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Pre-Harvest Sproouting in Cereals : Selected papers from the 12th International Symposium on Pre-Harvest Sprouting in Cereals, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, (July 24-27, 2011)NYACHIRO, Joseph M; JUSKIW, Patricia E; STEBER, Camille M et al.Euphytica. 2012, Vol 188, Num 1, issn 0014-2336, 153 p.Conference Proceedings

Borlaug Global Rust Initiative provides momentum for wheat rust researchMCINTOSH, Robert A; PRETORIUS, Zacharias A.Euphytica. 2011, Vol 179, Num 1, issn 0014-2336, 209 p.Conference Proceedings

Breeding for Nitrogen Use Efficiency: Selected Papers from the 3rd EUCARPIA Conference of the Section Organic and Low-input AgricultureLAMMERTS VAN BUEREN, Edith T; BECKER, Heiko C.Euphytica. 2014, Vol 199, Num 1-2, issn 0014-2336, 247 p.Conference Proceedings

Selected Papers from the XIV-th Meeting of Eucarpia Section Biometrics in Plant BreedingTHOMAS, Bill; HACKETT, Christine A; MARSHALL, David et al.Euphytica. 2012, Vol 183, Num 3, issn 0014-2336, 141 p.Conference Proceedings

Grain Legumes for Global HealthVANDENBERG, Bert; WARKENTIN, Tom.Euphytica. 2011, Vol 180, Num 1, issn 0014-2336, 143 p.Conference Proceedings

Le développement des conceptions de N.I. Ka Vavilov sur l'amélioration moderneSECHNYAK, L. K; LYFENKO, S. F.Genetika. 1987, Vol 23, Num 11, pp 1971-1979, issn 0016-6758Article

Les idées de Vavilov sur la génétique moderne et l'amélioration des plantesSOZINOV, A. A; SHUMNYJ, V. K.Genetika. 1987, Vol 23, Num 11, pp 1961-1970, issn 0016-6758Article

Selection of the components of a synthetic variety of Andropogon gayanusGROF, B.Journal of Agricultural Science. 1986, Vol 106, Num 3, pp 629-633, issn 0021-8596Article

Comparison of Weighting Methods in Two-Stage Analysis of Plant Breeding TrialsMÖHRING, J; PIEPHO, H.-P.Crop science. 2009, Vol 49, Num 6, pp 1977-1988, issn 0011-183X, 12 p.Article

Genetic improvement of cerealsHENRY, R. J.Cereal foods world. 2004, Vol 49, Num 3, pp 122-129, issn 0146-6283, 7 p.Article

Biochemical and physiological basis of heterosisMCDANIEL, R. G.Critical reviews in plant sciences. 1986, Vol 4, Num 3, pp 227-246, issn 0735-2689Article

22nd International Seed Testing congress, Edinburgh, Scotland, June 1989Seed science and technology. 1990, Vol 18, issn 0251-0952, 139 p., suppl. 1Conference Proceedings

Genetics to genomics (landmark discoveries from the Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station)Hardman, Leland L; Hansen, David L.2006, isbn 1-888440-31-7, 1Vol, 52 p., isbn 1-888440-31-7Book

Genetics and reproduction in fish cultureGALL, G. A. E.Journal of animal science. 1991, Vol 69, Num 10, pp 4216-4220, issn 0021-8812Article

AT-1310, AT-1487, and AT-3365: clonal jojoba germplasm selected for horticultural usePALZKILL, D. A; YOUNES, M. H; HOGAN, L et al.HortScience. 1989, Vol 24, Num 3, pp 526-527, issn 0018-5345Article

Molecular genetics in the improvement of brewer's and distiller's yeastVON WETTSTEIN, D.Antonie van Leeuwenhoek. 1987, Vol 53, Num 5, pp 299-305, issn 0003-6072Conference Paper

Genomic Selection in Plant Breeding: A Comparison of ModelsHESLOT, Nicolas; YANG, Hsiao-Pei; SORRELLS, Mark E et al.Crop science. 2012, Vol 52, Num 1, pp 146-160, issn 0011-183X, 15 p.Article

Hétérosis et variétés hybrides en amélioration des plantesGallais, André.Synthèses. 2009, issn 1777-4624, isbn 978-2-7592-0374-1, 1Vol, XII-356 p, isbn 978-2-7592-0374-1Book

Developmental course of inflorescence and spikelet in riceIKEDA, Kyoko; SUNOHARA, Hidehiko; NAGATO, Yasuo et al.Breeding science (Tokyo. 1999). 2004, Vol 54, Num 2, pp 147-156, issn 1344-7610, 10 p.Article

Disruption of GSTZ1 gene by large genetic alteration in Oryza glaberrimaTSUCHIYA, Tokuji; NAKAMURA, Ikuo.Breeding science (Tokyo. 1999). 2004, Vol 54, Num 1, pp 67-73, issn 1344-7610, 7 p.Article

Starry Nights DieffenbachiaHENNY, R. J; POOLE, R. T; CONOVER, C. A et al.HortScience. 1989, Vol 24, Num 3, pp 522-524, issn 0018-5345Article

Le role de N.I. Vavilov dans le développement de la génétique soviétique et de la sélection des animauxVASINA-POPOVA, E. T.Genetika. 1987, Vol 29, Num 11, pp 2002-2006, issn 0016-6758Article

Ameliorarea arborilor intre metodele traditionale si biotehnologii = L'amélioration des arbres par des méthodes traditionnelles et biotechnologiques = Genetic improvment of trees by standard and biotechnological methodsSTANESCU, V.1987, Vol 102, Num 4, pp 174-177Article

Modern Variety Breeding for Present and Future NeedsPROHENS, Jaime; BŐRNER, Andreas; TUBEROSA, Roberto et al.Euphytica. 2009, Vol 170, Num 1-2, issn 0014-2336, 249 p.Conference Proceedings

New progressive methods in testing and breeding fodder plantsROD, J.Genetika a slechteni. 1992, Vol 28, Num 1, pp I-XArticle

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