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End-plate spikes in electromyography are fusimotor unit potentialsPARTANEN, J. V; NOUSIAINEN, U.Neurology. 1983, Vol 33, Num 8, pp 1039-1043, issn 0028-3878Article

Macro EMGSTÅLBERG, E.Muscle & nerve. 1983, Vol 6, Num 9, pp 619-630, issn 0148-639XArticle

Linear and non-linear surface EMG/force relationships in human muscles: an anatomical/functional argument for the existence of bothWOODS, J. J; BIGLAND-RITCHIE, B.American journal of physical medicine. 1983, Vol 62, Num 6, pp 287-299, issn 0002-9491Article

Quantification of the EMGLEE, R. G; DE WEERD, H; ANDREASSEN, S et al.Electroencephalography and clinical neurophysiology. Supplement. 1987, Num 39, pp 3-49, issn 0424-8155Article

Cinesiologie et E.M.GNADEAU, G.J Readapt Med. 1991, Vol 11, Num 0001, pp 00040-00042Article

Suxamethonium-induced facilitation of spontaneous frontal EMG activityTAMMISTO, T; PALOHEIMO, M; LINKO, K et al.European journal of anaesthesiology. 1988, Vol 5, Num 6, pp 361-367, issn 0265-0215Article

POSTURAL RESPONSES EXPLORED THROUGH CLASSICAL CONDITIONINGCAMPBELL, A. D; DAKIN, C. J; CARPENTER, M. G et al.Neuroscience. 2009, Vol 164, Num 3, pp 986-997, issn 0306-4522, 12 p.Article

Mechanomyographie und Elektromyographie: zwei konkurrierende Methoden der Relaxometrie unter verwendung von Vecuronium = Mécanomyographie et électromyographie, deux méthodes concurrentes de relaxométrie avec utilisation de vecuronium = Mechanomyography and electromyography: two concurrent methods of relaxometry with use of vecuroniumMELLINGHOFF, H; DIEFENBACH, C; ARHELGER, S et al.Anästhesie, Intensivtherapie, Notfallmedizin. 1989, Vol 24, Num 1, pp 57-59, issn 0174-1837Article

Clinical recovery and train-of-four ratio measured mechanically and electromyographically following atracuriumENGBOEK, J; ØSTERGAARD, D; VIBY-MOGENSEN, J et al.Anesthesiology (Philadelphia). 1989, Vol 71, Num 3, pp 391-395, issn 0003-3022Article

Comparison of evoked electromyography and mechanical activity during vecuronium-induced neuromuscular blockadeMORTIER, E; MOULAERT, P; DE SOMER, A et al.European journal of anaesthesiology. 1988, Vol 5, Num 2, pp 131-141, issn 0265-0215Article

Accuracy of three different techniques for automatically estimating innervation zone locationBECK, Travis W; DEFREITAS, Jason M; STOCK, Matt S et al.Computer methods and programs in biomedicine (Print). 2012, Vol 105, Num 1, pp 13-21, issn 0169-2607, 9 p.Article

The relationship of evoked electromyographic and mechanical responses following atracurium in humansKOPMAN, A. F.Anesthesiology (Philadelphia). 1985, Vol 63, Num 2, pp 208-211, issn 0003-3022Article

Interaction between simultaneous contraction and relaxation in different limbsKATO, Kouki; MURAOKA, Tetsuro; HIGUCHI, Takatoshi et al.Experimental brain research. 2014, Vol 232, Num 1, pp 181-189, issn 0014-4819, 9 p.Article

An algorithm for sequential signal estimation and system identification for EMG signalsSTUDER, R. M; DE FIGUEIREDO, R. J. P; MOSCHYTZ, G. S et al.IEEE transactions on biomedical engineering. 1984, Vol 31, Num 3, pp 285-295, issn 0018-9294Article

Decreasing perceived optic flow rigidity increases postural swayHOLTEN, Vivian; DONKER, Stella F; VERSTRATEN, Frans A. J et al.Experimental brain research. 2013, Vol 228, Num 1, pp 117-129, issn 0014-4819, 13 p.Article

Electromyographic Measurement of Eating Behaviors for Buckwheat NoodlesKOHYAMA, Kaoru; HANYU, Takashi; HAYAKAWA, Fumiyo et al.Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry. 2010, Vol 74, Num 1, pp 56-62, issn 0916-8451, 7 p.Article

Electromyographic analysis of the thumb: a study of isometric forces in pinch and graspCOONEY, W. P. III; KAI-NAN AN; DAUBE, J. R et al.The Journal of hand surgery (St. Louis, Mo.). 1985, Vol 10, Num 2, pp 202-210, issn 0363-5023Article

Makro-EMG: techniek en inleidende begrippen = Macro-électromyographie: Technique et conceptions introductivesDE MEIRSMAN, J; CLAES, G.Journal belge de médecine physique et de réhabilitation. 1985, Vol 8, Num 1, pp 3-6, issn 0250-4766Article

Survey of electrodiagnostic laboratories regarding hemorrhagic complications from needle electromyographyGRUIS, Kirsten L; LITTLE, Ann A; ZEBARAH, Valerie A et al.Muscle & nerve. 2006, Vol 34, Num 3, pp 356-358, issn 0148-639X, 3 p.Article

Quantitative Laryngeal Electromyography: Turns and Amplitude AnalysisMCCARTY STATHAM, Melissa; ROSEN, Clark A; NANDEDKAR, Sanjeev D et al.The Laryngoscope. 2010, Vol 120, Num 10, pp 2036-2041, issn 0023-852X, 6 p.Conference Paper

Quantification de la fatigue musculaire par électromyographie de surface: intérêts des systèmes multicanaux = Quantification of muscular fatigue with surface electromyography: relevance of multichannel systemsCOLSON, S. S.Science & motricité (Belgique). 2010, Num 70, pp 39-46, issn 1378-1863, 8 p.Article

The fundamentals of electromyographyWHITTAKER, Roger Graham.Practical neurology (Print). 2012, Vol 12, Num 3, pp 187-194, issn 1474-7758, 8 p.Article

Utilization of the stimulated electromyogram for estimation of the functional state of the musclesKOSTOV, K; KOSSEV, A; GYDIKOV, A et al.Electromyography and clinical neurophysiology. 1984, Vol 24, Num 5, pp 387-399, issn 0301-150XArticle

Generalization of lowered EMG levels during musical performance following biofeedback trainingMORASKY, R. L; REYNOLDS, C; SOWELL, L. E et al.Biofeedback and self-regulation. 1983, Vol 8, Num 2, pp 207-216, issn 0363-3586Article

Computer-aided electromyographyDESMEDT, J. E.Progress in clinical neurophysiology. 1983, Vol 10, issn 0378-4045, VIII-333 pSerial Issue

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