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Experimental Evaluation of the Dissolution Rates of Ti and FeTi70 in Liquid FePANDELAERS, Lieven; BARRIER, Diane; GARDIN, Pascal et al.Metallurgical and materials transactions. B, Process metallurgy and materials processing science. 2013, Vol 44, Num 3, pp 561-570, issn 1073-5615, 10 p.Article

Möglichkeiten zur Verbesserung der Lösunggeschwindigkeit von schwerlöslischen Arzneistoffen am Beispiel von Mefrusid = Augmentation de la dissolution des médicaments difficilement solubles: exemple du méfruside = Enhancement of dissolution rate of sparingly soluble drug: mefrusidJUNGINGER, H; WEDLER, M.Acta pharmaceutica technologica. 1984, Vol 30, Num 1, pp 68-77, issn 0340-3157Article

Determination of the optimum conditions for the dissolution of colemanite in H3PO4 solutionsYESILYURT, Murat; COLAK, Sabri; CALBAN, Turan et al.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 2005, Vol 44, Num 10, pp 3761-3765, issn 0888-5885, 5 p.Article

Dissolution of Cr2O3(s) and the Behavior of Chromium in Concentrated NaOH SolutionsZYDORCZAK, Barbara; MAY, Peter M; MEYRICK, Danielle P et al.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 2012, Vol 51, Num 51, pp 16537-16543, issn 0888-5885, 7 p.Article

The comparison of a novel continuous-flow dissolution apparatus for suppositories with the rotating basket techniqueMCELNAY, J. C; NICOL, A. C.International journal of pharmaceutics. 1984, Vol 19, Num 1, pp 89-96, issn 0378-5173Article

Determination of Antiscaling Efficiency and Dissolution Capacity for Calcium Carbonate with Ultrasonic IrradiationXIAOLI LI; JIANGUO ZHANG; DAOYONG YANG et al.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 2012, Vol 51, Num 27, pp 9266-9274, issn 0888-5885, 9 p.Article

On the dissolution/reaction of small-grain Bioglass® 45S5 and F-modified bioactive glasses in artificial saliva (AS)AINA, Valentina; BERTINETTI, Luca; CERRATO, Giuseppina et al.Applied surface science. 2011, Vol 257, Num 9, pp 4185-4195, issn 0169-4332, 11 p.Article

Reductive dissolution of magnetite in ethylenediaminedisuccinic acid solutionsAL-MAYOUF, A. M; AL-ARIFI, A. S. N.Desalination (Amsterdam). 2005, Vol 181, Num 1-3, pp 233-241, issn 0011-9164, 9 p.Article

Description théorique du processus de dissolution anodique du métal dans un canal cylindrique dans les conditions de limites de concentrationEHNGEL'GARDT, G. R; KRYLOV, V. S; DAVYDOV, A. D et al.Èlektrohimiâ. 1983, Vol 19, Num 11, pp 1459-1464, issn 0424-8570Article

The relationship between intrinsic dissolution rates and solubilities in the water-ethanol binary solvent systemNICKLASSON, M; BRODIN, A.International journal of pharmaceutics. 1984, Vol 18, Num 1-2, pp 149-156, issn 0378-5173Article

Dissolution of synthetic and bovine bone-derived hydroxyapatites fabricated by hot-pressingYOUNG GOOK KIM; DONG SEOK SEO; JONG KOOK LEE et al.Applied surface science. 2008, Vol 255, Num 2, pp 589-592, issn 0169-4332, 4 p.Conference Paper

Kinetics of current-enhanced dissolution of nickel in liquid aluminumZHAO, J. F; UNUVAR, C; ANSELMI-TAMBURINI, U et al.Acta materialia. 2007, Vol 55, Num 16, pp 5592-5600, issn 1359-6454, 9 p.Article

Homogeneous diffusion layer model of dissolution incorporating the initial transient phaseCUPERA, Jakub; LANSKY, Petr.International journal of pharmaceutics (Print). 2011, Vol 416, Num 1, pp 35-42, issn 0378-5173, 8 p.Article

Development of a reaction-limited model of dissolution : Application to official dissolution tests experimentsDOKOUMETZIDIS, A; PAPADOPOULOU, V; VALSAMI, G et al.International journal of pharmaceutics. 2008, Vol 355, Num 1-2, pp 114-125, issn 0378-5173, 12 p.Article

An optical method for continuous monitoring of the dissolution rate of pharmaceutical powdersLAITINEN, Riikka; LAHTINEN, Jani; SILFSTEN, Pertti et al.Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis. 2010, Vol 52, Num 2, pp 181-189, issn 0731-7085, 9 p.Article

Additive-Driven Dissolution Enhancement of Colloidal Silica. 3. Fluorine-Containing AdditivesDEMADIS, Konstantinos D; SOMARA, Maria; MAVREDAKI, Eleftheria et al.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 2012, Vol 51, Num 7, pp 2952-2962, issn 0888-5885, 11 p.Article

Comparative Characterization of Lignins Extracted from Cotton Stalk Based on Complete Dissolution in Different SystemsLINGYAN MENG; SUMIN KANG; XUEMING ZHANG et al.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 2012, Vol 51, Num 29, pp 9858-9866, issn 0888-5885, 9 p.Article

Determination of the solubility, dissolution enthalpy and entropy of pyrene in different solventsQIUSHUO YU; XIAOXUN MA; LONG XU et al.Fluid phase equilibria. 2012, Vol 319, pp 5-8, issn 0378-3812, 4 p.Article

Selection of organic agents for reclamation of metals from spent hydroprocessing catalystsMARAFI, M; FURIMSKY, E.Erdöl, Erdgas, Kohle. 2005, Vol 121, Num 2, pp 93-96, issn 0179-3187, 4 p.Article

Intensification of the Dissolution of a Sparingly Soluble Solid from a Spinning Disk in the Presence of Power UltrasoundKRISHNA SANDILYA, D; KANNAN, A.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 2011, Vol 50, Num 23, pp 13083-13091, issn 0888-5885, 9 p.Article

Dissolution of Cobalt from CoO/Al2O3 Catalyst with Mineral AcidsBOUKERCHE, Ikram; HABBACHE, Naima; ALANE, Nadia et al.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 2010, Vol 49, Num 14, pp 6514-6520, issn 0888-5885, 7 p.Article

Investigation of the Dissolution Kinetics of Meta-Kaolin in H2SO4 SolutionALTIOKKA, Mehmet Riza; AKALM, Handan; MELEK, Nergis et al.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 2010, Vol 49, Num 24, pp 12379-12382, issn 0888-5885, 4 p.Article

Absorption and dissolution of nitrofurantoin from different experimental formulationsALI, A. A; GORASHI, A. S.International journal of pharmaceutics. 1984, Vol 19, Num 3, pp 297-306, issn 0378-5173Article

Dissolution du béryllium dans les bains fondus oxyde de vanadium(V)-oxyde de plomb(II)MUNDUS-TABAKAEV, A. F; TKACHENKO, A. A.Žurnal neorganičeskoj himii. 1984, Vol 29, Num 7, pp 1893-1895, issn 0044-457XArticle

Dissolution Kinetics of Magnesite Waste in HCl SolutionHOSGÜN, Halit L; KURAMA, Haldun.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 2012, Vol 51, Num 3, pp 1087-1092, issn 0888-5885, 6 p.Article

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