp 193307.1-193307.4, issn 1098-0121Article

Dislocation dissociation in CaGeO3 perovskiteYANBIN WANG; POIRIER, J.-P; LIEBERMANN, R. C et al.Physics and chemistry of minerals. 1989, Vol 16, Num 7, pp 630-633, issn 0342-1791, 4 p.Article

Infrared multiple photon dissociation (IRMPD) spectroscopy of oxazine dyesNIECKARZ, Robert J; OOMENS, Jos; BERDEN, Giel et al.PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print). 2013, Vol 15, Num 14, pp 5049-5056, issn 1463-9076, 8 p.Article

Dissociative functioning and its relationship to state and trait guilt in the non-clinical populationDORAHY, M. J; SCHUMAKER, J. F.Personality and individual differences. 1997, Vol 23, Num 6, pp 967-972, issn 0191-8869Article

Adsorption, dissociation, penetration, and diffusion of N2 on and in bcc Fe: first-principles calculationsSANG CHUL YEO; SANG SOO HAN; HYUCK MO LEE et al.PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print). 2013, Vol 15, Num 14, pp 5186-5192, issn 1463-9076, 7 p.Article

Unilateral Light-Near Dissociation in Lesions of the Rostral MidbrainSHAMS, Pari N; BREMNER, Fion D; SMITH, Steve E et al.Archives of ophthalmology (1960). 2010, Vol 128, Num 11, pp 1486-1489, issn 0003-9950, 4 p.Article

Scrambling of sequence information in collision-induced dissociation of peptidesHARRISON, Alex G; YOUNQ, Alex B; BLEIHOLDER, Christian et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2006, Vol 128, Num 32, pp 10364-10365, issn 0002-7863, 2 p.Article

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