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Oxidations by methyl trifluoromethyl dioxirane. Epoxidation of enol ethersTROISI, L; CASSIDEI, L; LOPEZ, L et al.Tetrahedron letters. 1989, Vol 30, Num 2, pp 257-260, issn 0040-4039, 4 p.Article

γ-Amino α-acetylenic epoxides: preparation and biological activity due to an aldehyde reductase inhibitionBERNARD, D; DOUTHEAU, A; GORE, J et al.Tetrahedron (Oxford. Print). 1989, Vol 45, Num 5, pp 1429-1439, issn 0040-4020, 11 p.Article

Epoxy anhydridesFIELDS, E. K; BEHREND, S. J; WINZENBURG, M. L et al.Preprints - American Chemical Society. Division of Petroleum Chemistry. 1992, Vol 37, Num 4, pp 1615-1620, issn 0569-3799Conference Paper

Differential scanning calorimetry cure studies on the effect of addition of epoxy diluents to tetrafunctional epoxy resinsJAGADEESH, K. S; SIDDARAMAIAH; KALPAGAM, V et al.Journal of applied polymer science. 1990, Vol 40, Num 7-8, pp 1281-1288, issn 0021-8995, 8 p.Article

Aminolead compounds as a new reagent for regioselective ring opening of epoxidesYAMADA, J; YOMOTO, M; YAMAMOTO, Y et al.Tetrahedron letters. 1989, Vol 30, Num 32, pp 4255-4258, issn 0040-4039, 4 p.Article

Regioselective titanium-mediated ring openings of 2,3-epoxy alcohols with dialkylamine hydrohalidesLIAN-XUN GAO; MURAI, A.Chemistry Letters. 1989, Num 2, pp 357-358, issn 0366-7022, 2 p.Article

Syntheses of α,β-epoxy silyl ketonesSCHELLER, M. E; SCHWEIZER, W. B; FREI, B et al.Helvetica chimica acta. 1989, Vol 72, Num 2, pp 264-270, issn 0018-019X, 7 p.Article

Stereoselective synthesis of chiral 2,3-epoxycompounds possessing fluorinated methyl groupsLIN, J. T; YAMAZAKI, T; TAKEDA, M et al.Journal of fluorine chemistry. 1989, Vol 44, Num 1, pp 113-120, issn 0022-1139, 8 p.Article

General synthetic routes to diarene oxides of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonsAGARWAL, S. K; BOYD, D. R; JENNINGS, W. B et al.Tetrahedron letters. 1989, Vol 30, Num 1, pp 123-126, issn 0040-4039, 4 p.Article

Structure of adsorption layers of a reactive surfactant―the monoepoxy ester of oleic acid―on an epoxy-polymer/air interfaceRUDOI, V. M; OKULOVA, I. A; OGAREV, V. A et al.Colloid journal of the USSR. 1990, Vol 52, Num 3, pp 521-524, issn 0010-1303Article

Détermination de l'indice d'époxyde par la méthode de la chlorhydratation au moyen d'une installation pour le titrage potentiométrique automatiqueTURONOK, O. CH; STANKEVICH, V. A.Plastičeskie massy. 1989, Num 8, pp 51-54, issn 0554-2901Article

Odour-free polysulphides for epoxy modificationWILFORD, A.Pigment & resin technology. 1989, Vol 18, Num 3, pp 12-14, issn 0369-9420Article

Etude de la réactivité de la mélamine vis à vis des groupements O- et N-epoxydes = Reactivity of melamine for O- and N-epoxy groupsGRENIER-LOUSTALOT, M.-F; BENTE, M.-P; GRENIER, P et al.European polymer journal. 1992, Vol 28, Num 9, pp 1077-1093, issn 0014-3057Article

Occupational skin diseases from epoxy compounds : epoxy resin compounds, epoxy acrylates and 2,3-epoxypropyl trimethyl ammonium chlorideJOLANKI, R.Acta dermato-venereologica. Supplementum. 1991, Num 159, pp 5-80, issn 0365-8341, 77 p.Article

Near infrared measurements of terminal epoxides in polymer resin systems. I: Analytical considerationsPAPUTA PECK, M. C; CARTER, R. O. III; QADERI, S. B. A et al.Journal of applied polymer science. 1987, Vol 33, Num 1, pp 77-86, issn 0021-8995Article

Prolungare la durata della verniciatura stagionale con epossidiche a bassa temperatura = Extending the painting season with low temperature cure epoxiesROSLER, C.Pitture e vernici. 1998, Vol 74, Num 4, pp 20-21, issn 0048-4245Conference Paper

New application method for a cationically-cured UV epoxideBOK, H; QUADE, R. M.Journal of radiation curing (1994). 1994, Vol 21, Num 1, pp 9-11Article

Epoxy resins from 1980 to date. IBHATNAGAR, M. S.Polymer-plastics technology and engineering (Softcover ed). 1993, Vol 32, Num 1-2, pp 53-113, issn 0360-2559Article

Water absorption in novolac epoxy resins studied by positron annihilationMIURA, T; SUZUKI, T; OKI, Y et al.Journal de physique. IV. 1993, Vol 3, Num 4, pp 249-252, issn 1155-4339Conference Paper

Microwave curing of epoxy resins with diaminodiphenylmethane. IV: Average electrical power and pulse length dependence in pulsed irradiationBELDJOUDI, N; GOURDENNE, A.European polymer journal. 1988, Vol 24, Num 3, pp 265-270, issn 0014-3057Article

Optimisation de la formule d'une peinture époxydeSKOROKHODOVA, O. N; KAZANTSEVA, I. M; SEMINA, R. A et al.Lakokrasočnye materialy i ih primenenie. 1988, Num 4, pp 14-16, issn 0130-9013Article

Ozonides and epoxides from ozonization of pyrethroidsRUZO, L. O; KIMMEL, E. C; CASIDA, J. E et al.Journal of agricultural and food chemistry (Print). 1986, Vol 34, Num 6, pp 937-940, issn 0021-8561Article

Practical Access to Highly Enantiopure Chiral Intermediates Through Asymmetric Ring Opening of Epoxides with AcidsSHIN, Chang-Kyo; CHEN, Shuwei; LI, Wenji et al.Studies in surface science and catalysis. 2007, pp 533-534, issn 0167-2991, isbn 978-0-444-53202-2, 1Vol, 2 p.Conference Paper

Epoxidation and deoxygenation of single-walled carbon nanotubes : Quantification of epoxide defectsOGRIN, Douglas; CHATTOPADHYAY, Jayanta; SADANA, Anil K et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2006, Vol 128, Num 35, pp 11322-11323, issn 0002-7863, 2 p.Article

Epoxy resins from 1980 to date. IXBHATNAGAR, M. S.Paintindia. 1992, Vol 42, Num 8, pp 19-29, issn 0556-4409Article

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