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Survey of pre-1801 Low Countries Imprints in Scottish Research Libraries = Etude des impressions des Pays-Bas datant d'une période antérieure à 1801 dans les Bibliothèques de recherche écossaisesKELLY, William A.Gutenberg-Jahrbuch. 2008, Vol 83, pp 165-232, issn 0072-9094, 68 p.Article

William pulteney alison, the scottish philosophy, and the making of a political medicineHAMLIN, Christopher.Journal of the history of medicine and allied sciences. 2006, Vol 61, Num 2, pp 144-186, issn 0022-5045, 43 p.Article

Astronomical Survey of Three Groups of Standing Stones in Strath Spey, ScotlandSCOTT, D.Archaeoastronomy (Chalfont St. Giles). 1990, Vol 21, Num 15, pp 56-58, issn 0142-7253Article

Surveys in combinatorics 1985: invited papers/10th. British combinatorial conference, Glasgow, 22-26 July, 1985ANDERSON, I.Lecture note series - London Mathematical Society. 1985, Vol 103, issn 0076-0552, 173 p.Conference Proceedings

Reproduction in the sea pen Pennatula phosphorea (Anthozoa: Pennatulacea) from the west coast of ScotlandEDWARDS, D. C. B; MOORE, C. G.Marine biology (Berlin). 2008, Vol 155, Num 3, pp 303-314, issn 0025-3162, 12 p.Article

Lichens of high ground in the Cairngorm Mountains, ScotlandGILBERT, O. L; FOX, B. W.Lichenologist (London). 1985, Vol 17, Num 1, pp 51-66, issn 0024-2829Article

The social nature of map making in the Scottish: Enlightenment, c. 1682-c.1832 = Sociologie de la production des cartes dans l'Ecosse des Lumières vers 1682-1832WITHERS, Charles W. J.Imago mundi (Lympne). 2002, Vol 54, pp 46-66, issn 0308-5694, 21 p.Article

John Adamson, sanitary reform and the st andrews fishing community = John Adamson, réforme sanitaire et la communauté des pêcheurs à St AndrewsSMITH, Graham.History of photography. 2001, Vol 25, Num 2, pp 180-189, issn 0308-7298Article

A Profile of the Medical Profession in Scotland in the Early Twentieth Century : the « Medical Directory » as a Historical SourceDUPREE, M. W; CROWTHER, M. A.Bulletin of the history of medicine. 1991, Vol 65, Num 2, pp 209-233, issn 0007-5140Article

James Hutton and the study of landforms = James Hutton et l'étude des reliefsDAVIES, G. L. H.Progress in physical geography. 1985, Vol 9, Num 3, pp 382-389, issn 0309-1333Article

Pollen diagrams from Dubh Lochan, near Loch LomondSTEWART, D. A; WALKER, A; DICKSON, J. H et al.New phytologist. 1984, Vol 98, Num 3, pp 531-549, issn 0028-646XArticle

Between galen, geddes, and the Gael: Arthur Brock, modernity, and medical humanism in early-twentieth-century ScotlandCANTOR, David.Journal of the history of medicine and allied sciences. 2005, Vol 60, Num 1, pp 1-41, issn 0022-5045, 41 p.Article

Papers/15th Statistical physics conference, Edinburgh, Scotland, July 1983Journal of statistical physics. 1984, Vol 34, Num 5-6, pp 659-1076, issn 0022-4715Conference Proceedings

The identification of seeds in bracken-infested hill soilsSPARKE, Carole J; WILLIAMS, Gareth H.1983, 81 p.Book

Locating field science : a geographical family expedition to Glen Roy, ScotlandLORIMER, Hayden; SPEDDING, Nick.British journal for the history of science. 2005, Vol 38, pp 13-33, issn 0007-0874, 21 p., 1Article

Oral history, subjectivity, and environmental reality: Occupational health histories in twentieth-century ScotlandJOHNSTON, Ronnie; MCLVOR, Arthur.Osiris (Philadelphia, PA). 2004, Vol 19, pp 234-249, issn 0369-7827, 16 p.Article

'Threshold of a new era': The development of an integrated hospital system in northeast Scotland, 1900-39GORSKY, Martin.Social history of medicine. 2004, Vol 17, Num 2, pp 247-267, issn 0951-631X, 21 p.Article

Infective endocarditis in adults in Glasgow, 1976-81WHITBY, M; FENECH, A.International journal of cardiology. 1985, Vol 7, Num 4, pp 391-403, issn 0167-5273Article

Comparison of the annual flowering schedules for Scottish heathland and mediterranean-type shrublandsREADER, R. J.Oikos. 1984, Vol 43, Num 1, pp 1-8, issn 0030-1299Article

United Kingdom's first natural gas liquids pipeline complete: ScotlandPipeline & gas journal. 1984, Vol 211, Num 12, pp 24-26, issn 0032-0188Article

Discussion on : The Grampian group : a major Late Proterozoic clastic sequence in the Central Highlands of Scotland. ReplyHASELOCK, P. J; EVANS, R. H. S; GLOVER, B. W et al.Journal of the Geological Society (London). 1990, Vol 147, pp 732-734, issn 0016-7649, 3 p., 4Article

Alan Reiach's Scottish vernacular survey, 1937-43 = Enquête écossaise vernaculaire de Alan Reiach, 1937-43FREW, John.History of photography. 2001, Vol 25, Num 2, pp 161-168, issn 0308-7298Article

St Andrews preservation trust photographic collection = Conservation de la collection de photographies à St AndrewsDI FOLCO, John.History of photography. 2001, Vol 25, Num 2, pp 155-160, issn 0308-7298Article

Swiping … and daguerreotyping' : Photographing golf at St Andrews = Photographier le golf à St AndrewsCARRADICE, Ian.History of photography. 2001, Vol 25, Num 2, pp 142-154, issn 0308-7298Article

Bronchioloalveolar cell carcinoma: a 21-year retrospective study of cases at the western infirmary, GlasgowTHOMAS, ST. J; TULLETT, W. M; STACK, B. H. R et al.British journal of diseases of the chest. 1985, Vol 79, Num 2, pp 132-140, issn 0007-0971Article

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