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Thermal agingKANEKO, T.IEEE transactions on electrical insulation. 1986, Vol 21, Num 6, pp 907-911, issn 0018-9367Article

Effect of isothermal aging on the imidization of PMR-15JORDAN, K; IROH, J. O.Polymer engineering and science. 1996, Vol 36, Num 20, pp 2550-2555, issn 0032-3888Article

The thermal aging of parylene and the effect of antioxidantGRATTAN, D. W; BILZ, M.Studies in conservation. 1991, Vol 36, Num 1, pp 44-52, issn 0039-3630, 9 p.Article

Carbon nanotube/polymer nanocomposites: Sensing the thermal aging conditions of electrical insulation componentsZHUO LI; MOON, Kyoung-Sik; YAGANG YAO et al.Carbon (New York, NY). 2013, Vol 65, pp 71-79, issn 0008-6223, 9 p.Article

Reversionsbeständigkeit von Naturkautschukmischungen bei Verwendung von Di-Thiophosphat-Vulkanisationssystemen = Natural rubber cured with common accelerators shows reversion after heat ageingGRAF, H.-J; JOHANSSON, A. H.Gummi, Fasern, Kunststoffe. 1996, Vol 49, Num 12, pp 984-995, issn 0176-1625Article

Vieillissement thermique du polyéthylène réticule = Thermal aging of crosslinked polyethyleneLanglois Aleonard, Valérie; Verdu, Jacques.1992, 226 p.Thesis

Vitrification and physical ageing on isothermal curing of an epoxy resinMONTSERRAT, S.Journal of thermal analysis. 1991, Vol 37, Num 8, pp 1751-1758, issn 0368-4466Article

Identity of cross-links in thermally-aged paperCHAMBERLAIN, D. C; PRIEST, D. J.Cellulose chemistry and technology. 1996, Vol 30, Num 3-4, pp 329-334, issn 0576-9787Article

Piezoelectric properties and temperature stability of poly(vinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene) copolymersSTACK, G. M; TING, R. Y.IEEE transactions on ultrasonics, ferroelectrics, and frequency control. 1989, Vol 36, Num 4, pp 417-423, issn 0885-3010, 7 p.Article

Verdichtbarkeit von Walzasphalt im Gyrator : Einfluss von Wärmealterung und wiederholter Verdichtung = Bituminous concrete compressibility in Gyrator : influence of heat ageing un repeated compression = Aptitude du mortier bitumineux cylindré dans le gyrateurPARTL, M. N.Strasse und Verkehr. 1997, Vol 83, Num 10, pp 417-421, issn 0039-2189Article

Nondestructive diagnosis of thermal aging for opaque epoxy resin by optical reflective analysisTAKEZAWA, Y; AKASAKA, S.-I; KOYAMA, T et al.Polymer engineering and science. 1996, Vol 36, Num 4, pp 586-591, issn 0032-3888Article

Use of the distributed parameter continuum (DIPAC) model for estimating the long-term thermal performance of insulating foamsBOMBERG, M. T; KUMARAN, M. K.Cellular polymers. 1995, Vol 14, Num 5, pp 343-365, issn 0262-4893Conference Paper

Effects of multistress aging (radiation, thermal, electrical) on polypropyleneCYGAN, S. P; LAGHARI, J. R.IEEE transactions on nuclear science. 1991, Vol 38, Num 3, pp 906-912, issn 0018-9499, 7 p., p.0Article

Preparation of positive-temperature coefficient heaters using platinum-catalyzed silicone rubberPARK, Eun-Soo; YUN, Sung-Jin; KIM, Gwang-Tae et al.Journal of applied polymer science. 2004, Vol 92, Num 3, pp 1611-1617, issn 0021-8995, 7 p.Article

Effect of thermal exposure on the tensile properties of Kevlar fibresPARIMALA, H. V; VIJAYAN, K.Journal of materials science letters. 1993, Vol 12, Num 2, pp 99-101, issn 0261-8028Article

Determination of the lifetime of ethylene-propylene rubber under the simultaneous action of heat and ionizing radiationMARES, G; CIUTACU, S; BUDRUGEAC, P et al.Polymer degradation and stability. 1991, Vol 32, Num 1, pp 31-38, issn 0141-3910, 8 p.Article

Thermal ageing of P(VDF/TrFE) filmHILCZER, B; KUŁEK, J; MARKIEWICZ, E et al.International symposium on electrets. 1999, pp 513-516, isbn 0-7803-5025-1Conference Paper

Thermal analysis in the evaluation of the thermal lifetime of solid polymeric materialsBUDRUGEAC, P; SEGAL, E.Thermochimica acta. 1992, Vol 211, pp 131-136, issn 0040-6031Article

Time development of diffusion-limited oxidation profiles in a radiation environmentWISE, J; GILLEN, K. T; CLOUGH, R. L et al.Radiation physics and chemistry (1993). 1997, Vol 49, Num 5, pp 565-573, issn 0969-806XArticle

Effect of hydrolysis on molar mass and thermal properties of poly(ester urethanes)PEGORETTI, A; PENATI, A; KOLARIK, J et al.Journal of thermal analysis. 1994, Vol 41, Num 6, pp 1441-1452, issn 0368-4466Conference Paper

Temperatur und Sonnenlicht beeinflussen das Fogging im Kfz : Ein Prüfvezrfahren ergänzt die DIN-Norm = Temperature and sunligth influence fogging in motor carsMÖHLER, H; SCHÖNHERR, D.Kunststoffe. 1992, Vol 82, Num 11, pp 1090-1092, issn 0023-5563Article

Vieillissement thermique des materiaux polymeres = Thermal aging of polymersVERDU, J; AUDOUIN, L; BELLENGER, V et al.Méthodologie expérimentale d'étude du vieillissement des matériaux polymères. Journée. 1986, a, 1-20Conference Paper

Eigenschaftsänderungen von Druckpapieren bei der beschleunigten Feucht-Warm-Alterung in Abhängigkeit ihrer Strichzusammensetzungen. II = Changes of the properties of coated papers in accelerated moisture- and heat-ageing depending on the coat compositionHOFER, H.-H; WEIGL, J; LE, P.-C et al.Wochenblatt für Papierfabrikation. 1995, Vol 123, Num 6, pp 226-233, issn 0043-7131, 6 p.Article

Comments on the electrotechnical ageing compensation effectAUDOUIN, L; VERDU, J.Polymer degradation and stability. 1991, Vol 31, Num 3, pp 335-346, issn 0141-3910, 12 p.Article

Hydrolytic aging of polypropylene studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopyMASSEY, S; ADNOT, A; ROY, D et al.Journal of applied polymer science. 2004, Vol 92, Num 6, pp 3830-3838, issn 0021-8995, 9 p.Article

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