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Mechanism of the controlled radical polymerization of styrene and methyl methacrylate in the presence of dicyclopentadienyltitanium dichlorideGRISHIN, Dmitry F; IGNATOV, Stanislav K; SHCHEPALOV, Alexander A et al.Applied organometallic chemistry. 2004, Vol 18, Num 6, pp 271-276, issn 0268-2605, 6 p.Article

Synthesis of fluorostyrenes via palladium-catalyzed reactions of aromatic halides with fluoroolefinsHEITZ, W; KNEBELKAMP, A.Die Makromolekulare Chemie. Rapid communications. 1991, Vol 12, Num 2, pp 69-75, issn 0173-2803, 7 p.Article

Surface-mediated NH and N addition to styrene on Ag(110)XIAOYING LIU; MADIX, Robert J; FRIEND, Cynthia M et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2006, Vol 128, Num 44, pp 14266-14267, issn 0002-7863, 2 p.Article

Extraordinary atomic mobility of Au{111} at 80 kelvin : Effect of styrene adsorptionBABER, Ashleigh E; JENSEN, Stephen C; ISKI, Erin V et al.Journal of the American Chemical Society. 2006, Vol 128, Num 48, pp 15384-15385, issn 0002-7863, 2 p.Article

Novel dual-mode photoresist based on cationic polymerization and acidolysisSEONGYUN MOON; NAITOH, K; YAMAOKA, T et al.Chemistry of materials. 1993, Vol 5, Num 9, pp 1315-1320, issn 0897-4756Article

Arylmethyl sulfones : a new class of photoacid generatorsNOVEMBRE, A. E; HANSSON, J. E; KOMETANI, J. M et al.Polymer engineering and science. 1992, Vol 32, Num 20, pp 1476-1480, issn 0032-3888Conference Paper

Powder coatings from t-butylstyrene. IATHEY, R. D; SATRYAN, J. K. A; CHILCOAT, S et al.European coatings journal. 1990, Num 1-2, issn 0930-3847, 25-30 [4 p.]Article

A new cyclic N-halamine biocidal polymerGANG SUN; WHEATLEY, W. B; WORLEY, S. D et al.Industrial & engineering chemistry research. 1994, Vol 33, Num 1, pp 168-170, issn 0888-5885Article

Enantioselective epoxidation of styrene derivatives by chloroperoxidase catalysisCOLONNA, S; GAGGERO, N; CASELLA, L et al.Tetrahedron : asymmetry (Print). 1993, Vol 4, Num 6, pp 1325-1330, issn 0957-4166Article

Spontaneous polymerization mechanism of 7,7-dicyanobenzoquinone methide with p-methoxystyreneMITSUDA, Yukihiro; KAWAGUCHI, Shuji; UNO, Takahiro et al.Macromolecules. 2004, Vol 37, Num 4, pp 1251-1256, issn 0024-9297, 6 p.Article

Convenient route to functionalized styrenes via pyrolysis of functionalized polystyreneITSUNO, S; ITO, K.Journal of organic chemistry. 1990, Vol 55, Num 12, pp 3950-3952, issn 0022-3263, 3 p.Article

Dielectric study of poly(methylacrylate) plus poly(4-hydroxystyrene) or plus poly(4-hydroxystyrene-co-4-methoxystyrene) blends near the glass transitionPROLONGO, M. G; SALOM, C; MASEGOSA, R. M et al.Polymer (Guildford). 1997, Vol 38, Num 20, pp 5097-5105, issn 0032-3861Article

Interfacial electrokinetic phenomena of aqueous concentrated coal dispersion systems in the presence of polyelectrolyte. II : The influence of polyelectrolyte structures to the rheological behavior of CWMUKIGAI, T; SUGAWARA, H; TOBORI, N et al.Yukagaku. 1992, Vol 41, Num 7, pp 544-550, issn 0513-398XArticle

Anionic polymerization of fluorine-containing vinyl monomers. XIII, Relative polymerization reactivity of ortho-, meta-, and para-trifluoromethylstyrenesNARITA, T; HAGIWARA, T; HAMANA, H et al.Polymer journal. 1990, Vol 22, Num 11, pp 1023-1027, issn 0032-3896, 5 p.Article

Preparation of styrene derivatives containing sulfide group : kinetic studies on the addition reaction of thiophenol to 1,4-divinylbenzeneJIAN JIANG; KOBAYASHI, E; OBATA, T et al.Polymer journal. 1990, Vol 22, Num 11, pp 963-968, issn 0032-3896, 6 p.Article

Reactive Polymers Bearing Styrene Pendants through Selective Anionic Polymerization of 4-Vinylbenzyl MethacrylateMURALI MOHAN, Y; RAGHUNADH, V; SIVARAM, S et al.Macromolecules (Print). 2012, Vol 45, Num 8, pp 3387-3393, issn 0024-9297, 7 p.Article

Synthesis of reactive oxazolyl styrene-acrylonitrile copolymersHSIEH, D. T; SCHULZ, D. N; PEIFFER, D. G et al.Journal of applied polymer science. 1995, Vol 56, Num 12, pp 1673-1677, issn 0021-8995Article

La modification du brai de houille par des dérivés du styrèneDEMIDOVA, A. I; PESHKOV, A. F; DOROGININA, L. E et al.Koks i himiâ. 1989, Num 1, pp 30-31, issn 0023-2815, 2 p.Article

Deep-UV chemically amplified dissolution-inhibited photoresistsCRIVELLO, J. V; SHIM, S.-Y; SMITH, B. W et al.Chemistry of materials. 1994, Vol 6, Num 11, pp 2167-2171, issn 0897-4756Article

Novel photoresists incorporating [(trimethylsilyl)oxy]styreneUHRICH, K. E; REICHMANIS, E; HEFFNER, S. A et al.Chemistry of materials. 1994, Vol 6, Num 3, pp 287-294, issn 0897-4756Article

Use of water-soluble sugars as novel cross-linkers in electrophilic processes : application to negative-tone photoresists based on poly(4-hydroxystyrene)MING LEE, S; FRECHT, J. M. J.Chemistry of materials. 1994, Vol 6, Num 10, pp 1838-1841, issn 0897-4756Article

Preparation and characterization of reactive macroporous polymers bearing highly accessible functional groups obtained via protective group chemistryDHAL, P. K; KHISTI, R. S.Chemistry of materials. 1993, Vol 5, Num 11, pp 1618-1623, issn 0897-4756Article

Synthesis and evaluation of copolymers of (tert-butoxycarbonyloxy)styrene and (2-nitrobenzyl)styrene sulfonates : single-component chemically amplified deep-UV imging materialsHANSON, J. E; REICHMANIS, E; HOULIHAN, F. M et al.Chemistry of materials. 1992, Vol 4, Num 4, pp 837-842, issn 0897-4756Article

Polymères biospecifiques : élimination des facteurs activés des mélanges prothrombiniques. Interactions des facteurs vitamino-K dépendants avec des dérivés «phospholipid-like» = Biofunctional derivatives polystyrene: elimination of activited coagulation factors from prothrombinic complexes. Interactions of the vitamin-K dependent factors with some «phospholipid-like» derivativesMenard, Virignie; Jozefowicz.1992, 33 p.Thesis

Transport studies of amino acids through a liquid membrane system containing carboxylated poly(styrene) carrierERSOZ, M; VURAL, U. S; OKDAN, A et al.Journal of membrane science. 1995, Vol 104, Num 3, pp 263-269, issn 0376-7388Article

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