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On-chip sample preconcentration for integrated microfluidic analysisSONG, Simon; SINGH, Anup K.Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry. 2006, Vol 384, Num 1, pp 41-43, 3 p.Article

Extraction across supported liquid membranes by use of electrical fieldsPEDERSEN-BJERGAARD, Stig; RASMUSSEN, Knut Einar.Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry. 2007, Vol 388, Num 3, pp 521-523, 3 p.Article

The Chemical Enrichment History and Metallicity Gradients of the Magellanic CloudsCARRERA, Ricardo.Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. 2009, Vol 121, Num 875, pp 98-99, issn 0004-6280, 2 p.Article

Capillary ElectrophoresisFROST, Nicholas W; MENG JING; BOWSER, Michael T et al.Analytical chemistry (Washington). 2010, Vol 82, Num 12, pp 4682-4698, issn 0003-2700, 17 p.Article

Extraction et récupération du fluor au cours de la concentration de l'acide phosphorique d'extraction par des vapeurs de caloporteur organiqueTERENT'EV, V. B; KUZNETSOVA, T. L; GOFMAN, M. S et al.Himičeskaâ promyšlennost'. 1988, Num 10, pp 610-612, issn 0023-110XArticle

CO2 enrichment at treeline: help or hindrance for trees on the edge?MARSHALL, John D.Plant, cell and environment (Print). 2014, Vol 37, Num 2, pp 312-314, issn 0140-7791, 3 p.Article

The three generations of flow injection analysisHANSEN, Elo Harald; JIANHUA WANG.Analytical letters. 2004, Vol 37, Num 3, pp 345-359, issn 0003-2719, 15 p.Article

30 Jahre Entwicklung der Aufbereitungstechnik. II = 30 ans de développement de la technique de préparation. II = 30 years development in mineral processing. IISCHUBERT, H.Aufbereitungs-Technik. 1989, Vol 30, Num 6, pp 319-330, issn 0004-783XArticle

Preconcentration method for phosphate in water using activated carbon loaded with zirconiumHASHITANI, H; OKUMURA, M; FUJINAGA, K et al.Fresenius' Zeitschrift für analytische Chemie. 1987, Vol 326, Num 6, pp 540-542, issn 0016-1152Article

Copper(II)-dialkyldithiocarbamate-silica precolumn for the enrichment of complexing analytes in natural media coupled on-line with liquid chromatographyVEUTHEY, J.-L; HAERDI, W.Analytica chimica acta. 1989, Vol 225, Num 2, pp 303-311, issn 0003-2670, 9 p.Article

Sequential elution of multiply and singly phosphorylated peptides with polar-copolymerized mixed-mode RP18/SCX materialXIULING LI; ZHIMOU GUO; QIANYING SHENG et al.Analyst (London. 1877. Print). 2012, Vol 137, Num 12, pp 2774-2776, issn 0003-2654, 3 p.Article

Application of a conceptual framework to interpret variability in rangeland responses to atmospheric CO2 enrichmentPOLLEY, H. W; MORGAN, J. A; FAY, P. A et al.Journal of agricultural science. 2011, Vol 149, pp 1-14, issn 0021-8596, 14 p., 1Article

Global identification of O-GlcNAc-modified proteinsNANDI, Animesh; SPRUNG, Robert; BARMA, Deb K et al.Analytical chemistry (Washington, DC). 2006, Vol 78, Num 2, pp 452-458, issn 0003-2700, 7 p.Article

Electrochemical detection of components in a flowKAMENEV, A. I.Journal of analytical chemistry (New York, NY). 2002, Vol 57, Num 10, pp 935-939, issn 1061-9348, 5 p.Article

Corticosteroid analysis by HPLC with increased sensitivity by use of precolumn concentrationVALENTA, C; JANOUT, H.Journal of liquid chromatography. 1994, Vol 17, Num 5, pp 1141-1146, issn 0148-3919Article

Enrichissement-réglementation et négociation = Enrichment, regulation and negotiationLEGUAY, M.Revue française d'oenologie. 1994, Vol 34, Num 147, pp 53-56, issn 0395-899XArticle

On-column sample concentration using field amplification in CZERING-LING CHIEN; BURGI, D. S.Analytical chemistry (Washington, DC). 1992, Vol 64, Num 8, pp 489A-496A, issn 0003-2700Article

Electrochemical preconcentration of platinum at various electrodes in an ultrasound fieldKARIMOV, A. N; ZAKHAROV, V. A; PLESKACH, L. I et al.Journal of analytical chemistry of the USSR. 1991, Vol 46, Num 10, pp 1405-1408, issn 0021-8766, 1Article

Preconcentration of non-volatile metal compounds using a thermospray increased atomic absorption sensitivityCHOI, D. S; ROBINSON, J. W.Spectroscopy letters. 1989, Vol 22, Num 1, pp 69-77, issn 0038-7010Article

External recycle chromatogrpahy: a practical method for preparative purificationsCRARY, J. R; CAIN-JANICKI, K; WIJAYARATNE, R et al.Journal of chromatography. 1989, Vol 462, pp 85-94, issn 0021-9673Article

Anion-exchange enrichment and spectrophotometric determination of uranium in sea-waterKURODA, R; OGUMA, K; MUKAI, N et al.Talanta (Oxford). 1987, Vol 34, Num 4, pp 433-434, issn 0039-9140Article

Systematic Investigation of the Sorption Properties of Tenax TA, Chromosorb 106, Porapak N, and Carbopak FSCHNEIDER, Martina; GOSS, Kai-Uwe.Analytical chemistry (Washington). 2009, Vol 81, Num 8, pp 3017-3021, issn 0003-2700, 5 p.Article

Electropreconcentration with Charge-Selective NanochannelsPLECIS, Adrien; NANTEUIL, Clément; HAGHIRI-GOSNET, Anne-Marie et al.Analytical chemistry (Washington). 2008, Vol 80, Num 24, pp 9542-9550, issn 0003-2700, 9 p.Article

Intracluster stars and the chemical enrichment of the intracluster mediumZARITSKY, Dennis; GONZALEZ, Anthony H; ZABLUDOFF, Ann I et al.The Astrophysical journal. 2004, Vol 613, Num 2, pp L93-L96, issn 0004-637X, 2Article

Encapsulation of multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) in Ba2+-alginate to form coated micro-beads and their application to the pre-concentration/elimination of dibenzo-p-dioxin, dibenzofuran, and biphenyl from contaminated waterFUGETSU, Bunshi; SATOH, Shuya; ILES, Alexander et al.Analyst (London. 1877. Print). 2004, Vol 129, Num 7, pp 565-566, issn 0003-2654, 2 p.Article

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