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Best evidence in critical care medicine Fluid resuscitation among the critically ill : more water under the bridgeJACKA, Michael J; ALBERTON, Dario; GIBNEY, R. T. Noel et al.Canadian journal of anaesthesia. 2006, Vol 53, Num 12, pp 1258-1259, issn 0832-610X, 2 p.Article

Less Is More in Critically Ill Patients Not Too IntensiveKOX, Matthijs; PICKKERS, Peter.JAMA internal medicine (Print). 2013, Vol 173, Num 14, pp 1369-1372, issn 2168-6106, 4 p.Article

Regional anticoagulation and antiaggregation for CVVH in critically ill patients: a prospective, randomized, controlled pilot studyFABBRI, L. P; NUCERA, M; AL MALYAN, M et al.Acta anaesthesiologica scandinavica. 2010, Vol 54, Num 1, pp 92-97, issn 0001-5172, 6 p.Article

From Pitfall to Misdiagnosis and Life-threatening TreatmentROSILDO, Jfc.West indian medical journal. 2012, Vol 61, Num 1, pp 109-111, issn 0043-3144, 3 p.Article

Acquired factor V inhibitor in a critically ill patientMORRIS, C. J; CURRY, N.Anaesthesia. 2009, Vol 64, Num 9, pp 1014-1017, issn 0003-2409, 4 p.Article

Impact of national transfusion indicators on appropriate blood usage in critically ill patientsLEAL-NOVAL, Santiago Ramón; ARELLANO-ORDEN, Victoria; MAESTRE-ROMERO, Antonio et al.Transfusion (Philadelphia, PA). 2011, Vol 51, Num 9, pp 1957-1965, issn 0041-1132, 9 p.Article

Neurally adjusted ventilatory assist vs. pressure support ventilation in critically ill patients: an observational studyBARWING, J; LINDEN, N; AMBOLD, M et al.Acta anaesthesiologica scandinavica. 2011, Vol 55, Num 10, pp 1261-1271, issn 0001-5172, 11 p.Article

Peanut allergy: An increasingly common life-threatening disorderHUSAIN, Zain; SCHWARTZ, Robert A.Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. 2012, Vol 66, Num 1, pp 136-143, issn 0190-9622, 8 p.Article

Intensive vs conventional blood glucose control in critically ill patientsBAGSHAW, Sean M; HOSTE, Eric A. J; JACKA, Michael J et al.Canadian journal of anaesthesia. 2010, Vol 57, Num 2, pp 172-175, issn 0832-610X, 4 p.Article

Acquired hypernatraemia is an independent predictor of mortality in critically ill patientsO'DONOGHUE, S. D; DULHUNTY, J. M; BANDESHE, H. K et al.Anaesthesia. 2009, Vol 64, Num 5, pp 514-520, issn 0003-2409, 7 p.Article

Weaning critically ill adults from invasive mechanical ventilation: a national surveyBURNS, Karen E. A; LELLOUCHE, Francois; LOISEL, France et al.Canadian journal of anaesthesia. 2009, Vol 56, Num 8, pp 567-576, issn 0832-610X, 10 p.Article

Evaluation of sublingual microcirculatory blood flow in the critically illSALLISALMI, M; OKSALA, N; PETTILÄ, V et al.Acta anaesthesiologica scandinavica. 2012, Vol 56, Num 3, pp 298-306, issn 0001-5172, 9 p.Article

Accuracy of automated continuous calculation of pulse pressure variation in critically ill patientsMAHJOUB, Yazine; LORNE, Emmanuel; MICAUX, Yannick et al.Intensive care medicine (Print). 2011, Vol 37, Num 2, pp 360-361, issn 0342-4642, 2 p.Article

Evaluation of unnecessary central venous catheters in critically ill patients: a prospective observational studyCLOAD, Bruce; DAY, Andrew G; ILAN, Roy et al.Canadian journal of anaesthesia. 2010, Vol 57, Num 9, pp 830-835, issn 0832-610X, 6 p.Article

Prognostic merit of N-terminal-proBNP and N-terminal-proANP in mechanically ventilated critically ill patientsBERDAL, J.-E; STAVEM, K; OMLAND, T et al.Acta anaesthesiologica scandinavica. 2008, Vol 52, Num 9, pp 1265-1272, issn 0001-5172, 8 p.Article

Persistent hyperglycemia in critically ill children. EditorialFAUSTINO, Edward Vincent; APKON, Michael; IZQUIERDO, Roberto et al.The Journal of pediatrics. 2005, Vol 146, Num 1, pp 5-7, issn 0022-3476, 8 p.Article

The beneficial effects of antioxidant supplementation in enteral feeding in critically ill patients: A prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trialCRIMI, Ettore; LIGUORI, Antonio; DELLA CORTE, Francesco et al.Anesthesia and analgesia. 2004, Vol 99, Num 3, pp 857-863, issn 0003-2999, 7 p.Article

Endocrine and Metabolic Dysfunction : Syndromes in the Critically IllZALOGA, Gary P; MARIK, Paul.Critical care clinics. 2001, Vol 17, Num 1, issn 0749-0704, 261 p.Serial Issue

Influence of prone positioning on the measurement of transpulmonary thermodilution-derived variables in critically ill patientsBRÜCKEN, U; GRENSEMANN, J; WAPPLER, F et al.Acta anaesthesiologica scandinavica. 2011, Vol 55, Num 9, pp 1061-1067, issn 0001-5172, 7 p.Article

Spirituality, OCD, and Life-threatening Illness : Spirituality/Medicine Interface ProjectMIOVIC, Michael.Southern medical journal (Birmingham). 2007, Vol 100, Num 6, pp 649-651, issn 0038-4348, 3 p.Article

Quelques cas cliniques plus graves que d'habitude = Some clinical cases more severeCOLIN, Philippe.L' Homéopathie européenne. 2006, Vol 15, Num 1, pp 11-13, issn 1244-2356, 3 p.Article

The outcome of critically ill indigenous patientsKWOK MING HO; FINN, Judith; DOBB, Geoffrey J et al.Medical journal of Australia. 2006, Vol 184, Num 10, pp 496-499, issn 0025-729X, 4 p.Article

Interaction between infusion equipment resulting in drug overdose in a critically ill patientSUNDARAM, R; DELL, A. E.Anaesthesia. 2005, Vol 60, Num 1, pp 88-91, issn 0003-2409, 4 p.Article

Pharmacologic issues in the critically illKRISHNAN, Vidya; MURRAY, Patrick.Clinics in chest medicine. 2003, Vol 24, Num 4, issn 0272-5231, vii, 671-688 [19 p.]Article

Intermediate outcome of medical patients after intensive careTRIVEDI, M; RIDLEY, S. A.Anaesthesia. 2001, Vol 56, Num 9, pp 841-846, issn 0003-2409Article

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