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A multicenter randomized controlled trial of Motivational interviewing in teenagers with diabetesCHANNON, Sue J; CANNINGS-JOHN, Rebecca L; HUWS-THOMAS, Michelle V et al.Diabetes care. 2007, Vol 30, Num 6, pp 1390-1395, issn 0149-5992, 6 p.Article

Making literature searches easier : a rapid and sensitive search filter for retrieving randomized controlled trials from PubMedROYLE, P. L; WAUGH, N. R.Diabetic medicine. 2007, Vol 24, Num 3, pp 308-311, issn 0742-3071, 4 p.Article

Lack of herbal supplement characterization in published randomized controlled trialsWOLSKO, Peter M; SOLONDZ, David K; PHILLIPS, Russell S et al.The American journal of medicine. 2005, Vol 118, Num 10, pp 1087-1093, issn 0002-9343, 7 p.Article

A randomised controlled trial of moxibustion for breech presentationCARDINI, Francesco; LOMBARDO, Pietro; REGALIA, Anna Laura et al.BJOG (Oxford. Print). 2005, Vol 112, Num 6, pp 743-747, issn 1470-0328, 5 p.Article

Breastfeeding expectations versus reality : a cluster randomised controlled trialLAVENDER, Tina; BAKER, Lisa; SMYTH, Rebecca et al.BJOG (Oxford. Print). 2005, Vol 112, Num 8, pp 1047-1053, issn 1470-0328, 7 p.Article

LE DISCOURS DE LA MÉTHODE... STATISTIQUE = The Discourse on the Statistical MethodLAZAR, Philppe.Découverte (Paris. 1999). 2010, Num 368, pp 48-53, issn 1621-0085, 6 p.Article

Evidence-Based Medicine Must Be .. = La médecine factuelle doit être ..LA CAZE, Adam.The Journal of medicine and philosophy (Print). 2009, Vol 34, Num 5, pp 509-527, issn 0360-5310, 19 p.Article

Aromatherapy in childbirth : a pilot randomised controlled trialBURNS, E; ZOBBI, V; PANZERI, D et al.BJOG (Oxford. Print). 2007, Vol 114, Num 7, pp 838-844, issn 1470-0328, 7 p.Article

'Let the computer choose?': the experience of participants in a randomised preference trial of medical versus surgical termination of pregnancyLIE, Mabel; MAY, Carl; KELLY, Teresa et al.Sociology of health & illness (Print). 2012, Vol 34, Num 5, pp 746-760, issn 0141-9889, 15 p.Article

A critical assessment of the quality of reporting of randomized, controlled trials in the urology literatureSCALES, Charles D; NORRIS, Regina D; KEITZ, Sheri A et al.The Journal of urology. 2007, Vol 177, Num 3, pp 1090-1095, issn 0022-5347, 6 p.Article

An absence of pediatric randomized controlled trials in general medical journals, 1985-2004COHEN, Eyal; ULERYK, Elizabeth; JASUJA, Mona et al.Journal of clinical epidemiology. 2007, Vol 60, Num 2, pp 118-123, issn 0895-4356, 6 p.Article

Randomised controlled trial of two antenatal care models in rural ZimbabweMAJOKO, F; MUNJANJA, S. P; NYSTRÖM, L et al.BJOG (Oxford. Print). 2007, Vol 114, Num 7, pp 802-811, issn 1470-0328, 10 p.Article

Self-management of oral anticoagulation in the elderly : Rationale, design, baselines and oral anticoagulation control after one year of follow-up : a randomized controlled trialSIEBENHOFER, Andrea; RAKOVAC, Ivo; KLEESPIES, Caroline et al.Thrombosis and haemostasis. 2007, Vol 97, Num 3, pp 408-416, issn 0340-6245, 9 p.Article

Surgical treatments for vulvar and vaginal dysplasia : A randomized controlled trialVON GRUENIGEN, Vivian E; GIBBONS, Heidi E; GIBBINS, Karen et al.Obstetrics and gynecology (New York. 1953). 2007, Vol 109, Num 4, pp 942-947, issn 0029-7844, 6 p.Article

Evaluation of Practice Efficiency with a Novel Sheathed Flexible Cystoscope : A Randomized Controlled TrialKREBS, Alfred; BORIN, James F; KIM, Isaac Y et al.Urology (Ridgewood, NJ). 2007, Vol 70, Num 5, pp 883-887, issn 0090-4295, 5 p.Article

Bright Lights, Smoky Cities : Light Therapy in 1920s Britain = La photothérapie dans les années 1920 en Grande-BretagneEDWARDS, Martin.Clio medica. 2007, Vol 82, pp 67-91, issn 0045-7183, 25 p.Article

Does the CONSORT checklist improve the quality of reports of randomised controlled trials? A systematic reviewPLINT, Amy C; MOHER, David; MORRISON, Andra et al.Medical journal of Australia. 2006, Vol 185, Num 5, pp 263-267, issn 0025-729X, 5 p.Article

Effect of different partogram action lines on birth outcomes : A randomized controlled trialLAVENDER, Tina; ALFIREVIC, Zarko; WALKINSHAW, Stephen et al.Obstetrics and gynecology (New York. 1953). 2006, Vol 108, Num 2, pp 295-302, issn 0029-7844, 8 p.Article

Randomised controlled trial of animal facilitated therapy with dolphins in the treatment of depressionANTONIOLI, Christian; REVELEY, Michael A.BMJ. British medical journal (International ed.). 2005, Vol 331, Num 7527, pp 1231-1234, issn 0959-8146, 4 p.Article

Effect of providing information about normal test results on patients' reassurance : randomised controlled trialPETRIE, Keith J; MÜLLER, Jan Tobias; SCHIRMBECK, Frederike et al.BMJ. British medical journal (International ed.). 2007, Vol 334, Num 7589, pp 352-354, issn 0959-8146, 3 p.Article

Intrapartum amnioinfusion for meconium-stained amniotic fluid : a systematic review of randomised controlled trialsXU, H; HOFMEYR, J; ROY, C et al.BJOG (Oxford. Print). 2007, Vol 114, Num 4, pp 383-390, issn 1470-0328, 8 p.Article

Probiotic treatment of vancomycin-resistant enterococci : a randomised controlled trialMANLEY, Karen J; FRAENKEL, Margaret B; MAYALL, Barrie C et al.Medical journal of Australia. 2007, Vol 186, Num 9, pp 454-457, issn 0025-729X, 4 p.Article

A double-blind randomized controlled trial of toremifen therapy for mastalgiaCHANG GONG; ERWEI SONG; WEIJUAN JIA et al.Archives of surgery (Chicago, IL. 1960). 2006, Vol 141, Num 1, pp 43-47, issn 0004-0010, 5 p.Article

A prospective randomised controlled trial of the Kiwi Omnicup versus conventional ventouse cups for vacuum-assisted vaginal deliveryGROOM, K. M; JONES, B. A; MILLER, N et al.BJOG (Oxford. Print). 2006, Vol 113, Num 2, pp 183-189, issn 1470-0328, 7 p.Article

Effect of vitamin d replacement on musculoskeletal parameters in school children : A randomized controlled trialEL-HAJJ FULEIHAN, Ghada; NABULSI, Mona; TAMIM, Hala et al.The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism. 2006, Vol 91, Num 2, pp 405-412, issn 0021-972X, 8 p.Article

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