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Synthesis and properties of thermotropic poly(ester-amide)s having semiregular monomer sequencesBYUNG-WOOK JO; JAE-KON CHOI; JUNG-IL JIN et al.Polymer-plastics technology and engineering (Softcover ed). 1990, Vol 29, Num 5-6, pp 521-536, issn 0360-2559, 16 p.Article

Getting organized at the nanoscale with thermotropic liquid crystal solventsPATRICK, David L; WILKINSON, F. Scott; FEGURGUR, Tiffany L et al.Proceedings of SPIE, the International Society for Optical Engineering. 2005, pp 59360A.1-59360A.8, issn 0277-786X, isbn 0-8194-5941-0, 1VolConference Paper

Synthesis and lyotropic behavior of mesogen-linked cellulose acetatesCHANGCHENG WU; QINCUI GU; RONGBEN ZHANG et al.Journal of applied polymer science. 2004, Vol 92, Num 4, pp 2693-2697, issn 0021-8995, 5 p.Article

Thermotropic properties of hemicholinium and related lipidsKUMARAVEL, G; NEGULESCU, I. I; GANDOUR, R. D et al.Journal of the Chemical Society. Chemical communications. 1993, Num 11, pp 905-907, issn 0022-4936Article

Thermotropic properties of dispersions of cholesterol with tetraether lipids from Thermoplasma acidophilumBLOCHER, D; FREISLEBEN, H.-J; RING, K et al.Archives of biochemistry and biophysics (Print). 1991, Vol 290, Num 1, pp 224-228, issn 0003-9861Article

Gas sorption in thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymersCARFAGNA, C; AMENDOLA, E; MENSITIERI, G et al.Journal of materials science letters. 1990, Vol 9, Num 11, pp 1280-1283, issn 0261-8028, 4 p.Article

Thermotropic cellulose derivatives with flexible substituents. I: Preparation of tri-o-(β-methoxyethoxy)ethyl cellulose and its cholesteric mesophase propertiesYAMAGISHI, T; FUKUDA, T; MIYAMOTO, T et al.Molecular crystals and liquid crystals (1969). 1989, Vol 172, pp 17-25, issn 0026-8941, 9 p.Article

Inherently flexible thermotropic main chain polymeric liquid crystalsBLUMSTEIN, R. B; BLUMSTEIN, A.Molecular crystals and liquid crystals (1969). 1988, Vol 165, pp 361-387, issn 0026-8941Article

Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of new thermotropic polyurethanesCHIELLINI, E; GALLI, G; TRUSENDI, S et al.Molecular crystals and liquid crystals science and technology. Section A, Molecular crystals and liquid crystals. 1994, Vol 243, pp 135-147, issn 1058-725XArticle

Thermotropic polyarylates derived from substituted hydroquinones and 4,4'-diphenyldicarboxylic acidINOUE, T; TABATA, N.Molecular crystals and liquid crystals science and technology. Section A, Molecular crystals and liquid crystals. 1994, Vol 254, pp 417-428, issn 1058-725XConference Paper

Defect morphology in a biaxial thermotropic polymerDE NEVE, T; KLEMAN, M; NAVARD, P et al.Journal de physique 2, Atomic, molecular and cluster physics, chemical physics, mechanics and hydrodynamics. 1992, Vol 2, Num 2, pp 187-207Article

Domain formation in thin films of a thermotropic copolymerANWER, A; SPONTAK, R. J; WINDLE, A. H et al.Journal of materials science letters. 1990, Vol 9, Num 8, pp 935-936, issn 0261-8028, 2 p.Article

Thermotropic behavior of proteins and acylated proteins in monolayersMITA, T.Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan. 1989, Vol 62, Num 7, pp 2299-2306, issn 0009-2673, 8 p.Article

The modulus of shear-induced fibers from a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer in a thermoplastic matrixYI, X. S; SHI, F; MICHAELI, W et al.Polymer composites. 1996, Vol 17, Num 3, pp 423-429, issn 0272-8397Article

Blends of thermotropic main-chain liquid crystalline polymers and thermophysicsHEINO, Markhu.Acta polytechnica Scandinavica. Ch, Chemical technology and metallurgy series. 1994, Vol 220, issn 0781-2698, 49 p.Thesis

Highly branched liquid crystalline polymers with chiral terminal groupsBAUER, S; FISCHER, H; RINGSDORF, H et al.Angewandte Chemie. International edition in English. 1993, Vol 32, Num 11, pp 1589-1592, issn 0570-0833Article

Interaction of phospholipid and antibiotic ionophores, gramicidin A' and valinomycin, in mixed monolayersMITA, T; SAIRYO, Y.Bioscience, biotechnology, and biochemistry. 1992, Vol 56, Num 12, pp 1971-1975, issn 0916-8451Article

Thermotrope flüssigkristalline Polymere = Polymères thermotropes à cristaux liquides = Thermotropic liquid crystal polymersLINGNAU, H; HOFMANN, W.Kunststoffe. 1989, Vol 79, Num 10, pp 1004-1008, issn 0023-5563Article

Sur les mésophases thermotropes achirales et cubiques = About cubic and non-chiral thermotropic mesophasesBILLARD, J.Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences. Série 2, Mécanique, Physique, Chimie, Sciences de l'univers, Sciences de la Terre. 1987, Vol 305, Num 10, pp 843-845, issn 0764-4450Article

Calorimetric study on optically isotropic liquid crystalsSAITO, Kazuya; SATO, Ayako; MORIMOTO, Nobuyuki et al.Molecular crystals and liquid crystals science and technology. Section A, Molecular crystals and liquid crystals. 2000, Vol 347, pp 249-256, issn 1058-725XConference Paper

Überhitzungsschutz durch thermotrop schaltbare Elemente an der Fassade. Stand der Forschung = Facade elements for thermotropic overheating control. Research results = Eléments de façade thermotropique pour le contrôle de la température. Etat de la rechercheRAICUS, A; SAHNS, E; WILSON, H.R et al.Der Stahlbau. 2000, Vol 69, Num 6, pp 485-789, issn 0038-9145Article

Intelligente Schattenspender = Intelligent shadowPlastverarbeiter. 1996, Vol 47, Num 5, pp 74-75, issn 0032-1338Article

Ferrocene-containing thermotropic liquid crystals : laterally connected twinsANDERSCH, J; DIELE, S; TSCHIERSKE, C et al.Journal of material chemistry. 1996, Vol 6, Num 9, pp 1465-1468, issn 0959-9428Article

Study of the processing and mechanical properties of in situ composite materials of thermoplastics with thermotropic liquid crystalline polymersFANG SHI.Polymer-plastics technology and engineering (Softcover ed). 1994, Vol 33, Num 4, pp 445-455, issn 0360-2559Article

The synthesis and characterization of novel thermotrophic liquid crystalline poly(aryl ether ketone)sBENNETT, G. S; FARRIS, R. J.Polymer engineering and science. 1994, Vol 34, Num 10, pp 781-793, issn 0032-3888Article

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