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Multiple electrosprays emitted from an array of holesBOCANEGRA, R; GALAN, D; MARQUEZ, M et al.Journal of aerosol science. 2005, Vol 36, Num 12, pp 1387-1399, issn 0021-8502, 13 p.Article

Molecular basis for solvent dependent morphologies observed on electrosprayed surfacesOZDEN-YENIGUN, Elif; SIMSEK, Eren; MENCELOGLU, Yusuf Ziya et al.PCCP. Physical chemistry chemical physics (Print). 2013, Vol 15, Num 41, pp 17862-17872, issn 1463-9076, 11 p.Article

Electrospray in the dripping mode for cell microencapsulationJINGWEI XIE; WANG, Chi-Hwa.Journal of colloid and interface science. 2007, Vol 312, Num 2, pp 247-255, issn 0021-9797, 9 p.Article

Ballpoint pen tips as robust cone-jet electrospray emittersCHENG LI; MARSHA CHANG; WEIWEI YANG et al.Journal of aerosol science. 2014, Vol 77, pp 10-15, issn 0021-8502, 6 p.Article

Influence of space charge on the scale-up of multiplexed electrospraysWEIWEI DENG; GOMEZ, Alessandro.Journal of aerosol science. 2007, Vol 38, Num 10, pp 1062-1078, issn 0021-8502, 17 p.Article

Nozzle and liquid effects on the spray modes in nanoelectrosprayPAINE, Mark D; ALEXANDER, Matthew S; STARK, John P. W et al.Journal of colloid and interface science. 2007, Vol 305, Num 1, pp 111-123, issn 0021-9797, 13 p.Article

Electrospinning CrossMark and electrospraying techniques: Potential food based applicationsANU BHUSHANI, J; ANANDHARAMAKRISHNAN, C.Trends in food science & technology (Regular ed.). 2014, Vol 38, Num 1, pp 21-33, issn 0924-2244, 13 p.Article

Morphology control of poly(vinylidene fluoride) thin film made with electrosprayRIETVELD, Ivo B; KOBAYASHI, K; YAMADA, H et al.Journal of colloid and interface science. 2006, Vol 298, Num 2, pp 639-651, issn 0021-9797, 13 p.Article

Multiple electrosprays generated from a single polycarbonate microstructured fibreGIBSON, Graham T. T; WRIGHT, Ramin D; OLESCHUK, Richard D et al.Journal of mass spectrometry. 2012, Vol 47, Num 3, pp 271-276, issn 1076-5174, 6 p.Article

Controlled electrospray pulsation for deposition of femtoliter fluid droplets onto surfacesPAINE, M. D; ALEXANDER, M. S; SMITH, K. L et al.Journal of aerosol science. 2007, Vol 38, Num 3, pp 315-324, issn 0021-8502, 10 p.Article

Production of microsized PMMA droplets using electrospraying with various auxiliary fieldsKIM, Geunhyung; PARK, Jongha; HAN, Houkseop et al.Journal of colloid and interface science. 2006, Vol 299, Num 2, pp 593-598, issn 0021-9797, 6 p.Article

Submerged electrosprays : A versatile approach for microencapsulationJAYASINGHE, S. N.Journal of microencapsulation. 2007, Vol 24, Num 5, pp 430-444, issn 0265-2048, 15 p.Article

Effect of electron bombardment on size distribution of negatively charged droplets produced by electrospraySHI, X; BLANDINO, J.Journal of aerosol science. 2013, Vol 59, pp 31-46, issn 0021-8502, 16 p.Article

Fast Detection of Volatile Organic Compounds from Bacterial Cultures by Secondary Electrospray Ionization-Mass SpectrometryJIANGJIANG ZHU; BEAN, Heather D; KUO, Yin-Ming et al.Journal of clinical microbiology (Print). 2010, Vol 48, Num 12, pp 4426-4431, issn 0095-1137, 6 p.Article

Bio-electrospraying living Xenopus tropicalis embryos : investigating the structural, functional and biological integrity of a model organismGEACH, Timothy J; MONGKOLDHUMRONGKUL, Napachanok; ZIMMERMAN, Lyle B et al.Analyst (London. 1877. Print). 2009, Vol 134, Num 4, pp 743-747, issn 0003-2654, 5 p.Article

Thermal dissociation of multimeric protein complexes by using nanoelectrospray mass spectrometryBENESCH, Justin L. P; SOBOTT, Frank; ROBINSON, Carol V et al.Analytical chemistry (Washington, DC). 2003, Vol 75, Num 10, pp 2208-2214, issn 0003-2700, 7 p.Article

Identification of microcystin-RR and [Dha7]microcystin-RR in commercial standards by electrospray ionization mass spectrometryKUBWABO, Cariton; VAIS, Natalia; BENOIT, Frank M et al.Journal of AOAC International. 2004, Vol 87, Num 4, pp 1028-1031, issn 1060-3271, 4 p.Article

Application of liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for study of steroid-converting enzymesMIKSIK, Ivan; MIKULIKOVA, Katerina; PACHA, Jiri et al.Journal of chromatography. B. 2004, Vol 800, Num 1-2, pp 145-153, issn 1570-0232, 9 p.Conference Paper

Synchronized Dual-Polarity Electrospray Ionization Mass SpectrometryCHEN, Han-Kwang; CHANG, Chia-Kai; WU, Chih-Che et al.Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. 2009, Vol 20, Num 12, pp 2254-2257, issn 1044-0305, 4 p.Article

Biases in Ion Transmission Through an Electrospray Ionization-Mass Spectrometry Capillary InletPAGE, Jason S; MARGINEAN, Ioan; BAKER, Erin S et al.Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. 2009, Vol 20, Num 12, pp 2265-2272, issn 1044-0305, 8 p.Article

Temperature-Programmed Electrospray-Differential Mobility Analysis for Characterization of Ligated Nanoparticles in Complex MediaTSAI, De-Hao; DELRIO, Frank W; PETTIBONE, John M et al.Langmuir. 2013, Vol 29, Num 36, pp 11267-11274, issn 0743-7463, 8 p.Article

Genetic, genomic and physiological state studies on single-needle bio-electrosprayed human cellsHALL, Richard P; OGILVIE, Caroline M; AARONS, Emma et al.Analyst (London. 1877. Print). 2008, Vol 133, Num 10, pp 1347-1351, issn 0003-2654, 5 p.Article

Microfabricated PDMS multichannel emitter for electrospray ionization mass spectrometryKIM, Jin-Sung; KNAPP, Daniel R.Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry. 2001, Vol 12, Num 4, pp 463-469, issn 1044-0305Article

A brief overview of the present status of the mechanisms involved in electrospray mass spectrometry : Electrospray IonizationKEBARLE, P.Journal of mass spectrometry. 2000, Vol 35, Num 7, pp 804-817, issn 1076-5174Article

Electrospray ion mobility spectrometrySHUMATE, C.TrAC. Trends in analytical chemistry (Regular ed.). 1994, Vol 13, Num 3, pp 104-109, issn 0165-9936Article

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