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Immobilization of amylases on silica support to study breakdown products of potato starch by HPLCKHURANA, A. L; CHI-TANG HO.Journal of liquid chromatography. 1989, Vol 12, Num 9, pp 1669-1677, issn 0148-3919, 9 p.Article

Bioselective detection in liquid chromatography by the use immobilized enzymesMARKO-VARGA, G; DOMINGUEZ, E; HAHN-HAÊGERDAL, B et al.Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis. 1990, Vol 8, Num 8-12, pp 817-823, issn 0731-7085, 7 p.Conference Paper

Development of biosensors based on immobilization of enzymes in Eastman AQ polymer coated with a layer of NafionFORTIER, G; BELIVEAU, R; LEBLOND, E et al.Analytical letters. 1990, Vol 23, Num 9, pp 1607-1619, issn 0003-2719Article

Co-immobilized coupled enzyme systems in biotechnologyBETANCOR, Lorena; LUCKARIFT, Heather R.Biotechnology & genetic engineering reviews. 2010, Vol 27, pp 95-114, issn 0264-8725, 20 p.Article

Design of immobilised glucoamylase reactors using a simple kinetic model for the hydrolysis of starchCABRAL, J. M. S; NOVAIS, J. M; CARDOSO, J. P et al.Journal of chemical technology and biotechnology (1986). 1986, Vol 36, Num 6, pp 247-254, issn 0268-2575Article

A multicomponent reaction-diffusion model of a heterogeneously distributed immobilized enzymeVAN ROON, J. L; ARNTZ, M. M. H. D; KALLENBERG, A. I et al.Applied microbiology and biotechnology. 2006, Vol 72, Num 2, pp 263-278, issn 0175-7598, 16 p.Article

En Japonais = Determination of creatinine by flow analysis using a reactor type immobilized enzyme column and a lead phosphate glass electrodeNOMURA, T; MORI, H.Bunseki Kagaku. 1991, Vol 40, Num 10, pp 531-535, issn 0525-1931Article

Development of microbiosensorsKARUBE, I.Die Makromolekulare Chemie. Macromolecular symposia. 1988, Vol 17, pp 419-427, issn 0258-0322Conference Paper

Immobilization of chitinolytic enzymes and continuous production of N-acetylglucasamine with immobilized enzymesSAKAI, K; UCHIYAMA, T; MATAHIRA, Y et al.Journal of fermentation and bioengineering. 1991, Vol 72, Num 3, pp 168-172, issn 0922-338XArticle

The interfacial behavior of lipase in free form and immobilized in a hydrophilic membrane reactorPRONK, W; VAN'T RIET, K.Biotechnology and applied biochemistry. 1991, Vol 14, Num 2, pp 146-154, issn 0885-4513Article

Temperature sensitive liposomes : a controlled release system for the acceleration of cheese ripening = Les liposomes thermosensibles : système de libération contrôlée pour l'accélération de l'affinage des fromagesEL SODA, M; JOHNSON, M; OLSON, N. F et al.Milchwissenschaft. 1989, Vol 44, Num 4, pp 213-214, issn 0026-3788Article

Des réacteurs industriels pour la biocatalyse à l'aide d'enzymes immobiliséesTEARO, EH. N; UUS, EH. G; KESTNER, A. I et al.Antibiotiki i medicinskaâ biotehnologiâ. 1986, Vol 31, Num 2, pp 112-117, issn 0233-7525Article

Determination of sepharose-bound protein with coomassie brilliant blue G-250ASRYANTS, R. A; DUSZENKOVA, I. V; NAGRADOVA, N. K et al.Analytical biochemistry. 1985, Vol 151, Num 2, pp 571-574, issn 0003-2697Article

Preparation and characterization of magnetic duolite-polystyrene composite particles for enzyme immobilizationDEMIREL, Devlet; OZDURAL, Ahmet R; MUTLU, Mehmet et al.Journal of food engineering. 2004, Vol 62, Num 3, pp 203-208, issn 0260-8774, 6 p.Article

The effect of substrate diffusion factor on immobilized α-amylase = Les effets du facteur de diffusion du substrat sur l'α-amylase immobiliséeTARHAN, L.Stärke. 1989, Vol 41, Num 8, pp 315-318, issn 0038-9056Article

Activation of enzymes by reversed micelles = Activation des enzymes par des micelles inverséesSRIVASTAVA, R. C; MADAMWAR, D. B; VYAS, V. V et al.Biotechnology and bioengineering. 1987, Vol 29, Num 7, pp 901-902, issn 0006-3592Article

Activity of carboxypeptidase A bound to a modified cellulosic matrixSANJAY KUMAR; PADMA VASUDEVAN; DUA, R. D et al.Applied biochemistry and biotechnology. 1986, Vol 12, Num 2, pp 107-119, issn 0273-2289Article

Simple enzyme reactors suitable for the byproduct-free preparation of the aglycones of naturally occurring glycosides under mild conditionsTURECEK, P; PITTNER, F.Applied biochemistry and biotechnology. 1986, Vol 13, Num 1, pp 1-13, issn 0273-2289Article

Immobilization of perfluoroalkylated enzymes in a biologically active state onto perflex supportBOIVIN, P; KOBOS, R. K; PAPA, S. L et al.Biotechnology and applied biochemistry. 1991, Vol 14, Num 2, pp 155-169, issn 0885-4513Article

Production of flavor esters by immobilized lipase = Production d'esters aromatiques par une lipase immobiliséeGILLIES, B; YAMAZAKI, H; ARMSTRONG, D. W et al.Biotechnology letters. 1987, Vol 9, Num 10, pp 709-714, issn 0141-5492Article

Porosity Estimation of a Membrane Filled with Dextran Produced by Immobilized DextransucraseKAWAKITA, Hidetaka; HAMAMOTO, Kohshi; SETO, Hirokazu et al.AIChE journal. 2009, Vol 55, Num 1, pp 275-278, issn 0001-1541, 4 p.Article

Investigations of reaction kinetics for immobilized enzymes- identification of parameters in the presence of diffusion limitationBERENDSEN, Wouter R; LAPIN, Alexei; REUSS, Matthias et al.Biotechnology progress. 2006, Vol 22, Num 5, pp 1305-1312, issn 8756-7938, 8 p.Article

A novel method for the immobilization of tyrosinase to enhance stabilityNEERU MUNJAL SHARMA; KUMAR, Sushil; SURIENDER KUMAR SAWHNEY et al.Biotechnology and applied biochemistry. 2003, Vol 38, pp 137-141, issn 0885-4513, 5 p., 2Article

Kinetic properties of cassava β-glucosidase immobilized in photo-crosslinkable resinsHOCK-HIN YEOH.Biotechnology letters. 1991, Vol 13, Num 10, pp 697-700, issn 0141-5492Article

Reactivity and stability improvement of immobilized glucose oxidaseLI LI-XIA; CHEN CHANG-ZHI; YU YAO-TING et al.Biomaterials, artificial cells and artificial organs. 1989, Vol 17, Num 2, pp 183-188, issn 0890-5533, 6 p.Article

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