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Laser-Induced Precession of Magnetization in GaMnAsROZKOTOVA, Eva; NEMEC, Petr; SPRINZL, Daniel et al.IEEE transactions on magnetics. 2008, Vol 44, Num 11, pp 2674-2677, issn 0018-9464, 4 p., 1Conference Paper

Dynamic Thermal Responses of Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording Head in Data Writing ProcessBAOXI XU; JIANMING LI; YEOW TECK TOH et al.IEEE transactions on magnetics. 2012, Vol 48, Num 11, pp 3280-3283, issn 0018-9464, 4 p.Conference Paper

Initial Permeability and Dynamic Response of FeCo Write PoleSUMEI WANG; DAN WEI; GAO, Kai-Zhong et al.IEEE transactions on magnetics. 2010, Vol 46, Num 6, pp 1951-1954, issn 0018-9464, 4 p.Conference Paper

Strain growth in spherical explosive chambers subjected to internal blast loadingDUFFEY, Thomas A; ROMERO, Christopher.International journal of impact engineering. 2003, Vol 28, Num 9, pp 967-983, issn 0734-743X, 17 p.Article

An efficient method for dynamic response optimizationHSIEH, C. C; ARORA, J. S.AIAA journal. 1985, Vol 23, Num 9, pp 1454-1456, issn 0001-1452Article

Dynamic response of a radial beam with nonconstant angular velocityKAMMER, D. C; SCHLACK, A. L. JR.Journal of vibration, acoustics, stress, and reliability in design. 1987, Vol 109, Num 2, pp 138-143, issn 0739-3717Article

Theory of viscoplastic shells for dynamic responseATKATSH, R. S; BIENIEK, M. P; SANDLER, I. S et al.Journal of applied mechanics. 1984, Vol 50, Num 1, pp 131-136, issn 0021-8936Article

Dynamic response of a pyroelectric hollow sphere under radial deformationDING, H. J; WANG, H. M; CHEN, W. Q et al.European journal of mechanics. A. Solids. 2003, Vol 22, Num 4, pp 617-631, issn 0997-7538, 15 p.Article

Validation of a structural optimization algorithm transforming dynamic loads into equivalent static loadsPARK, G. J; KANG, B. S.Journal of optimization theory and applications. 2003, Vol 118, Num 1, pp 191-200, issn 0022-3239, 10 p.Article

Time-dependent behavior of bubble volume in fluidized bedsCLOUGH, D. E; WEIMER, A. W.Industrial & engineering chemistry fundamentals. 1985, Vol 24, Num 2, pp 235-241, issn 0196-4313Article

Dynamic Plastic Response of Aluminum at Temperatures Approaching MeltGRUNSCHEL, Stephen E; CLIFTON, Rodney J.Metallurgical and materials transactions. A, Physical metallurgy and materials science. 2007, Vol 38, Num 12, pp 2885-2890, issn 1073-5623, 6 p.Conference Paper

The dynamic neuroendocrine response to critical illnessLANGOUCHE, Lies; VAN DEN BERGHE, Greet.Endocrinology and metabolism clinics of North America. 2006, Vol 35, Num 4, issn 0889-8529, ix, 777-791 [16 p.]Article

A beam segment element for dynamic analysis of large aqueductsBO WANG; QINGBIN LI.Finite elements in analysis and design. 2003, Vol 39, Num 13, pp 1249-1258, issn 0168-874X, 10 p.Article

Transient temperature rise during regeneration of diesel particulate filtersCHEN, K; MARTIROSYAN, K. S; LUSS, D et al.Chemical engineering journal (1996). 2011, Vol 176-77, pp 144-150, issn 1385-8947, 7 p.Conference Paper

Dynamic response and long-term stability of a small direct methanol fuel cell stackPARK, Young-Chul; PECK, Dong-Hyun; KIM, Sang-Kyung et al.Journal of power sources (Print). 2010, Vol 195, Num 13, pp 4080-4089, issn 0378-7753, 10 p.Article

Dynamic optimization design of a cylindrical helical spring : Condition Monitoring of Machinery in Non-Stationary OperationsTAKTAK, Mohamed; OMHENI, Khalifa; ALOUI, Abdessattar et al.Applied acoustics. 2014, Vol 77, pp 178-183, issn 0003-682X, 6 p.Article

Photoelectric properties of a detector based on dried bacteriorhodopsin filmWEI WEI WANG; KNOPF, George K; BASSI, Amarjeet S et al.Biosensors & bioelectronics. 2006, Vol 21, Num 7, pp 1309-1319, issn 0956-5663, 11 p.Article

Optimization of Voice Coil Motor to Enhance Dynamic Response Based on an Improved Magnetic Equivalent Circuit ModelYU LIU; MING ZHANG; YU ZHU et al.IEEE transactions on magnetics. 2011, Vol 47, Num 9, pp 2247-2251, issn 0018-9464, 5 p.Article

Exchange Bias Effect on the Relaxation Behavior of the IrMn/NiFe Bilayer SystemABDULAHAD, Faria Basheer; HUNG, Dung-Shung; CHIU, Yu-Che et al.IEEE transactions on magnetics. 2011, Vol 47, Num 10, pp 4227-4230, issn 0018-9464, 4 p.Conference Paper

Performance of a glucose fed periodic anaerobic baffled reactor under increasing organic loading conditions: 1. Experimental resultsSTAMATELATOU, K; VAVILIN, V; LYBERATOS, G et al.Bioresource technology. 2003, Vol 88, Num 2, pp 131-136, issn 0960-8524, 6 p.Article

Microwave-Assisted Magnetization Reversal in Individual Isolated Clusters of CobaltRAUFAST, Cecile; TAMION, Alexandre; BERNSTEIN, Estela et al.IEEE transactions on magnetics. 2008, Vol 44, Num 11, pp 2812-2815, issn 0018-9464, 4 p., 1Conference Paper

Dynamic response analysis of opening and closing sensor for windowsOTA, Tomohiro; HIRATA, Katsuhiro; YAMAGUCHI, Tadashi et al.IEEE transactions on magnetics. 2005, Vol 41, Num 5, pp 1604-1607, issn 0018-9464, 4 p.Conference Paper

Analysis of Rotor Dynamic by One-Dimensional Variable Kinematic TheoriesCARRERA, E; FILIPPI, E. M; ZAPPINO, E et al.Journal of engineering for gas turbines and power. 2013, Vol 135, Num 9, issn 0742-4795, 092501.1-092501.9Article

Seismic response of annular cylindrical tanksYU TANG; GRANDY, Christopher; SEIDENSTICKER, Ralph et al.Nuclear engineering and design. 2010, Vol 240, Num 10, pp 2614-2625, issn 0029-5493, 12 p.Article

Numerical accuracy in the integration of cable dynamics equationsWILSON, H; DEB, K; DALJEET SINGH et al.International journal of non-linear mechanics. 1992, Vol 27, Num 5, pp 795-804, issn 0020-7462Article

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