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Numerical modeling of a continuous-wave Yb-doped bulk crystal laser emitting on a three-level laser transition near 980 nmYIOU, Sylvie; BALEMBOIS, Francois; GEORGES, Patrick et al.Journal of the Optical Society of America. B, Optical physics (Print). 2005, Vol 22, Num 3, pp 572-581, issn 0740-3224, 10 p.Article

Internal fluorescence induced refreshment of thermally fixed photorefractive grating in Ti:Fe:Er:IiNbO3 for stable laser emissionDAS, B. K; SOHLER, W; DIEROLF, V et al.Electronics Letters. 2005, Vol 41, Num 11, pp 646-647, issn 0013-5194, 2 p.Article

Self-frequency-doubling ytterbium lasersDAWES, Judith M; DEKKER, Peter; BURNS, Phillio et al.Optical review. 2005, Vol 12, Num 2, pp 101-104, issn 1340-6000, 4 p.Conference Paper

Computational modeling of the optical pumping of solid-state lasers and the heating of the active element with allowance for water coolingKONDRASHENKO, A. V; LINNIK, V. M; SIROTKINA, A. G et al.Journal of engineering physics and thermophysics. 2003, Vol 76, Num 2, pp 316-324, issn 1062-0125, 9 p.Article

Thermal properties of Nd:YAG: Composite active media in a diode-pumped laserSULC, J; JELINKOVA, H; KUBECEK, V et al.Laser physics. 2003, Vol 13, Num 10, pp 1284-1289, issn 1054-660X, 6 p.Conference Paper

Cavityless powder lasers pumped by field-emission cathodes as a new class of monochromatic spatially incoherent radiation sourcesLETOKHOV, V. S; SEKATSKII, S. K.Quantum electronics (Woodbury). 2002, Vol 32, Num 11, pp 1007-1008, issn 1063-7818, 2 p.Article

Introduction to laser diode-pumped solid state lasersScheps, Richard.Tutorial texts in optical engineering. 2002, issn 1017-6993, isbn 0-8194-4274-7, XVI, 100 p, isbn 0-8194-4274-7Book

Site selective excitation, upconversion and laser operation in Er3+ : LiKYF5SMITH, Anita; MARTIN, John P. D; SELLARS, Matthew J et al.Optics communications. 2001, Vol 188, Num 1-4, pp 219-232, issn 0030-4018Article

Generation in a laser with a tubular active element made of a neodymium-doped potassium: gadolinium tungstate crystalGULEV, V. S; MIKERIN, S. L; KLYUCHNIKOV, A. A et al.Quantum electronics (Woodbury). 2001, Vol 31, Num 10, pp 867-869, issn 1063-7818Article

Continuous-wave power performance of a 2.47-μm Cr2+ : ZnSe laser : Experiment and modelingSENNAROGLU, Alphan; KONCA, A. Ozgun; POLLOCK, Clifford R et al.IEEE journal of quantum electronics. 2000, Vol 36, Num 10, pp 1199-1205, issn 0018-9197Article

Fabrication parameters optimization of Ti-diffused Nd:LiNbO3 channel waveguide lasersDELONG ZHANG; GUILAN DING; CAIHE CHEN et al.Journal of modern optics (Print). 2000, Vol 47, Num 10, pp 1623-1634, issn 0950-0340Article

Er3+:YAlO3 upconversion laserSCHEPS, Richard.SPIE milestone series. 2000, Vol 161, pp 143-153, issn 1050-0529Article

Photon avalanche upconversion laser at 644 nmKOCH, M. E; KUENY, A. W; CASE, W. E et al.SPIE milestone series. 2000, Vol 161, pp 196-198, issn 1050-0529Article

Expiring license opens field for solid-state blue lasersJONES-BEY, H.Laser focus world. 2000, Vol 36, Num 1, pp 133-138, issn 1043-8092, 5 p.Article

Effect of thermal lensing on the mode matching between pump and laser beams in Cr4+:forsterite lasers : A numerical studySENNAROGLU, A.Journal of physics. D, Applied physics (Print). 2000, Vol 33, Num 12, pp 1478-1483, issn 0022-3727Article

Amplified spontaneous emission application to Nd:YAG lasersBARNES, N. P; WALSH, B. M.IEEE journal of quantum electronics. 1999, Vol 35, Num 1, pp 101-109, issn 0018-9197Article

Defect-induced persistent hole burning in MgO-doped Pr3+ :YAG systemsSUEMOTO, T; OKUNO, T; NAKANO, D et al.Optics communications. 1998, Vol 145, Num 1-6, pp 113-118, issn 0030-4018Article

Transient modelling of a self-starting holographic laser oscillatorSYED, K. S; CROFTS, G. J; DAMZEN, M. J et al.Optics communications. 1998, Vol 146, Num 1-6, pp 181-185, issn 0030-4018Article

The development of a high repetitive and high power Nd:YAG laser by using a zero-current switching resonant converterKIM, H.-J; KIM, E.-S; LEE, D.-H et al.Optics and laser technology. 1998, Vol 30, Num 3-4, pp 199-203, issn 0030-3992Article

High average power blue generation from a copper vapour laser pumped titanium sapphire laserCOUTTS, D. W; WADSWORTH, W. J; WEBB, C. E et al.Journal of modern optics (Print). 1998, Vol 45, Num 6, pp 1185-1197, issn 0950-0340Conference Paper

Well characterized 1019W cm2 operation of VULCAN : an ultra-high power Nd :glass laserDANSON, C. N; COLLIER, J; ROSS, I. N et al.Journal of modern optics (Print). 1998, Vol 45, Num 8, pp 1653-1669, issn 0950-0340Conference Paper

Continuous-wave Cr4+ : Mg2SiO4 laser pumped by neodymium fibre-laser radiationDIANOV, E. M; BUFETOV, I. A; KARPOV, V. I et al.Quantum electronics (Woodbury). 1997, Vol 27, Num 9, pp 751-752, issn 1063-7818Article

Dynamic analysis of erbium-doped optically pumped waveguide lasers using a time-domain travelling wave modelYU, S. F; YUK, T. I; SHUM, P et al.Optical and quantum electronics. 1997, Vol 29, Num 6, pp 683-696, issn 0306-8919Article

Single-frequency injection seeded pulsed Ti:Al2O3ring laserOGINO, A; KATSURAGAWA, M; HAKUTA, K et al.Japanese journal of applied physics. 1997, Vol 36, Num 8, pp 5112-5115, issn 0021-4922, 1Article

Effects of high-level energy pumping on radiative thermal loading of phosphate laser glassCOBBETT, J. A; CHA, S. S.International communications in heat and mass transfer. 1997, Vol 24, Num 8, pp 1059-1067, issn 0735-1933Article

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